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what to change to lower run game effectivness?

This is a discussion on what to change to lower run game effectivness? within the Madden NFL Football Sliders forums.

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Re: what to change to lower run game effectivness?

Originally Posted by howboutdat
thanks Milticket.maybe this is a part of our problem, but ill explain the reason. We have ran with offsides at 5 for last few years due to how effective someone can be if they only user Dline, as they learn how to easily jump the snaps and gives them an advantage as far as constant pass rush. We have found at 5 or below, the offense can use fake snap without it drawing the CPU players offsides. So we have it at 5 to give the offense a tool to combat the guys who mainly just user dline and throw their timing off, but at same time overuse would result in false starts, so there is risks. The main thing is , we didnt want to create a situation where people in 3rd and 4 or less could use fake snaps to draw cpu offsides ( in online league im speaking) to get cheap first downs.So maybe having it down that low is playing a roll here. Last week , as mentioned we averaged 134 ypc rushing.

Could you expound upon this? We used to run on slow until last year when they made normal speed about the speed slow was before.So currently we are on normal. Would going back to slow help with this? Im just curious how game speed can effect it . I appreciate everyones responses!

RE False Start & Offsides.

32-man league, usering DL seems to be more OP than ever this year. We're having MAJOR issues with teams who user DL all game. I just lowered our False Start down to 5-10 and Offsides down to like 40 (both were previously 60 to get realistic AI results).

Pass rush is the lone part of the pass game I'm having a ton of trouble balancing this year, for the first time (All Madden user v user games only). We lowered False Start for the exact reason you outlined--to give users a tool to combat the mega-OP user DL. We have a guy who strictly users a DE up the interior and has 15 sacks in ~5 weeks including 6 in a week. IRL an elite interior pass rusher may get 7-9 sacks in a season. It's just really tough to get constant pressure up the gut, but this year in Madden when you user it's nearly automatic. Absolutely destroys a number of route concepts.
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Re: what to change to lower run game effectivness?

Try a fast game speed with a parity of 75 on all madden. The speed will force you to make decisions faster and the speed parity will keep the game tighter allowing for smaller windows to make gains. All madden will give you the better IQ from the defense preventing consistent long running plays.
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