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Cpu pass blocking slider

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Cpu pass blocking slider

Idk if it's just my game or what but the cpu pass blocking slider is controlling the user and cpu pass blocking. You can test in practice or franchise by leaving pass blocking for the user at 50 and cpu down to 0, then run a play action pass. The cpu dine will break through instantly, then put cpu pass blocking up to 50 and the user oline will block like normal. I'm not sure if any other sliders are acting like this, from what I can see all others are working as they should.

Here's a video that i made to demonstrate what's going on. You can see that with user pass blocking at 50 and zero there is no comparable difference between them but with cpu pass blocking at zero, you can see that it clearly has changed how the USER oline plays. I know i used practice mode, i tested in franchise as well and it does the exact same thing.

UPDATE: After re-installing the game, going through the intro and everything. The cpu pass blocking slider still controls user and cpu pass blocking. So it is not my game but a bug in madden. Hopefully this helps out with anyone still tweaking sliders

UPDATE 2: After further tests I believe that the user pass blocking slider acts as a multiplier to the cpu pass blocking slider. So the cpu slider controls the base strength of the user Oline and then you can make more adjustments with the user slider on top of what you have for the cpu slider.

UPDATE 3: NVM about user pass blocking slider acting as a multiplier, it doesn't do anything. I'd just leave it at 50 and just adjust cpu pass blocking slider until you see the user oline doing what you want it to do.

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