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Do sliders and ratings even work anymore?

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Do sliders and ratings even work anymore?

Since patch 2 and tuner 2, I've been very frustrated with Madden 17. It seems that none of the player ratings or AI sliders even do anything anymore.

I'm having problems with CPU QBs playing way too perfect and being unstoppable (at All-Pro difficulty) and CPU pass blocking being impenetrable. So I lowered CPU QB accuracy in my franchise to 10 and CPU pass blocking to 5. I don't notice any difference at all. I'm stuck on a game against the Lions while I try to get a slider configuration that works for me, but Matt Stafford is completing 80-90% of his passes every time I play the game. The only incompletions are from when a WR drops the ball, or if he throws it away because the coverage holds for too long.

I can't even get any pressure on him because the blocking is immaculate. On the off chance that they run on first and/or second down and end up with a third and long, I blitz six guys and watch as they all slide 5 or 6 feet laterally out of the holes and into blocking animations, which then proceed to hold for 10 seconds.

The tight end Ebron is also absolutely unstoppable. He's open EVERY SINGLE play. I spotlight him. Doesn't matter. I hot route a safety to double man cover him. Doesn't matter. I manually try to cover him ... well, I just really suck at manual coverage, so that doesn't work. Every play he has 5-10 yards of separation whether he's being covered by a linebacker, safety, or corner.

I feel like I'm playing 7-0n-7 drills against Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski both on steroids. I've restarted this game 15 or 20 times with wildly different slider configurations, and the result is ALWAYS THE SAME. The only thing that ever seems to change is that the user run blocking slider seems to still work, but that seems to be the ONLY slider that has any effect in-game.

Heck, I even upped the injury slider to 90, reduced Jay Cutler's injury rating to 1, and let him get sacked a bunch. But the guy just keeps getting up without a scratch.

Do any of these settings work anymore?

When the game first came out, all these settings made very noticeable differences. I used a variation of Flazko's all pro sliders (, and was really enjoying the game. Then patch 2 hit, and I just can't stomach to even finish a game anymore.

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Re: Do sliders and ratings even work anymore?

IMO no. I honestly believe, and have been saying this for years, that if Ratings actually worked, then Sim Style Players wouldnt need to worry about sliders.
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