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Wink MSweets' Madden 16 "Sweet Spot" Sliders

Whats up guys, I've been using a bunch of slider sets around here and recently I've been in the All Pro is too easy, All Madden is bs camp, until Jarrod21 suggested playing All Pro with his blue sliders, I tried it out and while at first it wasnt perfect, with some tweaks I've made, I really feel these sliders finally create that level or "sweet spot" in between All Pro and All Madden, I'm not claiming these are perfect but if you've been having trouble finding a good difficulty where its not All Pro easy, but not All Madden computer cheese impossible, I think these may help. No need for house rules or none of that, these should be challenging and I'd suggest being focused on the game and not trying to force anything or you could be on the end of a blowout. Please leave impressions/box scores or thoughts below and thank you for reading, now without further ado here are the sliders.... Please feel free to ask questions, I can answer everything.

Game Options
Skill Level- All Pro
Game Speed- Normal (Slow may work as well)
Quarter Length 9
Minimum Play Clock Time- OFF
Injuries- 75
Fatigue- 70
Threshold- 50 (still tinkering with this)

Penalties- You can only move penalties up in 1 point increments in franchise only. Play now is 5 point increments.
Offsides: 55
False Start: 55
Offensive Holding: 55
Defensive Holding: 55
Face Mask: 52
Illegal Block In The Back: 51
Roughing Passer: 50
Defensive Pass Interface: 55
Offensive Pass Interface: On
Kick Catch Interference: On
Intentional Grounding: On
Roughing Kicker: On
Running Into The Kicker: On


Accuracy 20-50
Pass blocking 10-43(may move to 45)
Catching 40-60

Runblocking 15-60
Fumbles 10-50

Reaction Time 56-85
Interceptions 40-50
Pass Coverage 56-85

Tackling 40-60

Just leave Special teams as is.

Add me on XB1 GT: M Sweeeets
Always down to punch some faces, toss some touchdowns or throw down dunks.

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