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Just Imagine

Can you just imagine if instead of having 57 different people focusing on making their own blue ribbon slider sets, those people all worked together to make one set? I mean it makes sense to me, that it'd take the masses less time to hash out or tweak one collaboration, instead of having so many different ones. I suppose you could have all the All Madden people work on one set of All Madden, and do the same for All Pro. Then we'd have two total sets, instead of 50 different ones. I mean seriously... How good could the set be, if the major slider makers and all of the ones testing their individual sets, focused on one set. Why this isn't done, I have no idea. I'm sure some of you remember the Madden Manifesto. If not...2005 was a glorious year for Madden. Google it.

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Re: Just Imagine

Imagine no more: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...xcel-file.html

Granted, it's not a collaboration but more of an aggregation. It's still worth a look.
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Re: Just Imagine

Yeah. It's not that easy, unfortunately. If u look at different slider sets, you'll see just how different some can be. Lol. At first glance, u wouldn't think this could be so. But, it is. Everyone plays differently. So, if u play MLB every down on d and always fall for play action or something, u might end up tweaking sliders that play towards that style. So, maybe your set has high pass coverage or something because you're constantly out of position, so u think there is something wrong with your pass coverage. Some people want big hits, some don't. And, man, oh, man, at the end of the day, no two slider people see sliders doing the same thing, EVER!! Lol.

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Re: Just Imagine

But there are different skill levels. I personally think AP is ridiculously easy. But a lot of people play on AP.

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