Suicidal's all pro very fast, realistic, challenging and fun slider set

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Suicidal's all pro very fast, realistic, challenging and fun slider set

My sliders come out of the need to have a good challenging game whilst being as true to realism as possible. To do this, I think that itís necessary to play on ĎVERY FASTí game setting, this will also make the game more interesting, and if you are one of the people that play on slow, and find that itís getting boring, than the very fast setting will recreate your love of the game.
Set up will give you a game average play count of 120-130 plays, with an average total points of 46, Total yards of about 700 per game.
Iím constantly in a close game situation like 24-21, 21/17, on some occasions 17-14, 14-13 even. Blow outs are like 38-10.
If you are using custom playbooks, use a playbook that you have created and not downloaded, and create that playbook from one of the default options and not from a team playbook. Iíve discovered that these create a number of issues, from the play you selected not being the play that occurs, usually changing it to QB Kneel, or the players will all run to the sideline. Or you wonít be able to choose a kick return formation.
I have the game speed at very fast because I notice on normal or slow speed, WR are constantly making sensational catches that would put Odell Beckhamís catch look average. Fast setting works fairly well but seems to have a tackling issue. Very fast doesnít seem to have these issues, and itís also more realistic in time situations, and itís just more fun and realistic.
I've done extensive testing and find this;

Instant Starter: Off
Salery Cap: On
Skill Level: All Pro
Game Speed: Very Fast
Qtr Length: 15 mins
Accelerated Clock: On
Accelerated Clock: 14 seconds
Coach Firing: On
Game Play Tuning: On
Injuries: On
Existing Injuries: On
Trade Deadline: On
Trade Type: Enable All
Relocation Settings: Normal
League Type: All

Auto Strafe: Off
Pre Snap Menu: On
Coaching Tips: Off
Player Names: Always
Heat Seeker: Off
Ball Hawk: Off
Switch Assist: Off
Camera Settings: Standard
On Field Visual F/B Off
Def Tackle Indicator: Off
Passing Camera: Off
Kick Aiming Arc: Off
Prev Play Info: On
Playcall Button: Default
Camera Toggle: Off

Fill Roster: Off
Re-Sign Players: Off
Progress Players: Off
Sign Offseason Agents: Off
Simulate Game Prep: Whatever

Play Call Style: Quick

Injuries: 60
Fatigue: 58
Speed Parity: 60

Player / CPU
QB Accuracy: 20/42
Pass Blocking: 36/49
WR Catching: 52/53
Run Blocking: 36/66
Fumbles: 45/45
Reaction Time: 96/96
Interceptions: 21/21
Pass Coverage: 51/99
Tackling: 46/52

FG Power: 52
FG Accuracy: 36
Punt Power: 53
Punt Accuracy: 70
Kickoff Power: 53

Offside: 65
False Start: 60
Off Holding: 56
Def Holding: 58
Facemask: 51
Pass Interference: 54
Illegal Block in Back: 50
Rough Passer: 50

Auto Subs:
QB: 45/50
HB: 80/90
WR: 50/55
FB/TE: 50/55
OL: 50/55
DT: 60/65
DE: 60/65
LB: 50/55
CB: 45/55
S: 45/55

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