Competitive game sliders?

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Competitive game sliders?

Has anyone considered making sliders for the competitive game style? I feel it might be more realistic since its about stick skills and no cheats or boots. So if you do all pro competitive that would be like online.

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Re: Competitive game sliders?

I gave this a try awhile back (on the suggestion by khaliib) and ran with default to see how it played out.

While there were some good over simulation, I noticed a number of instances where gameplay had issues. I noticed that receivers were making big catches a lot, even when there was excellent coverage. On a number of cases I reviewed the play and noticed that the ball was "morphing" into the receivers hands.

An example of this is where I grew the ball to receiver at the goal line. The DB got position between me and the receiver. The ball was little under thrown so it was tracking to the DB for an INT. The receiver jumped over the DB and his hands were about a foot or more above the DB's head. The ball was at the DB's head level when it "morphed" up into the receiver's hands for the TD.

This is just one example of this. Competitive advocates big plays and I believe it delivers in some cases by "morphing" game action to make them happen. For this reason I went back to simulation. I don't know if this type of gameplay can be eliminated or tones down, but if you can live with it then perhaps this might be a level to try playing.

Hope this helps you.
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Re: Competitive game sliders?

I toyed with it a bit. It overrode ratings and rewarded stick skills far too much for my taste....I have meh stick skills and was pulling-off moves with lesser players that I never do on Sim. I'm not keen on the whole online H2H community as a rule, so I will mute my tone...but let's just say, it's a mode well-suited for that particular type of game mode. (Oh....and there are no injuries on competitive style....so, if thinking about it from a CFM perspective....total non-starter)

If you're going to move away from sim but want ratings to matter....I think arcade style (probably on All Madden) would be far more adaptable to getting solid, realistic gameplay....it would require slider adjustments like raising tackling, dropping catch, things like that.
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Re: Competitive game sliders?

Originally Posted by Redskins041
it might be more realistic since its about stick skills

If your definition of realism is stick skills then you may enjoy competitive mode more. The idea is to limit virtually all randomness from the game. In real life, of course, randomness is a huge part of the game. Drew Brees & Tom Brady completely whiff easy throws every game. But not everybody likes that. The competitive mode is for guys who want their stick skills to make the difference between a win or loss, and where ratings perform in a much more predictable & automatic way.
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