MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

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MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

iiamcb 2016 Madden Sider Set


•These sliders work well with "coach mode" (ideally) while playing Play Now and CFM (I recommend). A bit of advice, if you do plug these in for Play Now, I suggest leaving auto subs on default. If you'd rather take control of the game and play with out "coach mode" I suggest you really understand and be advanced in how the new QB/WR/DB features operate.

•Prefer you use House Rules meaning “strict no switch rules” (once ball is put in play you stay on your defender of choice throughout that particular play) this allows the game engine to use the proper player ratings, player awareness and forces you to depend on your CPU teammates to make a play.

•With (which i prefer) or without “Coach Mode” on you’ll get a fantastic balance of varying outcomes. These sliders plays near flawless with “Coach Mode” enabled.

•No USER catch (player ratings will determine outcome) also slider tweaks come into play as well.

•Use your entire playbook. Mix up various play calls (I prefer using the "coach suggestion". Meaning whatever 3 plays they believe puts you in the best possible situation to succeed during that given situation) ONLY unless you do subs manually yourself (like I do) which means you go to formations and use R1/RB to make changes. (I usually do this early in the game. I’ll have certain formations and packages strictly for a certain player. i.e. I play with TEN so on certain formations where I know I’ll be spread I’ll have Dexter Mcluster as my primary back, then I’ll have maybe David Cobb my primary back in goal line and I-formation for power while Sankey is my primary back overall and will receive primary opportunities due to me using “coach suggestion” for the majority of my play selection) hope that made sense. If not reply with a question and I’ll better explain. But it makes it realistic as in most cases there are certain packages that better suit a particular player and are used accordingly in The NFL also while saving the wear and tear on players (fatigue) which plays a part in these sliders and how players perform.

•Don’t cheese or cheat the CPU, keep it as realistic as possible. The sliders and gameplay settings are constructed to be played realistic to achieve best quality.


•Realism among OL/DL (which I never control) in time allowed to QB as well as running lanes and how quickly they open/fill according to situation and play type. * (CPU controlled for both sides) * I prefer to play as MLB or FS (more often than not) according to situation. Also authenticity with the way WR and DB's interact on the outside. DB's relying more on THEIR coverage and awareness ratings as opposed to the slider reaction rating, while WR's banking on their route running, awareness and catching ratings to break free from coverage and make plays.

•CPU/USER QB Accuracy to create a realistic feel of Elite QB’s feel and play elite and AVG QB to perform as they are expected (again both dependent on a lot of outcomes). That does't mean you won't have a game where an Elite plays poorly and a Mediocre plays above his level, because you will (just obviously won't happen to often.)

•Penalties with a realistic number called and whats particularly called for both sides, with understanding that there may be a team who commits more based on ratings, situation etc.

•Ultimately this set of sliders should allow you to play a game of realistic outcomes that puts a focus on player ratings and user input allowing games to play out for a rewarding dice roll edge of your seat experience.


Updated Slider v1.2 (Coach Mode for Franchise)
As of October 3rd, 2015 (12:12 pm EST) If you prefer play now until patch comes out, I'd adjust sliders and leave auto subs default (its near impossible to tweak auto subs for play now).


League Settings

Instant Starter: ON (I really won't be starting a serious Franchise mode until final 53 is set with updated depth charts)
Salary Cap: ON
Skill Level: All-Pro
Quarter Length: 15 min
Accelerated Clock: 12 sec
Game Speed: Slow
Player Progression: Every 4 weeks (players typically gain/lose confidence in 2-4 week increments)
Coach Firing: ON
Gameplay Tuning: YES
Injury: ON
Pre Existing Injury: Personal Preference (I have ON. Keeping it realistic)
Trade Deadline: ON
Trade Type: Enable All
Relocation Settings: USERS Only (I would say if your playing with St. Louis or San Diego) otherwise no teams in reality are looking to move to my latest knowledge.
League Type: All

Team Settings

Auto Strafe: ON
Pre Snap Menu: Personal Preference
Coaching Tips: OFF
Player names: Pre-snap
Heat seeker: OFF
Ball Hawk: OFF
Switch Assist: OFF
Camera Settings: Personal Pref
On Field Visuals: OFF
Defensive Tackle Indicator: OFF
Passing Camera: ON
Kick Aiming Arc: Personal Pref (I have it as OFF now, does add realism)
Previous Play Info: OFF
Tutorial Pop-Ups: OFF

CPU Settings (I like being in total control of constructing my team. Seen A&S mention something about taking control of all 32 teams solely to help CPU with realistic player signing, and thats it. Definitely caught my attention. You may want to read up on it yourself. I'm going to look into that once I start my serious CFM.)

Fill Roster: OFF
Re-Sign Players: OFF
Progress Players: OFF
Sign Offseason Free Agents: OFF
Simulate Game Prep: OFF

USER/CPU Sliders (pretty much the same but I'll post again with all current updates)

QB Acc: 27/27
Pass Blk: 33/33
WR Ctch: 52/52
Run Blk: 39/62
Fumbles: 44/44
Reaction: 8/8
Interceptions: 41/41
Pass Cov: 85/85
Tackling: 42/42
FG Power: 54/54
FG Acc: 44/44
Punt Power: 50/50
Punt Acc: 57/57
Kick Off Power: 52
Injuries: 66
Fatigue: 67
Threshold: 47 (just feels better, can't lie. Balance of feel is spot on. Would say it's closest resemblance to actual on field feeling.)

Penalty (These are where the biggest adjustments are, as you can increase/decrease in 1 pt increments when adjusting in CFM)

Offside: 57
False Start: 63
Holding: 61
Def Holding: 51
Face mask: 55
Defensive Pass Interference: 59
Off Pass Interference/Kick Catch: ON
Illegal Block: 52
Roughing Passer: 50

Auto Subs (Leave default if playing Play Now)

QB OUT/IN: 2/3
RB OUT/IN: 97/99
WR OUT/IN: 30/36
FB/TE OUT/IN: 30/35
OL OUT/IN: 3/7

DT OUT/IN: 72/77
DE OUT/IN: 58/64
LB OUT/IN: 51/56
CB OUT/IN: 35/38
S OUT/IN: 30/35

As always I prefer your feedback and game experiences. Here to make everybody's experience a realistic and pleasant one.

P.S. Here's the link to post boxscores for your games played. http://dynasties.operationsports.com...id=1&sport=nfl

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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

These look extremely interesting (especially on very slow)...have you begun a CCM yet? I strictly play coach mode and run a few different CCM's using different slider sets until I find one that works for me. Coach mode is always a challenge to develop a realistic set and I am curious about these...my choice for a CCM is always my Dolphins but I'm looking to a test one with the Texans as I am going to release RGIII from the Redskins and have the Texans pick him up...the guy needs a change of scenery and bringing him back home and being under the leadership of Bill O'Brien may just be what he needs to resurrect what once was a promising career. I will look to report my findings...
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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

Interesting with the RG3 situation. I was just there last year. Unfortunately got released but I'm of the belief that RG definitely just needs a change of scenery and HOU wouldn't be a bad idea now that you've brought that up. I have a guy testing the sliders out now through CCM. I, myself haven't yet ventured into CCM or CFM mode until the 53 man is set and the first patch work is sent out just to make sure they don't mess with the sliders. I haven't got any bad reports yet. I may change the penalties some a little as you can change those in 1 point increments in CCM/CFM. As far as "coach mode" I use that as well and these play really, really well. Spent a lot of hours (35-40 games) and didn't want to release a set of sliders until I was sure and didn't have to tweak as much. I think these are really spot on. See how you like them. I'm excited to hear back from you.
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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

made a couple of adjustments +/- (adjusted #)

August 31, 2015

USER QB Acc +1 (40)
USER run blk +1 (44)
USER fumbles -1 (46)
USER reaction +1 (44)
USER pass cove +1 (42)
USER tackling +1 (45)

CPU QB Acc -2 (39)
CPU Pass blk -2 (44)
CPU run blk +1 (64)
CPU fumbles -1 (46)
CPU pass cove -1 (51)

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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

Just a suggestion but I think you should put "Coach Mode" somewhere in the title, there are quite a few people on here looking for a good set.

"If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?" -Tuco
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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

alright. not sure if I can adjust title, but I'll look into that. thanks
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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

These are working good keep up the good work
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Re: MADDEN 16 Realistic Slider Set (ALL-PRO)

Did you update the sliders? I think so too. It's playing really great right now in the game I'm playing
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