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Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

Another thing to think about is that we are using EA's ratings. I'm not sure how accurate they have the three accuracy ratings.

I'm interested to see how FBG ratings do.

I know one thing this info will make me keep up with the bad throws numbers much more when I watch FB and test my sliders

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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

game 5 of my Rams "play now" season... using hum qb acc at 7 and cpu qb acc at 35

St. Louis @ Green Bay...lost the game 31-16. had 3 redzone possessions in the 1st half and just FGs. Record now 2-3

Foles was 21/41 210 yards, 1 Td, 1 int I counted 9 total errant throws

Aaron Rodgers 17/26 287 yards 2 Td 1 int I counted 3 total errant throws

in 5 games foles has these stats

VS seahawks , 14/31 (45 percent) 195 yards , 0 td 1 int (L 26-3)
@ the redskins, 20/33 (61 percent), 271 yards 1 td , 1 int ( W 23-14)
VS steelers 19/37 (51 percent) 268 yards 1 td 1 int ( L, 22-17)
@ cardinals 26/39 (66 percent) 255 yards 3 td, 3 int ( W 24-22)
@ the packers 21/41 (51 percent) 210 yards, 1 Td, 1 int ( L 31-16)

Season stats: 100/181 ( 55 percent) 1199 yards (239.8 ypg) 6 TD, 7 int

one clunker against seahawks and the rest were kinda average games...

redskins game was his best. Interception came at a hail mary at the half.

Averaging 6-7 errant throws per game. Overall having a subpar season. Next game vs the browns, a low rated team, but a pretty damn good secondary with CBs Haden and Wlliams and safeties Whitner and Gipson. All 4 players rated 84 and above.

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Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

Im not into sliders this year but from what I have seen qb acc 7 on user work decently on all madden. But then again. I'm a sucker for erratic passes lol. I did complete over 50% all those games.

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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge


FOLES 26/39 313 yards 2 TD, 3 INT, had 5 errant throws one was over the TE's head and right into safety Gipson for browns. Haden and Whitner had the other INTs. all 89 rated and above.

completed one long pass against their nickel back...haden and their safeties had my receivers pretty shut down. of the 26 receptions, only 10 went to my WRs.

TEs went off in this game for the rams...kendricks 5 catches for 78 yards, 4 catches for 99 yards, had a 69 yarder on a one on one with lower speed safety.

Also had my best running game with Mason breaking 130 yards on 27 carries.

MCCOWN was 21/39 350 yards 1 TD, 3 INT (one pick six) he had 10 errant throws.

There is a definite difference between the cpu QBs. well...these stats have made the point so no more stats from me, don't wanna turn it into a dynasty page.

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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

Played Redskins vs Giants at 20. Griffin was injured early so it was Cousins vs Manning. Cousins 15/30 for 219 yards 50% and 5 errant throws. Manning 22/36 305 yards 61% and 6 errant throws. There was a good mixture of routes with errant throws such as post, corner, streak, and a fade in the endzone. The majority were 15 yards or more but very promising for small sample size.
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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

To update you all. I have been testing the accuracy slider at 20 and WR catching at 47 with Armor and Sword's slider set and I have been getting some really good games. I am seeing good QB's throw an average of 4-6 errant throws and lower level Qb's throw 6-8 errant throws. Passes are on a variety of routes and had some short throws land in front of receivers on swing passes, slants, and underneath routes for the user and CPU.

The key is to get defensive pressure and coverage the way you want it. As these are factors that play into how well the QB will throw it. Unfortunately, passing percentages are not exactly where I want them. I have raised WR catching to 50 to try and improve those percentages. Also considering tweaking pass blocking as well but I am hoping I won't need to do that since the pressure is working great.

Here are my game results:

Cutler 23/37 227 yards 62% 5 errant throws
Wilson 20/28 369 yards 71% 4 errant throws

Dalton 24/40 263 yards 60% 6 errant throws
Flacco 22/37 238 yards 59% 5 errant throws

Savage 25/43 315 yards 58% 8 errant throws
Winston 23/34 312 yards 67% 4 errant throws

Newton 23/35 340 yards 65% 4 errant throws
Brees 12/20 236 yards 60% 5 errant throws

A few things I considered here for Cam Newton is that I ran the ball well and that opened the play action up to get some good completions. Brees' stats would have been slightly better had he not been injured in the final 2:00 plus the Saints ran the ball more frequently than I expected.

I got torched by Wilson and Cutler played as expected. 1 or 2 incomplete passes from Wilson and he would have been right on target with stats. Dalton and Flacco's game was a defensive battle the entire game and both struggled. Savage to me was right on target but the problem with Winston is I think he was over rated in the initial roster so hopefully EA changes that. Either way, QB's will have good and bad games depending on what plays out.
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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

Been monitoring this thread thanks for the information....

I was already at 30 QBA prior to this thread being created started testing it at both 20 and 10 QBA the past few days.

I've only done this for the Human player since I feel CPU at default 50 at least on Pro level shows a very realistic amount of errant throws even without being pressured at times.

For the Human player I feel the WR Catch slider is so powerful it decreases the amount of errant throws based on it's setting regardless of where you set QBA...

For example with QBA at 10 and WR Catch at 50 I still saw pin point accuracy by the QB.

With QBA at 20 and WR Catch at 45 i got entirely different results despite playing with a higher QBA setting....

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Re: Realistic QB Accuracy Challenge

I played a game last night, Bears vs Packers, Cutler vs Rodgers, obviously, I was Rodgers.

Here's what I noticed with All-Pro with Josh C's sliders, advantage going to CPU.

Rodgers has very good accuracy, it's the WR/DB interactions and throwing into traffic that had him at 58% passing. My fault for throwing into traffic, QB slider at 50.

Cutler became injured in the first quarter and left the game 6 of 10, with a few throws off target.

Clausen came in for the rest of the game and hit 50% of his passes with 2 int's. His throws were over, under and the new WR/DB animations caused incompletions. This was with the CPU QB AI at 60.

In years past, Clausen would have came in and would have been butter at around 70 or 80%

So, one game sample size with the tuner, I will continue to test at these numbers and see if I need to go up or down.

At this time, I'd say no, but it was only 1 game after the tuner.
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