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Re: Guff's Sim Slider Set

Originally Posted by htown5933
I don't know if you've tried playing since the patch today, but it's much better.

I'm not seeing near as many deep routes by the CPU and the QB isn't holding the ball as long.

I've made minimal adjustments to default and am having excellent games. I think I have the CPU pass blocking at 60 and my coverage at 60. Not positive. I can look later today and let you know exactly what changes I've made but both QB's have been in the mid 60's to low 70's completion percentage with 7-9 yards per attempt for the most part.

I think I have both user and CPU QB Accuracy at 35. I may have CPU WR Catching at 48, but I can't remember for sure.

I run a LOT of cover 3 when playing the CPU and it seems to work well with the patch.

I have played post patch and have still experienced the statue sacks. Thing is you have to have them in the right situation to get them, usually a long down and distance, usually a play after a legit sack is when I see a statue sack or if they are playing from behind late in the game. If they have the lead and are clicking on all cylinders on offense it appears the game is fixed....but in my experience the patch did not address the QB statue from the CPU

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