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FBCoachP M19 Competitive Sliders

So I posted a set of sliders last year and decided to give it a shot again this year. I am without a doubt a SIM Madden player and will always look for realistic games and results. I want to see this game replicate what Iíve seen played out on Sundays as well as what Iíve seen play out in my time as a player and now a coach. With that being said here is how I play.

My theory is that EA focuses most of itís time on the competitive game mode. Simulation is grossly broken and the only thing that works properly in the mode is the fatigue setting and substitutions. If you look at the description of Competitive it says, ďless random events occurĒ. This to me means ratings and RPM is what shines the most. With a few minor tweaks this game plays very realistic on Competitive mode. I will go over the important settings

Skill Level- AM
Game Speed- Very Slow
Game Style- Competitive
Player Progression- Weekly
Quarter Length- 12 Minutes
Accelerated Clock- On
Play Clock- 20
Play Call Style- Enhanced
On Field Visuals- All Off
Gameplay Helpers- All Off/ Special Moves- Manual

Auto Subs
QB- 0/1
RB- 90/92
WR- 90/92
TE- 40/42
OL- 0/1
DT- 95/97
DE- 95/97
LB- 91/93
CB- 78/80
S- 78/80

XP Sliders- Default

Gameplay Sliders- Default except for INT. Set at 30 for HUM/CPU

Special Team Sliders
FGP- 45
FGA- 35
PTP- 42
PTA- 42
KOP- 45

Game Options
INJ- 10
FTG- 100
SPD- 77

OFF- 56
FST- 55
HOL- 73
DHOL- 72
FMK- 66
DPI- 74
BIB- 48
RTP- 51

This is how Iíve played thru 10+ games and the results have been amazing and have felt authentic. Not one game has felt the same. Mismatches have been exposed and nothing has felt OP. AI RBís have played the best Iíve seen. RPM has looked real. AI QBís have missed throws under pressure and taken shots downfield. Both pass defenses have been pretty good. This has been a good experience. I will post my recent boxscore below. Hopefully you guys try these, like them, and give good feedback.

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