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Question about Madden 15 sliders

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Question about Madden 15 sliders

I have used Charter04's slider sets for Madden 15 X1 for awhile now. They are awesome for a modern day NFL feel. However, does anyone know if Charter04 or anyone else has created Madden 15 sliders designed with the 1990s and 1980s in mind? I have looked all over OS and madden share, but nothing.

The 80s and 90s didn't have QBs throwing for 5000 yards a year, but they did have a lot of excellent running backs and hard hits. Any sliders designed this way?

Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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Question about Madden 15 sliders

To have a game play more like the 80's and 90's I would assume you would have to use custom play books.

The way the game was played then had more to do with style of offense. Very few ran any spread type of offenses. Most teams were run first. They also had route trees that where lower percent of completion. Teams ran very little screens and drags.

Also DB's could make a lot more contact with WR's.

Long story short. I don't think sliders will give you what you want.

I love the era you are talking about too

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Re: Question about Madden 15 sliders

One thing that helps, though not perfect, is to use 32 team control and create all new coaches. Set the Percentage run and pass and playbook. It takes a little research and time but not too bad. This alone is not the secret however. Once you get that done, go into the coach schemes for each team and set the positions and tendencies to match the style of play for that team. I do believe this does make a difference. Again, it will NOT be perfect, but it does help quite a bit.

I created a 1986 roster for the PS4 and have simulated the season without the changes I mentioned above and the stats were a bit crazy with the passing. After I made the changes I simmed again and had much better results. I still had a couple QBs over 4000 yards, but it was only 2 or 3. The running backs were pretty solid too. The big issue was receivers. Way too many guys with 80+ receptions. This is because the CPU does not rotate receivers much at all. I have been working to try to fix that, though I am not sure if it can be fixed.

If you need more info or have more questions let me know.
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