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Re: Coach Mode Slider Observations

So, I finished my 4-game comparison between CPU RBK = 60 vs. USER TKL = 40. Before I share the results, here's the logistics:
  • Played offline CFM with the Bears using a Power Run scheme with a vertical passing offense and a 3-4 Base scheme focusing on zone coverage.
  • Played the same four games in using both settings
  • Used 13 minute quarters with 18 second accelarated clock
  • All sliders were AP default except INJ, which I have at 90.
  • Again, this is coach mode, so all I did was pick the plays and let the CPU do the rest.

The attached stats below in the image are comparisons between USER and CPU for both slider segments. These numbers are the final 4-game averages for each segment. For run stats, I only focused on the starting HB.

Also, because there's been some good conversations/observations on how safeties get more tackles than LBs. I tracked total tackles by the starting defensive players on my team here to see if either slider segment impacted this. Since I run a 3-4 Base, the totals for each are for: 3 DL, 4 LBs, 2 CBs, and 2 Safeties. Keep in mind two things: 1) Madden tracks lots of tackle assists, so that can lead to high total tackle numbers; and 2) Last year, in real life a number of NFL teams had a safety as the leading tackler, so it's not unrealistic for a safety to lead in tackles.

CPU RBK = 60
  • DL = 7 avg. total tackles/game
  • LBs = 32
  • Safeties = 16
  • CBs = 9

  • DL = 4 avg. total tackles/game
  • LBs = 29
  • Safeties = 12
  • CBs = 7

Because it's a small sample size, it's not easy to discern if the any of the data is statistically significant, especially when in each of the test segments, there was one game where something (pass, run, etc.) went overboard (like the Lions throwing 6 TD against me). This obviously skewed the results in a small sample size. But overall, several things stood out to me:
  • The CPU ran much better with with a higher CPU RBK -- this slider set forced me to account for the CPU's run game in my play calling. Two out of the four games the CPU had a 100+ yard rusher. Also, you can see with total plays, the CPU had more ball control and the chance to score more points, as shown by the higher average score.
  • Lowering the USER TKL slider did not open up the run game as much as I had expected -- you can see that average BTKs went up by 1 for the CPU, but aside from the occasional play where the HB would break through a string of tackle attempts, the CPU run game was tame. I never had to worry about it. Also, there were no 100 yard rushers in any of the games.
  • Increasing CPU RBK did not inevitably lead to A) more pancakes; or B) less tackles by my DL and LBs. TFLs remained fairly constant, too.
  • It seems that TKL = 50 creates more fumbles. I averaged 2/game with CPU RBK = 60, but with USER TKL = 40, there were no fumbles at all.

Take it for what it's worth, since it's a small sample size, but my hypothesis is that if you want to solely improve the CPU run game, focus first on increasing the run block slider instead of lowering USER tackling. Overall, it seems to give the CPU that extra second to get past the LOS, and the expected negatives weren't as pronounced as I thought there would be.
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Re: Coach Mode Slider Observations

Hmm maybe I'm reading it wrong but I don't see much of a difference. Yeah the CPU run 103 avg with rb at 60 and only 66avg with tackle at 40. BUT the ypc was 4 vs 4.6. So rb at 60 gives you only a 0.6 increase from the rb60.

Personally I think that YPC is what you have to look. Since total rushing yards may differ for many variables.

I'm really against rising RB because this will create more HOLD/Stuck ol/DL interaction. I already feel it's way I sticky and this is most why the lead tackles are the Safties. Specially for coaches that doesn't shift or move DL/LB.

I just want the CPU to run more but at the same time I want my LB to lead in tackles.

I know in real life there are games were 1 FS lead in tackles. But when this happens every time is a problem. On my CFM my FS and SS are leading the team by a 10 tackles margin and 7 tackles margin. lB needs to be
More involved.

That being said I'm afraid I won't be able to get this with good CPU rushing. So I guess I will have to try to live with that.

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