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DH523's All-Pro Simulation TV Style Sliders

Goal is not to completely 100% emulate the statistics of the NFL (other Slider sets do that great IMO). I'm aiming to recreate the FEEL of the NFL when you watch it on TV. I managed to nail the run game in NCAA '14 and am trying to do the same overall for the Madden/NFL.

Anything bolded below is a number I feel is dead-on/perfect.

Quarters: 11 Minutes w/Accelerated Clock to 20
Speed: Normal

Version 2.1 - September 2nd

Player Skill
QB Accuracy: 10 - Throwing as Tom Brady is much easier than Brian Hoyer. You'll see throws "behind" receivers and receivers working harder to catch the ball from a Hoyer than a Brady.
Pass Blocking: 30
WR Catching: 47
Run Blocking: 80 - Defenders can still get off blocks too easily and blow up the run game. Any lower and you start losing the OL peeling off/hitting the 2nd level + WRs engaging DBs. Even at freaking 100, defenders were still shedding blocks fairly easily.
Fumbles: 54
Pass D Reaction: 42
INT: 25
Pass Coverage: 47
Tackling: 46

CPU Skill
QB Accuracy: 42
Pass Blocking: 30 - Even at just 30, CPU QB has HOURS to stand back there and survey the field. I tested it at 20 and the pass rush was overpowered.
WR Catching: 44
Run Blocking: 80
Fumbles: 54
Pass D Reaction: 42 - At 100, DBs and LBs instantly react to start moving towards where the ball is going. This feels a little more natural, like LBs and DBs away from the play "react" without needing to see where the ball is going.
INT: 25 - Not really feeling the right balance between DBs knocking passes down and picking off too many but this is pretty damn close I feel.
Pass Coverage: 47 - I thought 0 was just awful. DBs were allowing a good 2-3 yard cushion and rarely reacted to playing the ball. With this coupled with the Pass D Reaction, you get a realistic feel of some tight coverage and defenders reacting pretty quickly without it being All-Madden levels of unfair.
Tackling: 46

Special Teams
FG Power: 48 - 98 Kick Power at 100 Line comes up short at 56 Yards.
FG Accuracy: 38
Punt Power: 24 - Aiming for 43-47 Yards Per Punt depending on Kick Power.
Punt Accuracy: 38
Kickoff Power: 52 - 98 Kick Power kicks through the endzone.

Game Options
Injuries: 32
Fatigue: 96
Speed Threshold: 50 - Seems ideal. Slightly lower led to LBs/S closing too fast. Slightly higher led to LBs being able to keep up with TEs easily.

Penalties - Trying to get some realism without it being overpowered. Consider these a WIP
Offsides: 50
False Start: 58
Holding: 62
Defensive Holding: 90
Face Mask: 54
DPI: 95
Block In the Back: 50
Roughing the Passer: 52

Auto-Subs - Aiming for accurate rotation regarding RBs, DL, and LBs primarily.
QB: 50/60
RB: 79/85
WR: 80/86
FB/TE: 75/81
OL: 60/80
DE: 79/85
DT: 79/85
LB: 79/85
CB: 70/76
S: 65/72

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Re: DH523's All-Pro Simulation TV Style Sliders

Sliders are still a work in progress.

Played out a game: Baltimore Ravens (Me) vs. Chicago Bears

I got hammered 45-24 in large part due to 3 INT. I threw a pick 6 and Trubisky ran in a TD(!). Worth noting that by the end of the game, fatigue was an obvious factor as Trubisky went from scrambling almost a dozen times in the first half to having a lot of pocket time.

The Good: RB Stats/Feel, QBs had errant throws
The Bad: Lack of a pass rush on either side, DBs could be a little tighter in coverage, Lack of "big play" factor, Still a lot of injuries

Final Score Chicago 45, Baltimore 24
Team Stats
Chicago Total Offense: 374 (141 Rushing, 233 Passing)
Baltimore Total Offense: 415 (119 Rushing, 296 Passing)
Chicago had 17 First Downs, Baltimore had 14.
Chicago was 7/14 on 3rd Downs, Baltimore was 2/8 on 3rd Downs.
Baltimore had 6 Pancakes. Chicago had 1 Pancake.
Chicago Possession Time was 24:22, Baltimore was 19:38

Player Stats
QB Joe Flacco: 16/35 (45.7%) for 303 (8.66) and 2 TD vs 3 INT
QB Mitch Trubisky: 20/29 (69.0%) for 242 (8.34) and 1 TD vs 0 INT. 6 yard TD run.
RB Jordan Howard: 24 for 109 and 2 TD. 4 for 11.
RB Jeremy Langford: 5 for 26 and 1 TD.
RB Lorenzo Taliaferro: 12 for 73 and 1 TD.
RB Terrance West: 4 for 26.
RB Kenneth Dixon: 2 for 16.
WR Victor Cruz: 3 for 60.
WR Cameron Meredith: 3 for 46.
WR Kendall Wright: 2 for 28.
WR Mike Wallace: 4 for 155 and 1 TD.
WR Michael Campanaro: 3 for 30.
WR Jeremy Maclin: 2 for 23.
WR Chris Moore: 2 for 36.
TE Zach Miller: 4 for 49 and 1 TD.
TE Daniel Brown: 2 for 32.
K Connor Barth: 1/1 for 38
K Justin Tucker: 1/1 for 30
P Pat O'Donnell: 6 Punts for 44.1 Average (Long of 56)
P Sam Koch: 3 Punts for 60.3 Average (Long of 68)
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Re: DH523's All-Pro Simulation TV Style Sliders

Game 2: Baltimore (Me) - 23, Minnesota - 10

Quick Thoughts: Was experimenting with Sliders 2.0 and a much better overall feel. Started out red hot in passing but it dovetailed a bit towards the end of the game. Bradford made some solid completions and also checked down a fair amount. Running game was mostly solid with LaTavius Murray running for a 75 yard TD against me on the first play of the game before I managed to mostly keep him in check. Defensively, very solid-ish with some good DB pass breakups at times and jarring hits for incompletions. Pocket time was still a bit iffy and Bradford was mostly stationary although he climbed up a few times.

Speed parity was solid. Felt a little better re: kick coverage in this scenario. Game did feel a little more wide open in the passing game too as far as defenders reacting/exploding towards players with the ball but S/LBs still were the obvious beneficiaries when it happened. I also saw OL hitting the 2nd level a little more often and sustaining blocks.

Still want to have the CPU QB scramble a bit more, may test Intentional Grounding for this. Also need to adjust Tackling higher, way too many broken tackles. Also need to tinker the Punting Power.

Game Stats
Minnesota: 276 Yards on 41 Plays
Baltimore: 398 Yards on 59 Plays

Player Stats
QB Joe Flacco: 24/37 for 326 and 1 vs 0. Sacked 2
QB Sam Bradford: 11/21 for 117 and 0 vs 0. Sacked 4
RB LaTavius Murray: 13 for 172 and 1. RB Dalvin Cook: 5 for 8 and 0.
RB Terrance West: 17 for 68 and 0. RB Lorenzo Taliaferro: 5 for 21 and 1.
WR Michael Floyd: 3 for 61
TE Kyle Rudolph: 2 for 15
WR Stefon Diggs: 1 for 20
WR Jeremy Maclin: 6 for 104
WR Danny Woodhead: 6 for 87 and 1
WR Chris Moore: 5 for 58
WR Michael Campanaro: 3 for 57

Top players defensively had 6-8 tackles on the game. 19 Vikings had at least 1 Tackle, 16 Ravens had at least 1 Tackle

K Justin Tucker: 3/3 with a Long of 53. Barely cleared crossbar
K Kai Forbath: 1/1 with a Long of 48. Barely cleared crossbar
P Ryan Quigley: 5 Punts with 55.8 Average and Net of 44.4
P Sam Koch: 4 Punts with 53.3 Average and Net of 43.3

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Re: DH523's All-Pro Simulation TV Style Sliders

Very interested in these. I'm going to give them a shot.

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Re: DH523's All-Pro Simulation TV Style Sliders

Currently radically tweaking the Sliders around. I've settled on a few of them that I think are pretty dead-on whereas others are proving to be much harder to nail down.
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