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Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by I_Am_Freitas
Armor, I know very little about playing defence properly. Most of the time I go with the coach's pick. How do I get better at playing defence and understanding it?
This post a page back should have answered your question.

This game demands you go through every single training drill available. They do a great job of explaining all the of the offensive and defensive concepts.

Once you have a full understanding of all the concepts that is where the true chess game begins!!!

On what the defense is coming out in. Man 2 deep zone? Cover 3 zone? Cover three man? Cover 1 man?

On defense always know down and distance and set's the CPU comes out in and CPU/team tendencies you are playing. This year more than ever you must know what defenses are effective against short passes over the middle, crossing routes, flood concepts, slant, deep option routes, double moves etc, outside runs, inside runs, draw's, toss, traps etc.

Making hot route adjustments on the defensive line and at LB are critical. Man Align, protect the sticks, underneath, over the top, show blitz etc etc. Shirting your line to spread, or pinch, crash left or right, run commit up the middle , left or right. Pass protection audibles!!! Don't forget about those!

The game is deeper than you may think and I never ever let the CPU decide what defense I call. I make all my own defensive play calls 100% of the time. No coach suggestions ever for defense.

Sliders are not going to help a lack of football knowledge. We want sim...we got a really good game here. Simulation style play against the AI has found it's way into Madden finally. And I love it. It has come such a long way.

If you approach the game as a simulation with my house rules and have fun with it like a video game (meaning enjoy the big plays, the unpredictable turnovers, sacks, blocks, 80 yard runs, 15 yard pass turning into an 80 yard jaunt) where you are going to have games where the stat's are sometimes....let's just say juicy, you are going to have a lot of fun.

Don't focus so much on every single games statistical outcome and simply ask yourself after you're done.

"Was that a lot of fun?"

If the answer is yes.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Have fun gents. That is why I play video games and share my settings. I am having a lot of fun.
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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

Have you seen enough errant throws by the QB? I feel like most incompletions are because of good coverage and balls being knocked out of receivers hands than the qb making a bad pass. Just a thought at looking at lowering qb accuracy and counter with lowering pass coverage maybe. Other than that I think the sliders play great. Thanks for the hard work.

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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

Try playing with Tyrod Taylor. Plenty to be seen!!

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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

Do you guys play exhibition games with these sliders or just simulate? The reason I'm asking is after the first quarter, the backup qb is so inaccurate and when he actually makes a decent throw, the receiver inevitably drops it! So frustrating. FYI...I'm using Dallas in CFM with these exact sliders and following the house rules.
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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

Played 5 games, some observations, although not all of these can be attributed to your sliders:

Normal speed feels better than slow. Might just be my preference....played all last year on normal

Fumbles are out of control. Every third time the QB is hit, it's a fumble. Every scramble that does not end in a slide, is an auto fumble. Kind of ruins the immersion for me.

I think 25 accuracy is too low. Big Ben with a clean pocket just standing there relaxing suddenly throws it 10 yards over his receivers head. Cutler under no pressure just chunks it 5 yards down field to no one in particular.

CPU running/ blocking is crazy strong. Run of the mill backs chunk me for 8-9 yards a carry unless I run commit 8-9 guys. Inside runs are one touches the back until he's got 6 yards. I pinch my line on every's a necessity. Leveon Bell had like 220+ yards on 20 carries. He just pushed people out of his way like they were 3rd graders. One play he took 4-5 guys on, with them bouncing off, him spinning running over guys....was stupid.

Game seems to have some requirement that you only get 90% of the yardage you need for the first down. Example, second and 7? You will get a great block and run to the clear....only to have some safety achieve warp speed out of no where and tackle you to give a gain of 6.5 yards. Same thing for 8 yards needed, or seems like it wants you to have third and short all the damn time. Happens on passes too.

interceptions seem to happen in impossible physical situations (dbs reaching through guys or around them with one hand). DBs not even looking at the ball will suddenly warp around their receiver on the exact route needed to intercept a slightly off target ball.

"Comeback" mode seems to be in effect this year like it was last year. If the computer gets within 7 in the 4th, you are sure to get holding calls and warp picks to give them the ball back. Once they do, their offense is in turbo with guys making jumping one handed catches off 50 yard bombs whilst double covered. Once the score is tied though, they suddenly go in a shell and revert to what they were like in Q1-3.

Just my impressions. I'm following your house rules, except for defensive camera.
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Angry Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

Armor can you give me a example of the contract I can't get a 18mm signing bonus for only 60mm conract, everything is over a 100mm
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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

the running game is still a struggle.

I played BOTH offensives in this game last night to get a balance of using 2 teams and getting the offence right and see how CPU reacts.

Chiefs Steelers in Pitssburgh, Chiefs won 30-9

Alex Smith had a brilliant game went 22 for 32 266 yards 3 TDs 0 INT had 4 runs for 32 yards too didn't get sacked at all.
Big Ben had a terrible game 24 for 48 288 Yards 1 TD and 3 INT 1 Fum, that TD was a 54 yard Bomb to Brown.

Smith had all the time in the world to throw. no pressure at all on him,

Kelce was unstoppable for the Chiefs, had about 11 catches for 120 and 2 TDs.

Charles was 28 carries for 101 yards, it was really a struggle to run the ball
Williams was 11 carries for 15 yards!! this effected the way Big Ben played couldn't get anything going at all on the ground so was throwing it more and taking more risks. so pretty realistic there. and the WRs had A LOT of drops, I find drops won't always count in stats but also killed Bens momentum.

the fact that I controlled both offences and played like both teams would and one dominated the other made this AWESOME, because this sort of thing SHOULD happen in the game, and it felt like the ratings really mattered and momentum on the day it was the Chiefs day.

missed a couple of extra points and field goals with both teams too

my only complaint would be the running game could have been a little better but I should play a few more games to see if I get variety with this.

I am guessing I don't change Auto subs ?? because I had to Sub out Charles myself to get West and Ware some runs to spell him.

PS I also chose to play this game in the Snow!

Oh and Chiefs had 2 big holding penalties too, so they could have blown out the Steelers more

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Re: Armor & Swords Madden 17 Custom All-Pro Simulation Style Sliders

So I need some help. So the passing game has always been the part of madden I am the worst at. Right now most games I am only completing 50-55% of my passes and I am throwing 3-5 INT ever game and this is with one of the better QB in Rodgers as I play with the packers. Should I lower pass coverage to 45 or something?
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