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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

Originally Posted by tommycoa
BCV does help qb get rid of ball quicker. If a QB has 81 awareness, im giving 81 BCV and 81 Play rec, along with athleticism boosts and accuracy cuts and the game plays a lot better. I'm looking for an QBACC sweet spot because now the qbs are a bit too inaccurate.
Appreciate you sharing this. FYI, a couple yrs back I asked a dev what the play rec does and he said the rating only affects defensive players and not offensive players, which made no sense to me. I will try the bcv with awareness rating.
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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

Originally Posted by DaReal Milticket
Appreciate you sharing this. FYI, a couple yrs back I asked a dev what the play rec does and he said the rating only affects defensive players and not offensive players, which made no sense to me. I will try the bcv with awareness rating.
Not sure if the play rec does anything. Just a shot in the dark, thinking outside the box. Peyton Manning used to dissect defenses,we have to unlock what did that.
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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

9 minutes accel off still results in the QB Statue sack unfortunately. I was hoping it wouldn't, but it does.

The animation of the QB statue sack just has the QB staring at one receiver (or even just an area on the field) and never moving through his progression.
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Re: Wiz Slider Observations


Been receiving a lot of love offline from og's, regarding the lab being operational for this iteration of Madden. Right back at ya, happy to be able to contribute to the discussion.

And one persistent concern being shared is whether default settings out of the box, are as good as it is going to get for Madden 18.

Just to be clear, default settings do provide a very organic visual experience, but IMHO by no means do they represent the end all be all of settings and game play. Under default settings, there still seems to be lacking dynamic QB play, dynamic RB play for the better RB's, QB accuracy is on the high end of ideal and the dreaded sack issue still lurks.

IMHO, an average talent NFL QB has the talent to feel pressure and look to get rid of the ball. In my lab, this sequence should be triggered once a DL peels of a block from the OL, or when an unchecked rusher gets just passed the offensive line threshold, just like in the real deal. More than hardly, and less than often, in default settings, the CPU QB seems to have a "delayed mental clock" to sense the rush. And when the CPU QB finally picks up the pressure, typically the defensive player is within an arms length, causing/triggering the CPU QB to finally shuffle his feet, but usually to no avail, as he inevitably crumples onto the turf with a 260 lb+ defender using him as a Casper mattress.

Ultimately there is a bug/glitch, call it what you may, whereby the CPU QB is not throwing the ball away to avoid the sack. There are inaccurate throws that do happen, but NONE of the variety where the CPU QB purposefully throws the ball to the Dr. Pepper guy with the sun visor, pimping soda pop in the stands. To date, no slider mods, nor roster editing has been able to fix this in the lab. This is an EA coding issue that should be addressed next patch.

However, the more dynamic CPU QB play, improved CPU QB inaccuracy ratios and some objective relief for the Madden gamer from suffering frequent CPU QB "cheese" sacks, these improvement I have been able to achieve in lab without necessarily turning the SIM experience into a romper room.

What is hanging up the lab from sharing findings to the community, is this dynamic that seems to exist between the FATIGUE/INJURY/D-HOLDING/COACHING ADJUSTMENTS/ACC CLOCK/SPEED THRESH cocktail mix that gets dialed in. It is almost as if there is a "sync" issue triggered by certain cocktail mixes (and yes, DEFAULT setting, IS a TYPE of cocktail mix) that create different game play and CPU QB play. I have played 15 min games with ACC CLOCK on, with a DOMINANT D-LINE, and struggled to get 4 sacks for the game. I jiggle the cocktail mix ever so gently and then suddenly it is a breeze to get to the QB for 10+ Casper mattresses. Maddening indeed, no pun intended.

Ideal game play, with a slant toward better statistical ratios, may be found with a slider mod cocktail that deviates, ever so cleverly, from out-of-the-box settings.

What the lab is exploring, at least until the next patch drops, is how to "trick" the AI into speeding up the "sync" of the CPU QB, to trigger smarter play sooner (at block shed peel or when unblocked defender reaches the o-line threshold) from the CPU QB AI. Encouraged with results thus far but have not quite yet dialed it in to deliver variety and consistency, coupled with improved statistical ratios. Stay tuned.

Wiz, out.
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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

Hey wiz, I'm on the fence with game speed. In past years fast seemed really wonky. This year it looks good and I feel animations flow better with it. With that being said , normal feels good too, but I feel the tackling is better on fast speed and catching is better on normal speed. What is your thoughts?
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I hate you Norv
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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

The Wiz is back lol. I'm with the rest of these guys. Sliders were always secondary. I came back for the insights.

Good observations so far brother. Keep labbing away.

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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

What I've noticed with the QB accuracy slider is that a lower value really shows its head on mistimed passes or throwing on the run. The accuracy of passes in a clean pocket with feet set is not affected as much by the slider.

Best way to illustrate if people want to lab, call spacing out of a 3x1 bunch set. The WR running the hook to the middle is our target.

With slider at default, throw to the hook with proper timing. Then throw a equal number of passes with bad timing (i.g. throw just before he reaches his stick point).

Then make a slider change (30 seems to be a popular setting) and repeat the throws. The accuracy with proper timing will not change much, but oh boy when you miss time the pass that is when you will be missing by 5 yards.

Do the same thing on a PA bootleg/rollout with a corner route, only this time instead of timing do set feet/on the run. With default slider gather your feet before throwing, then try pass while running. Repeat with lower slider value.

Deep passes are too accurate, but go/post routes are not timing routes. So long as you don't pass before he runs ~10 yards or so you will not trigger the "poor timing penalty." And usually you will not being throwing deep while on the run very often. Most of your deep passes will be done with set feet in a clean pocket, and the QB acc slider doesn't seem to have much impact.

And herein lies my problem. Lower the accuracy to get more realistic deep balls, and you risk some goofy shenanigans underneath.

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Re: Wiz Slider Observations

I always was of the belief that higher ACC rating in the setting menu - around 65 or 66 - and lower player ratings for short, med, and long balls was the way to go to get better QB intelligence and more off target throws. With the higher menu acc they seem to take more shots downfield and play a bit smarter. However, this does mean you have to edit the ranges with each QB subtracting around 10 for short, med, and long...and sometimes higher than 10.

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