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RFF's M18 32-man CFM USER v USER Sliders

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Re: RFF's M18 32-man CFM USER v USER Sliders

Originally Posted by seanjohn404
Curious what the sliders should look like for 32/32 playing 8 minute quarters. We play 8-10 seasons and advancing every 24-32 hrs and we averaged a season every 30-35 days. XP seems high because we already have a lot of 99 FMV, PMV, ZCV, CTH etc players with no change from default XP sliders. We have already had people breaking sack, rushing, Etc records and totals for season with close to default sliders(PBK is already 65 and RBK turned down to 40) so hesitant to turn up.


Look at stats for previous seasons but also want to point out we never had a WR or QB win OPOY or MVP (always a RB) So would like to see that happen more often without dumbing down pass defense too much

That is a tough question. For 8 min quarters, it's more instructive to know roughly how many total snaps since run-off can greatly affect that. But assuming you play with some run-off and have fewer snaps than our 12m quarter ~112-115 snap games, you're going to want to make things a bit more offensive. The gameplay won't be as NFL-like but that's part of the deal with shorter quarters.

Raise QB Acc closer to 50. Raise RBK a couple points. That alone would do it, I'd think.

Re XP, that's odd--we don't have that issue, nearing end of our 5th season. We do have a few players breaking the sack record, but that's mostly a human factor. If humans hold onto the ball longer (and they do) they will get sacked more often. That's how it should be. You really can't balance for stats because you'll never get them all right. For instance, if you give human QBs more time to throw and they won't take fewer sacks--they'll just hold the ball longer and throw it deeper. Now you've got both a sack problem and a ridiculous WR stat problem.

Seems crazy to me that on All Madden difficulty with all our sliders you're running just 40 RBK and are still shattering records--of our top 5 rushers as of wk 15, 3 are under 5 ypc. Have you only been using some of our sliders? Truthfully if you're putting up insane offensive #s with all our settings, then I just wouldn't use our settings. Something seems way off about that, but who knows?
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Re: RFF's M18 32-man CFM USER v USER Sliders

We are getting about 40 snaps a game on average. The running teams are stretch or outside running to get the high YPC. We have a league wide mandate of 6.0 YPC or less on RB’s for season. This is done to encourage more running between the tackles and to organically get lower YPC. We have the same setup for WR to have a 20 YPC or lower to encourage more route variety. Part of the problem is certain run plays depend on animation more than RBK or Defensive blockshed and tackle. You are correct on the volatility of user vs user games which is the bigger issue and makes it more difficult to manage. That’s the main reason I’m looking for sliders to help combat it but your sliders are the only ones I have tried other than default but yours seem to be the best I have seen thus far for what I’m trying to accomplish.

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