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LAtimes09 Sliders Madden 15

7/14/15 updated
Hi guys I'm new on here. For the past couple of months I've been trying to figure out a way to get a challenge From Madden without the ridiculous CPU play from different sliders. I figured everyone gets there own challenge from certain sliders.

So if you Followed JoshC1977 I've used it as a base for my sliders, so If you like My sliders All my credit does in fact go to JoshC1977. Copy how you input the sliders by deleting your profile first and etc. and put in to all madden. Just Like How JosC1977 instructs

Below I'll put the sliders down for you, would appreciate feed back to make the game more fun for everyone. I also would put down some season's I've had with different sliders and I'll also put down current season records and game play. Again all credit GOES out to JoshC1977. The only problem ppl might face is the CPU QB completion % will be high and the QB will make a lot of Complete Passes, also the house-rule if you want to try is use the right thumb stick to sack the QB instead of the X or A button on Xbox 1 and PS4

I haven't figured out a good sub in/out sliders the ones JoshC1977 has I don't see a difference

I play 15 min Quarters with 13 sec play clock, and I play on wide screen but its all in your preference everything else I have off from ball hawk, and etc. I leave on the previous play information and the menu when I audible

Skill Level: All-Madden
Quarter Length: 15 Minutes
Accelerated Clock: 13
Game Speed: Normal (I've Notice "Fast & Very Fast" the players do like a weird stutter or a couple etc. [/color]

Strafe Assit: Off
Presnap Menu: On or off (your Choice)
Coaching Tip: Off
Heat Seeker/Ball Hawk/Switch Assist: Off[/color]

Injuries - 55 (I like Having certain guys get hurt and back ups playing, makes it a challenge in my eye's)

Fatigue - 70

Threshold - 1

Offside - 35

False Start - 70

Holding - 60 (Not 65, I've Notice I got really good protection from a crappy line, but that is just me, try 65 if you like)

facemask - 50

DPI/ OPI - Both at 99

PCT or know as Kick Return/ Punt Return Interference - 35

Clipping - 50

INT Grounding - 39

Roughing The Passer 50 ( I've Notice When lowered the computer does get rid of the ball quickly, and the CPU pass-rush is a lot more aggressive. I left it at 50 because I saw the Good QB's make the best option at least 8 out 10 throws and not just quick dump off)

Roughing The Kicker - 30

Player Sliders
QB Accuracy - 6
Pass Block - 35
WR Cat - 0
Run Block - 0
Fumbles - 40
Reaction Time - 50
INT - 35 (You'll Drop Some and Cat. Some)

Pass Coverage - 25 (I finally Got Good Coverage With 90 rated CB, JoshC1977 Explains The Slider Information, You Want To Be Around 20-30, I feel as though 25 was a good standard bc crappy corners will get beat a lot.

Tackling - 13 (at 10-12 Tackling Was Hard and I MEAN Hard To bring down. at 13 I got a Solid Match of the good tacklers and the bad tacklers, or Rb going against LB)

CPU Sliders
QB Accuracy - 9 (at 10 I've Notice they didn't have over thrown passes. pretty much everything was pin point ACC)

Pass Blocking -3 (I've Tried 0 but I left it on 3 because for some reason I got more of a challenge at 3. try 0 if you like supposedly if you put to 0 the CPU gets rid of the ball more quickly.)

WR Cat. - 45

Run Blocking - 25 (Anything lowered I've Notice I can stop the best running teams with really good backs.)

Fumbles - 35 ( hear me out from me and a couple of friends at 35 the RB use their special moves and not just left thumb-stick running they'll spin, juke, truck and etc. to get yards. Not just RB I've Notice this on WR, Running QB's, TE's the most athletic ones at least truck and stiff arm really well. and Yes theirs a higher chance of getting fumbles as well if you read JoshC1977 he explains it)

Reaction Time - 50

INT - 35 (Same as User they'll drop some and they'll cat some)

Pass Coverage - 25 (same as I mention above with Human sliders)

Tackling - 40

Special Teams both User/ CPU
FG Power 50
FG ACC - 25
Punt Power - 45
Punt ACC - 75
Kickoff Power 52

Now me and my 2 friends play a lot. We constantly do fantasy drafts. We tried Jarodd21 Black Set which was INSANELY hard, my 1 friend literally had 9 INTs in a game, he didn't pick off 9 INT he threw 9 INTs because the CPU make some INSANE plays, by 60-70 rated players.. WE've tried JoshC1977 Pure All Madden set and it was fun season
the records from JoshC1077 Slider Set:

Me I run a balance pass/throw team: 11-5, won wildcard game by alot, divisional game lost by 2 TDs. also to note I lost AROD in the Middle of the season.

Friend 1, we'll call him Option Friend: he lost his first game by a TD, went the rest of the seaon 15-1 and made it to the AFC Championship game. His offence is All option Plays 90 % of the time than verts.all his games were Complete blow outs. he had 3 players go for a 1,000 rushing

Friend 2, we'll call him the Pass All Day Friend: He went 9-7 won his divsion to make playoffs because all other teams were below 500. but he lost half of his teams to injuries, including his RB, 2 WR's, starting QB, for at least half the season 3rd stringers and literally had 6 different QB's Start. his games were either ugly ugly wins or just pulled out victories. but he also made it to the AFC championship game.

My Sliders record So far-
Me: I'm a hit or a miss, some times I get blown-out on the CPU or like what happen today I got blown-out 45-14.

Option Friend:
we just started a new season and he actually lost the lsat 2 games between a field goal and a touchdown on the 2nd game he play, normal he runs up the scoreboard, but the new adjustments have gave him a very good challenged.

Pass All Day Friend:
So far he hasn't won a game, some games are Blowouts or some are nail bitters

It's a QB driven League, and I've Notice with me and my 2 friend from the range of QB's we have. if you have a good QB your have a high chance of winning your games. Also to note if you have 2-3 turnovers even 1-2 turnovers can really affect the game out come.

Also if you want to create your own Playbook from scratch I found 2 guys who are really helpful for me to make my playbook

Shout out to DNMHIII on the Forum (PS4)
Online ID: DNMH
File Name: emptybook

Shout out to Architekto on the Forum (XB1)
Gamer tag: architekto
File Name: Empty

Thank you All who help make madden better for us!

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Re: LAtimes09 Sliders Madden 15

Wow....that is one large font size....LOL

The settings look solid, but it is important to know which game speed you are playing makes a huge difference in how the game plays out.
"Sim" is not about what is not about what is in the game, but rather in how you play it.
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Re: LAtimes09 Sliders Madden 15

Hey MAN, thanks for the reply and I'll change the font and my game play speed
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