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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Played two games in CFM with the new set

Loss to the Eagles 17-13, I threw 5 picks and got sacked 6 times. The run game was pretty bad on both sides. Freeman only got around 60 yards total and Sproles didn't do much either. Wentz got a TD but was held to around 200 passing yards.

2nd game against the Panthers I beat them 20-41. I ran all over Carolina with Freeman until I pulled him at the end of the 3rd because of an injury. I believe he had 130+ yards on 25+ carries with 2 TD. My backup Coleman had 104 yards on 12 carries and two TDs. I threw 3 picks that were totally my fault and two TDs. Picked off Cam twice but he got a TD and 359 yards through the air

Nice variety so far

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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Hi Matt....just want to say fantastic work on these sliders, the latest version has really blown me away I felt like I had my first true chess match with the CPU.

I started a franchise with the Bears (wanted to see how far the Mack attack would get) and promptly went 3-2 coming into a game with the Patriots and Brady.

Plugged your latest version in just before the game and I don't know if it was a placebo effect but it really felt like every snap I had to truly think my defensive play calling.

My usual form of attack is to overload the box and trust my pass rushers to make the play or at least force a bad throw through pressure. First quarter it worked like a dream, the Pats were held to just an FG and Mack even had a pick 6, so ended the quarter 3-7 (this in itself felt really organic as it was the first time I had Mack fall back into short coverage instead of rushing and he was able to pick off a short dump off pass from Brady following pressure, which I thought was pretty cool to see a plan like that come off nicely). I also just had one sack on Brady, he was releasing his throws very quickly.

However second quarter was where the wheels came off slightly, Brady started showing me more PA passes and I gave up a big play for a touchdown. Lesson learned, I became more conservative in the play calling, always making sure there was coverage in the deep field just in case, and the Pats change up on me again and start running the ball after a few near misses on interceptions. I give up a couple of big running plays and end the half 17-10 to the Pats.

I end up losing the game 31-17 after a Pats screen pass and then just a long sustained drive (both in the 3rd quarter) put the game out of reach and Chase Daniels (Trubisky broke his foot a couple of weeks ago) just can't get it done on offense.

I appreciate that this is a very small sample size, but it was a really fun game, and no point did I feel cheated and in the end, the better team won. However instead of feeling annoyed after losing to an improbable comeback or massive cheese play I really felt like the CPU earnt this one.

Long time lurker on this board, so I apologise if I have rambled on, I appreciate the fact you only want helpful feedback and I know my sample size is very small but hopefully, other players have also had a similar experience.

By the way, this was played on AP.
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders


The first is the WR catching. On the value you have given, they drop passes like crazy. Above average WRs drop less than 6 passes on average per year in the NFL, but I have yet to see them get under double digits on your settings.

The running game still feels impossible with AI RBs. I play mostly as QB in Player Franchise, and it screws me over big time.
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Originally Posted by cheg913
Anyone having an issue with CPU sacks? Playing on AM with iMac's rosters, got sacked TEN times in the first half alone... Not sure if its a fluke game or what but it's ridiculous...
Yup, I was sacked 14 times against Dallas, lost 47-3 and no one could get anywhere close to open and if they were I was sacked anyway. Reason I am going back to my old stomping grounds of All-Pro lol
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Hi Matt

I use your (OS Community) sliders for FIFA every year, so might as well give these a try for Madden. I usually like what you do.

Is All Madden ok to play this year? No BS? Ratings matter?

Would love to be able to play AP in home games and AM away from home. Really making home field advantage matter.
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

hi everyone. I apologize if this has already been asked/answered but are these sliders good to use for CPU vs. CPU CFM games? thanks!
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Great sliders but I have a problem with interceptions.I know most of the time it's my fault but what setting should I change to cut back on these.Any help would be great Thanks.
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

I played two games in my Jets CFM last night that were pretty good. I beat Miami 51-45 in OT and Buffalo 40-20.

Tannehill was unstoppable. 80%, 400+ yards and 5 TD. My secondary is very slow to react but I think that's more an issue with the game itself than any slider set.

Buffalo re-signed Tyrod after Year 1; he completed 70% of his passes but threw two INTs.

HUM running is difficult. I upgraded my OL after Year 1 but it's still a struggle; both games I was under 3.5 YPC. My players don't hold blocks for very long.
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