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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Was that with the 0's for all sliders Matt in mm?
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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Not sure what just happened, but made the AM switch and fired up a Raiders CM. One quarter in and I shut it off, guys running WIDE open for the CPU. Brees 5-5 for 155 2tds... Jeeeeesh. I've ran with Charters set to much success but this go at AM was just wayyy too much. Back to the drawing board for me, growing a little frustrated with this game currently. I just want to sink my teeth into a CFM!
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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Originally Posted by Woad23
Was that with the 0's for all sliders Matt in mm?
Yes, it's the OP set, but with some testing of auto subs.

I'm currently testing auto subs and threshold actually.

Have seen 2 injuries for my team, 2 fumbles by the CPU (1 from QB scramble) and a pick 6 for my LB.

Still testing.
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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Wow these sliders have made a huuuuuuuuugggggeeeee difference in game play. I actually have to think again lol. You can definitely feel the difference in ratings. Not perfect but definitely close!!!
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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Originally Posted by Matt10
Making progress...



Literally just happened, so who knows how it will continue to go, but I think it's on the right track.
How'd you accomplish this? This is my biggest peeve with the game right now, crossing routes and drags are always wiiiiide open
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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Just hanging back and watching the fun....

That said, I am going to make a couple of general statements.....
  • Threshold is a global modifier of speed and acceleration and I don't believe that it should be used as a bandaid to fix one issue (whether it be RBs spinning or stretch plays being overpowered) as it has too much of an effect across the board. Now, if the one issue is that speed/acceleration is globally not correct at default, that is one thing. But I have seen no compelling evidence (whether in a controlled study or anecdotal) to demonstrate that this is an issue. Until I see that evidence and after careful consideration, I'm keeping it at default in the CFM menu and likely the MM. I've been down this 'rabbit hole' before and I'm not going down this road. I'm not saying that adjusting thresh is wrong....plenty of other slider sets use non-default thresh successfully. I am just saying they aren't right for me as I feel that they detract from speed/acceleration ratings of players.
  • I do think that the missing element here is the MM autosub sliders. These have not been fully vetted since this recent set of changes. The change may be as simple as reverting these back to default.
  • Further investigation of the MM injury/fatigue sliders is warranted for sure. But again, simple changes....turning MM fatigue back "on" by setting it to 1 may allow us to turn progressive fatigue back on (i.e. more subs) without the deleterious gameplay effects.
  • I still want to hear more about the AM experiences...but let's get a solid AP setup first...we can then dither about with AM. Let's "humanize" the CPU QBs on AP first...if they're checking down and completing 70-80% on AP, what do you think they will do on AM. Again, baby steps.
Short of EA putting out a patch that fixes the gameplay issues, we're not going to resolve things overnight, in a week, or even a month. Perhaps I was foolish to think we could.

A good game is waiting to be had, we just need to have patience to get there.
"Sim" is not about what is not about what is in the game, but rather in how you play it.
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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Recently I played 3 games with the settings the same as OP except:
Game 1 AP in MM / AM CFM / Speed parity 100 in both / Created CPU Coach / Generic playbooks / Adjusted Player Schemes
Game 2 AP in MM / AM CFM / Speed parity 90 in both
Game 3 AP in MM / AM CFM / Speed parity 100 in both / Created CPU Coach / Generic playbooks / Adjusted Player Schemes

Game #1 DAL (me) vs CLE 24-6

RG III 56% 220yds 43yd long 0TD 3INT 0 sacks Crowell 62yds 4.4avg MLB Davis 5 Solo
Romo 55% 188yds 73yd long 1TD 1INT 2 sacks Elliott 41yds 2.6avg MLB Smith 4 Solo

RG III was set to mobile. He moved around the pocket and to the outside. His big play came when I flushed him out of the pocket and he hit a wide open RCV for 43yds. On another play when I flushed him from the pocket he threw across his body floating the ball to have it intercepted.

Game play was solid. I din’t feel I had the victory in hand until the 4th quarter. There were a few penalties (don’t recall the number), one was on RG III when he passed after crossing the LOS. TOP was about even. Total yes 294 - 249.

Game #2 DAL (me) vs PIT 30 - 24 (Roethlisberger was out)

I didn’t finish the game (stopped just before the final whistle), so I don’t have stats. Essentially it was a shootout with both teams over 400 yds. Bell ran for over 200 and Romo passed for over 400. Lots of big plays.

Game #3 DAL (me) vs PIT 17-10 (Roethlisberger was out)

Gradkowski 297yds 78% 26yd long 1TD 0INT 3 Sacks Bell 41yds 2.4avg MLB Timmons 4 Solo
Romo 190yds 67% 32 long 1TD 2INT 2 Sacks Elliott 29yds 2.9avg Morris 39yds 3.9avg ROLB Lee 6 Solo

This was an amazing game that went down to the wire and should have gone into OT. Because Roethlisberger was out I set the QB scheme to West Coast (Gradkowski has a weak arm) and the offensive scheme to Run Bal. On DEF I focused on stopping the run, daring Gradkowski to beat me. The speed of the PIT receivers was a constant problem as my CBs had trouble keeping up (I mainly play man). There were a few shots deep down the middle, but most were slants and underneath passes.

My big pass completion came when I saw Dez matched up on a much slower CB in press coverage with a single high safety. At the snap the safety shaded over to the other side and I knew I had Dez open.

PIT ran the play where the option play where the HB takes the snap (can’t think what its called) 3 times. The first 2 times the pass was completed for a 1st down. The 3rd time I was wise to it and called a zone DEF. Lee INT the pass and took it for 6!

Gradkowski was around 55% until late in the 4TH. The game came down to a 4th & Goal from the 2. I called a RUN Blitz with the focus on Bell. At the snap Gradkowski hands off to the FB. Just as he’s about to cross the Goal Line, MLB Smith punches the ball out and one of my guys recovers the ball in the End Zone. Because Elliott was getting stuffed, I put Morris in and we were able to run the clock down to under a minute before punting. PIT made one last attempt, but Gradkowski was sacked when attempting a deep pass to run out the clock.

Overall the game played great. I expected the PIT DEF to be tough and it was. Because I focused on stopping the run I got passed on. Gradkowski was able to do damage whenever I couldn’t get pressure on him.

Areas that I think need adjusting are better WR/CB interaction. I think it is still too easy to complete passes underneath and on slants. Also, need to see more penalties and injuries.

I’m finding games tough, but fair. Against a good team you have to pick to either stop the run or the pass. Pressure on the QB is a must. If Big Ben had been the QB I’m sure I could have won. No way I could have focused on shutting down the run.

I think AM, generic playbooks and adjusting player schemes is the way to go. Hope this helps.

PS. Played on Xbox 1. If someone can explain (in non-techno terms) how to post stats, I'd be glad to.

PPS. The game speed in both MM & CFM was slow in all games played.

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Re: JoshC1977's M17 Sliders

Not sure if game speed affects anything but normal was much harder than slow
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