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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Originally Posted by spboden
So i deleted the profile and tuner also from the share &manage file also once I did I backed out and shut off. Restarted it reloaded the tuner and I went back to profile. Started again with green set and seemed different. Couldn't tell what it was yes he qb is very accurate still but was not as dominate so don't know but did do something. By the way I did re upload sliders in cfm so don't know if that had anything to do with it or not
I did all of that. USER accuracy is still overpowered at 0. That slider alone tells you something is broken. I was impossible play with the USER accuracy below 4 pre patch. The settings I'm playing with feel the same but if you feel like it's playing better for you that's good. Play a few more games just to make sure.
Madden 17(All-Madden)sliders http://www.operationsports.com/forum...n-sliders.html

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Only options are to artificially lower completion percentages while ignoring how you're getting those results. To do that I can only imagine raising coverage and reaction while lowering PBK to create more pressure. It's either that or lower catching for more drops, I know what you're saying as through 3 games I haven't had a single errant pass, Alex Smith has 90+ short and medium accuracy but CPU isn't missing either but I'm keeping them in check with pressure so maybe the same can be done for the user side of things.

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Jarrod after the delete and uploading sliders again much better play. Here is what I am using and it is working like your old green set

15 min 13 sec run off
I have ball hawk and heat seeker both on
Injuries at 15
Fatigue 50
Threshold 55

Qb 20/15
Pb 0/5
Wr 42/42

Rb 46/46
Fb 50/50
Rt 90/85
Int 35/35
Pc 35/35
Tackle 57/55

I also have all special teams at 50

Penalties all at 50 in play now
In cfm Offsides holding defense pi illegal block and roughing passer all at 51
Face mask 53 (see realistic amount of calls)

This has been the closest I have come to green set after the patch.
I know these might be easy for you but not far from your original set
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Anybody having trouble kicking FGs now?

FGs seem to kick wide right even if the kick meter is accurate.

Im using the blue set.
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Originally Posted by Muddycleats
Anybody having trouble kicking FGs now?

FGs seem to kick wide right even if the kick meter is accurate.

Im using the blue set.
That happened to me last night even though he worked just fine pre-patch
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

So, since the patch messed up everything, and Flazko's sliders that almost made me miss the playoffs before patch are now making me blow out everyone (playing with the Redskins), I had to go ahead and try the hardest set that I saw here - your black set.

Needless to say, I don't cheese. I don't run same plays over and over. I don't exploit the CPU AI in any way. I've been playing this game for a long time, but I can't say that I'm that good. I do like to play it as real as possible.

After being completely disappointed in the game post patch, I think that I've found my faith again with this set. It scared me in the beginning with all the 100/100/100 sliders, but after playing a game - it makes sense!

I've actually played a game and a half against Pittsburgh. Started a half of testing both man and zone coverage, running game, pass rush... Threw the ball in the double coverage a couple of times, checked out how man to man works like, and restarted the game. This is how the "main" game went:

- Lost 16-14. Can't remember the last time I've played a low scoring game like this. There were 7 TOs total tough.
- Felt like my chances to win are slim. I like that. It's the Steelers after all, and they did beat the Redskins in that game easily.
- Coverage looked TIGHT! My completion % was solid (around 65%). I did, however, had 3 INTs. First one was the one that should've not happened. Play action pass, Crowder comes out on a crossing route 20 yards deep, perfect pass that hits his helmet and bounces in the air, defender gets it. This part made me think that slider at 40 for user catching is too low (45 maybe?). Second INT came on a one on one situation over the middle. Strong blitz and Cousins did throw it slightly behind Reed, so SS picked it off. I feel like this should've rather been an incomplete pass, and made me think that 100 on INT is too high. I will, however, keep playing on that setting. Third pick was all me. Third and long in the Redzone, went deep over the middle to Reed, never saw LB drop back in coverage.
- My running game was ok, just ok. about 20 rushes for just under 80 yards for Matt Jones.
- Steelers ran the ball well. I had maybe 3 TFL, but a couple of 1 or 2 yard stops. Bell was breaking tackles when I went for the hit, but was going down when I went wrap up. Late in the game, when they were trying to run the clock out, they just kept marching and then kneeled it down. I like that. Redskins running D sucks.
- Norman was good, Breeland was mostly outplayed by AB. Ben took two shots deep to Antonio Brown, one ended up with a DPI, the other one was incomplete.
- I had two fumbles by Cousins, both my fault. Get rid of the ball on time, kids.
- I Had 5 sacks. 2 user sacks by Kerrigan. Other three on bad play action attempts. Also had two picks (MLB Compton and FS Hall)

Overall, I like it. I do have a couple of questions for Jarodd21:

- What about going higher with the fatigue setting slider? I used to play with 65 rather than 50 and it seemed great. Much more rotations. With 50, I had rarely any subs on the HBs and OLBs (3-4 D) even tough I blitzed on almost every play with them.
- How frequent to you get picks with this slider set? I'm afraid I'll get to many 2 on Big Ben is a lot, plus one dropped.

Great slider set overall. I played on Slow speed by the way. Looks most realistic to me.

All those 100s on CPU sliders do make you really respect every play!

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Played my first game of season 5 after winning the Super Bowl over Buffalo to close out season 4. The game played fairly well, my defense rised up when it needed to (Dallas has a 90 offense) and my offense did enough but had to settle for a million FG's. Here are the stats for the game and I'll throw the roster in a spoiler below it so you can see how loaded my defense is...

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers
Dallas Cowboys (0-0)0107017
San Francisco 49ers (0-0)6310625
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense308370
Rushing Yards104146
Passing Yards204224
First Downs1420
Punt Return Yards079
Kick Return Yards10194
Total Yards409543
3rd Down Converstion1/85/14
4th Down Conversion0/10/0
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/11/1
Posession Time19:3936:19
Scoring Summary
7:46(SFO) C.Parkey 41 Yard FG03
1:26(SFO) C. Parkey 46 Yard FG06
7:14(DAL) E. Elliott 5 Yard Run (Bailey PAT)76
0:52(DAL) D. Bailey 23 Yard FG106
0:00(SFO) C. Parkey 42 Yard FG109
7:57(SFO) P. Polite 13 Yard Pass from Prescott (Parkey PAT)1016
4:34(SFO) C. Parkey 38 Yard FG1019
2:28(DAL) B. Hopson 3 Yard Pass from Ledford (Bailey PAT)1719
10:37(SFO) C. Parkey 24 Yard FG1722
5:17(SFO) C. Parkey 51 Yard FG1725
Dallas Cowboys
Sebastian Ledford20/3322911
Ezekiel Elliott151046.91
Luke Varga69515.80
Dez Bryant45213.00
Barry Hopson44010.01
Keith Hitchens2115.50
Casey Alexis2157.50
Ezekiel Elliott2168.00
Zack Martin02
Casey Clement01
Jaylon Smith162.000
Byron Jones120.000
DeMarcus Lawrence100.500
Stanley Madison80.000
Xavien Howard71.000
J.J. Wilcox70.000
Maliek Collins51.000
Bene Benwikere50.000
Tyrone Crawford41.500
Roy Vance41.000
Bernard Elliott40.000
Judah Thompkins40.000
Davon Holt30.000
Quandre Diggs30.000
Kendall Fuller30.000
Dan Bailey1/12/2523
Chris Jones530060.02
Casey Alexis410125.20
San Francisco 49ers
Dak Prescott21/3026610
Carlos Hyde251094.30
Dak Prescott6264.30
Camren Snead2115.50
Michael Thomas57615.20
Parrish Polite57114.21
Jordan Webber55611.20
Andres Leach55811.60
Mycole Pruitt155.00
Peter Lacy20
Tarquin Slaton11
Luke Dantzler01
Joshua Garnett02
Eric Reid110.000
J.T. Burress70.000
Ronald Darby70.010
Aaron Lynch60.500
Lascelle Talbott60.000
Ryan Shazier50.000
Jimmie Ward30.000
Aaron Dial31.000
Schonn Perriman30.000
Arik Armstead32.000
Navorro Bowman20.000
Rafael Bersin10.500
Deforest Buckner10.000
B.J. Arceneaux10.000
Cody Parker6/61/11952
Bradley Pinion29145.51
Nelson Agholor49423.50
Nelson Agholor47919.70

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 17 All-Madden Sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
I just deleted it now along with the tuner. Reinstalled the tuner and I'm setting the profile back up. I'll find out right away if its BS by going straight to 0 with the USER accuracy. Passes should be sailing left and right. After the patch the accuracy is pin point.
I agree Jarodd, I have put HUM ACC to 0 and still with Hackenbergs crappy ratings I can light up the CPU. I had to lower HUM Catch just to get a realistic completion %..... and that's with CPU 100 @ coverage, reaction, and ints.
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