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Lightbulb M17 OOTB Custom CPU PBs & Custom All-Pro(DSkins81)

Update 9/12/17
So far, M17 (disc version/OOTB) has given the best Madden CPU gameplay ive ever had in a Madden game.
Im resurrecting these until I decide if 18 is going to be worth retail price or just wait till the price drops and see about this Next Patch later this month.

Still adjusting CPU QB traits (detail/results are all through this thread)
All default except
INTs: 33/33
Penalties same as latest listed below.

Yes, I do adjust my CPU opp. Playbooks and autosubs. I retire the CPU Coach once I'm done adjusting them.
Fatigue: 50
Injury: 45(still testing, looking to see more injuries)

Autosubs: The key to seeing rotation is determined by how high you set the In/Out
The higher(ex. In/Out 95/93 for HBs) Keep in mind, the higher the players stamina is, the higher the In/Out has to be set)

Update 3/12/17
Well, well,
Going back to the OOTB version.
Too many quirks caused by the last patch for me.
Uninstalled the game and reinstalled offline w/ the disc.

I've gone 1-3 since and all I've really adjusted very little (Penalties, Ints, auto-subs) for some quite close games!
Here's my scores
10-30 L
27-30 L
22-23 L
14-13 W

I've seen better HB subbing, so fatigue is working as intended!
HB: 88/86
All other 80/60
DTs: 85/83
DEs: 85/83

The CPU can run on you with this OOTB version 1.0111(Xbox1)
You'll still see the Punt issue if your playing a game w/ 9+ mph winds, I see more games w/ 8mph winds so far though.

Gameplay Sliders
Penalties......update asap

Update 2/25/17
So far I have apx. 10-12 games played now w/ Update 1.10.
I'm starting to think that AP default w/ this new patch isn't really jiving well. I'm seeing my defense and the cpu's as well, just dominate behind the LOS.
Sacks and TFLs galore!!
I've had defensive games like never before. I held 4th yr QB C. Wentz to -19, YES, -19 passing yards for a game. I was easily the top D in the league since the new patch. Just not realistic or fun imo.

So I've been testing both AM and Pro level. AM wasn't much different, other than the CPU dominated even more so plus I saw a few times, in crucial situations, the cpu would be able to make more robo qb type plays. Just not really much fun when they do things like warping to ball on offense and defense.
So I don't think AM is really the answer...

I went ahead and swallowed my pride and went to Pro,
YES, I said Pro.
So far w/ some slider adjusting, it plays much more organic imo. Everything from the tackling to the blocking, CPU qb play. It was refreshing to know that the game played this well on Pro level.
If you guys are feeling the same thing since this latest update, I would recommend you try these out for size and don't judge it until you play it.

Here's my current Pro setup

Normal gamespeed

User sliders ALL 25
CPU sliders ALL 75, except: Fumble, Int, and tackling set to 50.
MM settings are still set to AP.
CFM set to Pro. Assist on (except auto Strafe off) Penalties are all default in the MM. Default 50 for all gameplay sliders in MM.
Normal Gamespeed in both

Basically I just changed to this Pro setup in CFM.

9mins in both MM & CFM (user preference)
Acc clock: off(user preference)
Fatigue: 50 in both
Injury: 50 in both
Speed Threshold: 50 in both

Auto-subs (user preference) 80 in / 60 out (except HBs, you'll see consistent rotation w/ HB's 93/91, DTs 88/86, DE's 88/87)
Penalties: (user preference)

Let me know how it goes for you. These are a solid starting point though.
I noticed if you lower the CPUs QBA slider too much they won't look to throw downfield medium to deep anymore, and it actually makes it seem like they are still accurate but they are just dinking and dunking.
__________________________________________________ _
Latest update: 12/25/16
1. Reset your gameplay sliders before each game, changing the values to the below

User Int: 35
CPU: 35

OS: 52
FS: 52
OH: 52
DH: 52
FM: 51
IBB: 51
RTP: 51
DPI: 52
Everything esle: ON

This should help balance out the calls on the Offense vs calls on D.
So, for ex. CPU gets perfect edge blocking but you see a Holding animations
Block in the Back animations.
On default 50, these wouldn't get called, leading to more long outside runs (more so for the cpu).
Now, with these minor adjustments, you will see these get called but not at ridiculous amount.
It does seem to balance out the calls on the D. Which at default is mainly FaceMask and an occasional Neutral zone infraction on the D-line.
I may end up putting D-Holding on 51, we'll see.

Out of the Box(OOTB)
*Disc Required

The most organic sim gameplay in M17!
No updates or Tuners, Offline and the game is golden imo
*Removed Updates, reinstalled No updates or Tuners*
INTs adjusted to 30 user and cpu
Fatigue back to 50.
Penalties default

Latest Sliders setup Out of the Box gameplay

League settings
9mins, acc clock off
Slow gamespeed(more organic gameplay)

Game Options (Team Settings)
All assist on, except
Auto-strafe off
Def switch assist off

Gameplay Sliders
All 50, except
Int: 30 (same both user and cpu)

Attachment 128143
All other Penalties not shown, set to ON
And the RTP set to 50. If you like seeing RTP calls, go ahead and set this to 51, it's all that's needed to get those calls.

Enjoy the game again with the disc!

Be sure to check out the last 4 or 5 pgs. to see the stats with these!
and other stats posted by Cable Guy

This is was so refreshing to see!

I saw the kicking game back to were it should be!
CPU even pinned me back inside my own 10yd line, 2x.
Also they barely missed a block Punt, were my Punter bobbled the ball. Barely getting it off.
We missed a fg w/ a 10mph cross wind, we over compensated and doinked it!

I saw organic drops by WRs, which decreases the QB %.
I saw organic air balls by both my qb and the CPU, which was a delight to see!

CPU finished w/ 306 tot. O
Big Ben
229yds, 76.4 rating, 7 sacks allowed
52% 1TD, 1INT
A. Brown(3 rec. 106yds) got me early b/c I forgot to move Norman to 2nd on CB depth chart, after that he didn't have a catch, but M. Bryant did get a nice TD on Norman!

My qb K. Cousins
278yds, 61%, 2tds, 0ints, 96.1 rating


Cpu 24atts. 77yds(L. Bell 19att. 77yds, 5 Btks, 4ypc, 2tds)
User 26atts. 82yds

They ran for 2 tds, passd for 1.
We threw for 2 tds, ran for 0.

Final Steelman over my Skins

Tot O
Cpu: 306
User: 360 (got some late garbage yards).

Takeaways 1 on each team

Cpu: 4-35
User: 7-70

So far Post-Tuner, 9/30/16
Still seeing better defense on All-Pro vs All-Madden.
Only adjustments I've made
Gamespeed: slow
Fatigue: 55 (updated 9/30/16)
33/33(updated to 9/30/16)

OS: 55
FS: 55
Off Hold: 51
DHold: 55
FM: 51
IBB: 51
RTP: 51
DPI: 70
All others: ON

These are producing less yards per play on All-Pro vs All-Madden. More of a NFL defensive feel imo.

Test these out and leave me some feedback guys! Thanks!
Updated 9/20/16 Update 1.03
All-Pro plays it's best after,
Resetting Gameplay sliders in Franchise mode back to default 50, including penalties. This has got the gameplay back to what it was out of the box, imo.
See guys the thing is, the cpu has good enough skills to pass, run, make us miss, etc.
What they lack is the ability to keep us guessing, they become predictable and stale!
Because the CPU gameplans are weak by default. Just go to the Main Menu and go to Customize and pick a teams default PB, go to the gameplan tab and see just how weak they are.
Look at the 3rd and Longs, 4th and Longs
Look at the 2min drill lol and redzone calls.
Almost all teams(exception to NE Coach PB and Eagles PB) have the same similar gameplanning.

It's my belief that the CPU skills are fine but it's the lack of true gameplanning that hurts them the most.

In Madden 17
Now you can do Custom PBs or Generics(listed below)!!
This huge in helping the CPU improve the gameplans, which in turn, improves the gameplay!
Create a coach(existing or new) and the 2nd profile/controller trick works now!
Why does this matter?

1. CPU and User Customized CPU playbooks
2. CPU and User Autosubs, formation subs, scheme changes
3. CPU and User Full Player editing(including traits)

I figured out how to bypass the start screen freezing or weird glitching (players dog piling or leaving the field).

1. Create a 2nd profile(with controller 2, make it active by pressing the d-pad, left, right, etc)

2. Setup your customs books on that profile/controller 2.
Save PBs

3. Switch back to your Controller 1 profile (just by pressing right or left o the D-Pad it will give you the option to make controller 1 "ACTIVE")

4. Go into your franchise and create a coach for that team your facing.(adjust autosubs, depth chart, etc. for the team your facing).

5. Go to the start game screen, BUT don't actually start the game. The 1st time just make sure that your team and the 2nd controller cpu team has the correct custom books.

6. Then back out of the start game screen(back to Franchise weekly game screen) and go back in to the start game screen. This time DO NOT go into advanced settings to view or change the PBs. Move 2nd controller (red) back to the middle and Just start the game!

The PBs stick to that team w/ that controller w/o having to go into advanced settings a 2nd time
(it remembers it from the 1st time you went into the start game and switched PBs).

Let me know if it gives you any trouble.

I'm also using Custom PBs on the User and CPU side.

1. You don't go into "Advance settings" change the team PB and just start the game that way.
2. You make sure the teams PBs is set to that controller (advance settings).
3. Then back out of the start screen.
4. Go right back into the start game screen and the Customs will still be set but don't go into "Advanced settings" to check it. Just start the game!

This should help you avoid the issues I've had lol.

Remember you can do the 2nd controller trick w/ creating coach now!
So we have all we need to get the CPUs
1. Playbooks adjusted
2. Auto subs (see rotation w/ HBs and DL)
3. Player editing(for now just qb traits)
Create a coach "Role" works w/ the 2nd controller trick
Why is this important?
1. We can give the CPU controlled team (2nd profile, 2nd controller trick) a Customized Playbook, no more of the same old calls, 4 verticals, predicting runs, etc)

2. We can adjust the CPU controlled teams Auto subs, formation subs, getting HBs to rotate regularly @ 86in/83out (franchise mode)

3. Player editing! If you want to change QB traits or anything, you can do this for any team now!

I've decided to take a different route than most on improving the CPU!

I'm aiming to improve the CPU gameplanning and playcalling first and foremost.
This has been a thorn in my side throughout my long-tenured Madden history lol.
This will be a consensus of info to improve the CPU playcalling on Offense and Defense

Instead of changing the Gameplay sliders and getting into "Slideritis", for M17 I'm going w/
[b]Default All-Pro
9min qtrs.
Gamespeed: Slow
Runoff: 0(have to turn acc clock on temporarily and then drop runoff to 0, then you can turn Acc clock Off).
Instant Starter: Off(crucial to getting the 2nd controller setup by creating another user/player mode)

Also guys,
If your just wanting to change the CPU PBs to a generic on Offense, defense, or both
You can just create a coach, you can change the PBs in the schemes and do the autosubs. No 2nd controller needed.
Just retire the coach after the game.
Here's a screen shot
Attachment 123650

All assist: Default(by default auto-switch is off)
Injury: Default (10 in Main Menu)
Had Cousins get injured for 6 weeks in my 2nd preseason game
Penalties: Updated 9/4/16
Reset All Gameplay sliders to default 50, includes penalties!

Default Fatigue,
Auto-subs(Main menu default, CFM edited below)
Hbs: 85in/83out
DTs: 84/82
All other D positions: 70/60

Main things I'm focusing on now is the CPU gameplanning PB's
If your still not sure on how to change the CPU's PB in Franchise Mode.
You 1st have to setup the Custom PB in the Main Menu and save it.
For more info on how to apply this in Franchise Mode: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...-cpu-user.html

Just by giving the CPU a Generic "Run and Shoot" PB, they called draws on 3rd & Longs, they stayed in the Spread Shotgun even inside the Redzone!
They called a PA pass when pinned back inside their own 5 on 1ST DOWN!

Schemes for teams! Still testing....

Originally Posted by Armor and Sword
Here is a list of my suggested playbooks for each team for those who just want to utilize the "create your opponents coach and assign a generic playbook, do formation subs and set depth chart workaround"

Arizona Cardinals- Balanced
Atlanta Falcons- West Coast
Baltimore Ravens – Balanced or Run Balanced
Buffalo Bills- Run Balance or Run N Gun
Carolina Panthers -Panthers OR Run N Gun
Chicago Bears - Balanced
Cincinnati Bengals - Balanced
Cleveland Browns- West Coast
Dallas Cowboys- Balanced
Denver Broncos- Run Balanced
Detroit Lions – Pass Balanced
Green Bay Packers- West Coast
Houston Texans- Balanced
Indianapolis Colts – Pass Balanced
Jacksonville Jaguars- Balanced, testing Run N Gun..
Kansas City Chiefs- West Coast
Miami Dolphins- West Coast
Minnesota Vikings – Run Balanced
New England Patriots- Pass Balanced
New Orleans Saints – Pass Balanced
New York Giants- Balanced
New York Jets- Balanced
Oakland Raiders- Balanced
Philadelphia Eagles- Pass Balanced
Pittsburgh Steelers –West Coast
Saint Louis Rams- Run Balanced
San Diego Chargers - West Coast
San Francisco 49ers – Run N Gun (with Kap) Run Balanced without
Seattle Seahawks- Seahawks, testing Pistol, Run N Gun, Run Balanced
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Balanced
Tennessee Titans- Run Balanced, testing Pistol Run N Gun also
Washington Redskins- Pass Balanced, Testing Run N Shoot

Dynamic playbook selection - What happens if Aaron Rodgers is out with an injury the week you play him? Do you think they will be throwing the ball nearly as much or will they lean on Eddie Lacy? I say they feature Eddie Lacy. So use the Run Balanced or Run Heavy playbook!!! Match the playbook to personnel and usually that means if the starting QB is out and they don't have a capable back up....mix it up. Help the CPU be more competitive by giving them a playbook that will help them utilize their weapons better if they are missing their stud QB or Stud RB.

Big Thanks to Armor & Sword!
I go into each week preparing the CPU just as much as my own team, and yes changing the PB/scheme based off who's playing will go a long ways in making the CPU even more competitive, and hopefully less predictable than the defaults.

Big Props to you

improve the CPU difficulty soley based off better playcalling with custom or generics.

This is awesome news for the hardcore User vs CPU Franchise guys, like me

So I'm just compiling info/data for a general rule for improving cpu playbooks

1. Less 4 verticals on(replace with more intermediate routes)3rd and even 4th and longs
2. More PA on early downs 1st and 2nD downs
3. More Draws and Screens on 2nd and 3rd& longs
4. More Draws and PAs inside the redzone (not necessarily inside the 5, PAs out of those jumbo type formation would be good)
5. Quick smoke screens on 2nd and 3rd& shorts
How bout the Titans "Exoctic Smash Mouth" play(TE end around)

Shotgun % vs Under center and when they use these formations
1st dwn
2nd dwn
3rd dwn
4th dwn
Inside 5
Goal line
And the 2min drill

The plan is getting the CPU playcalling more in line with what the real life counterparts playcalling philosophies are.
This is really going to improve the CPU tremendously!

I also want to get into fine tuning the defenses soon as well.

The community can really help bring the CPU alive with this!
Let us know your thoughts on this guys!
Thanks and Happy Madden Holiday Tomorrow!

Again, if you missed the how to link listed above, here it is http://www.operationsports.com/forum...-cpu-user.html

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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

Reserved for Adding Team by Team Gameplanning for Offense and Defense....
UPDATE 8/30/16
Create a coach works w/ the 2nd controller trick!
I'm able to use the 2nd controller trick, control 32 teams(to create another user/coach, press R3 down in franchise), and adjust the Playbooks!?!?

You can create a coach/use existing coach for the CPU and still move the controller back to the middle!

What's this mean?
We can still change the CPU teams PB, adjust the autosubs, and traits.
I would suggest just giving the CPU a Custom PB, it did a weird dog piling event(super sim was locked out)at Kickoff when I had custom PBs on both teams.
I will report my findings, trying it with just the CPU getting custom PBs

2nd try, just stuck customs on CPU (red, 2nd controller) and put mine to default Redskins) and the game froze before loading all the way at start game screen.

3rd test,
Already had the controllers/Users Playbook setup on the controller, remembers which Playbook you were on when the game froze.

1st. my 2nd controller was OFF, up until I was ready to start the game and then move it back to the middle. Didn't even have to go into "Advanced Setting" on the start screen b/c it automatically remembers based off the controller/user.

It worked this time! No lie!
You can now use 32 team Coaching control and STILL have custom PBs!
So we get the best of both worlds!
Adjusted CPU playcalling, Adjusted autosubs, And QB trait/Team player editing!!

I have the M17 Prima Guide for up to date info on each team/coaching philosophy.

*Just picked up M17 Prima Guide and the "Best Offensive and Defensive" plays have changed from M16!
I'm updating Falcons and My Skins now!

Attachment 123094
Things like this

More key Plays from M17
My games have felt more like the Miami vs Falcons preseason game! I'm loving the defense!

Here's some more plays I'm going to be incorporating into Teams PBs.
Attachment 123483

Attachment 123484
Best 2 offensive plays
Pistol slot- read option
Pistol Bunch- Seattle

It even breaks down the running and Passing plays to use on
1st dwn: singleback doubles-Hb misdirection, single back ace close-zone weak, strong pro-hb stretch.(3 plays for each situation)

2nd and short
3rd and short
Goal line
2nd and Long
3rd and long

Basically 18 passes and 18 run plays listed.
So then I still have roughly 12 more pass plays and 12 run plays to add to the gameplan, assuming we get apx 60 plays called per game(I will probably add a total of about 90 to a gameplan).
So I will be utilizing this information to help build the Skins gameplan.
__________________________________________________ _____

It even breaks down the running and Passing plays to use on
1st dwn: singleback doubles-Hb misdirection, single back ace close-zone weak, strong pro-hb stretch.(3 plays for each situation)*

2nd and short
3rd and short
Goal line
2nd and Long
3rd and long
Attachment 123096

I'm just adding these plays and giving them a half star more than the others already listed in the gameplan/situations
So if it has 3 1/2 stars on all the 1st dwn plays, I'm adding these listed above and giving them 4 stars.

*We can also edit the 2min drill playcalling

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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

Interested in seeing this.

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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

This was from JoshC's 17 thread but applies to this subject matter.
Posting info here now instead of hijacking Josh's lol.
Originally Posted by KingV2k3
To build off D81:

The Generic playbooks have always had better gameplans tied to them than Team Default, if you don't want to go "full on" and create Custom Books for the CPU...

For some reason, the CPU gameplans are weak in Season One and set smarter after the first post season, when the AI recalibrates everything...

This has (unfortunately) been the case for years...

In short:

I (often) use generics in Season One and Team Default from Season Two on...
Info like this guys! Invaluable!
Thanks King!

I'm assuming the Generic Defensive PBs may also help us as well!
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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

I will also look at the teams % of plays under center vs shotgun(this info is in Madden Prima guide).

When do they use Shotgun vs Under center?
1st dwn
2nd dwn
3rd dwn
4th dwn
Short, medium, and long.
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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

I'm trying to figure out the star system now.

When to give 5 stars, 4, 3 etc. ?
This is key imo
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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

I'm subscribed! I use coach suggestions as my coordinators in M16 for the last few weeks and finally started to see more runs called etc once I modified a nice run playbook. Was more concerned with my own team than my opponents though admittedly. This should be great for hardcore offline CFM guys!

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Re: M17 Custom CPU PBs & Default All-Pro(DSkins81)

Will this be something easy to set up and implement?
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