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Random Slider Suggestions

I believe that I have a different perspective on sliders. First, I want to say that I truly appreciate the time you guys spend in attempts to create that unicorn slider setting. Honestly though, for me, such setting does not exist. And I'll tell you why: if you use one slider setting, for the most part, every game you play will be the same. If your QB Passing slider is 90, every pass in every game is going to be on the money. Is that what you want?

As a result of my frustration with months and months of tweeking sliders, I decided to simply randomize both my slider settings as well as the level (All Pro or All Madden) that I play on. For me, this is important because I want every game to feel different because in real life, every game IS different... unless you're the 85 Bears and their top defense or the 2006 Colts with Peyton Manning. There are steps that must be taken:

1) For each slider setting (QB Passing, Run Blocking, etc etc) you have to figure out what you can tolerate. At what point is QB passing is too easy for you (65? 75? 80?) and at what point makes you want to throw the controller? (35? 40?) That's your range. Now you know that you want your QB passing sliders to be between 40 and 80 (or whatever you choose). You will do the same for each slider. Don't forget to do the same for HUM and AI

2) Now, I suggest making 10 different files for HUM and 10 for AI based on these ranges. HUMSLIDER1 file might be high QB passing but low run blocking and poor coverage. HUMSLIDER2 file might be low QB passing, poor blocking, and poor coverage. On and on and on. When it is done, you'll have 10 such files for HUM and 10 such for AI.

(If you really want to be adventurous, you can download two files and save them as HUMSLIDER6 or whatever without any modification.

3) I do something similar for the level (All Pro or All Madden). This is simple. I have a list where random numbers are assigned. 1= AM 2= AP 3= AP 4=AM and on and on and on.

4) So how do I decide which to use? It is based on what time I play the game. If I play a game at 3:15, the 3 means I am going to play on All pro; the 1 means I will use the AISLIDER1 file and the 5 means I will use the HUMSLIDER5 file

5) For the slider files, I don't know what I am getting. It might be a crappy defense/great offense file. Who knows? What's why they are randomized. When you load the file, DO NOT LOOK at the settings that load. The whole point is not to know what to expect and adjusting the game as you play.

I found this works for me. This helps ensure that each game I play is a different experience. Just like in real life, some games are a cakewalk and some games are a struggle. And we all know that the all madden level includes a large number of shenanigans-- because of that, I cannont deal with playing on AM all the time. I just hope I don't get a slider setting where the AI is strong because that is only increased in the AM level.

I will admit. The downside with this setting is don't do this the first week the game comes out. EA will release a patch which will probably affect how the slider operates. I've considered creating different settings so that some games have more penalties and injuries than others but I've learned here, the surprise element is not really there. If I get a facemask or an injury on the first play, I pretty much know right then and there facemasks and injuries will occur frequently. We'll see if EA handles these differently in Madden 20.

I know someone is going to say 'wow, that's a lot of work' but honestly, I think it is less work than the time that many others spend on perfecting the sliders. Personally, I would love to see the day when sliders are not necessary-- I want players to play the way their ratings suggests they play. If the QB has a strong arm then he has a strong arm... I shouldn't have to use sliders to reduce or improve his arm.

Well, that's my two cents on sliders.
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Re: Random Slider Suggestions

I'm with you to a point, but in my view you overlooked something with respect to the sliders.

What you're suggesting is if you set the sliders at a certain level you'll always see the same thing. I agree with you to a degree, but if you know this going in, you can adjust your sliders to account for the 2 extremes you're pointing out and still get random deviation.

Look at it this way, the sliders are a random roll, like a dice. If you set a slider high, say WR Catch, your potential for getting the Receiver making a catch is very likely. Set it low and the potential is reduced. But that's all the sliders do, create potential, not certainty. All those sliders interacting with each other at various levels create randomness, based on the likelihood of the settings, not creating certainty.

So the objective with creating sliders is not to create a "cookie cutter" template, where you see the same thing over and over again, but to chase realism, which is admittedly subjective based on each of us as individuals, and variety, so every pass, every run, every attempted block or interception has the potential to occur, creating the variety you're looking for.

The problem in that, as you said, chasing the unicorn, is twofold. One, what I think is "realistic" or what I want to see may not be the same as what you or others do. So there is no "true" slider set that all can agree on, only a level of acceptance some adhere to. The second problem as you alluded to is patches. Many, not all, but many patches fundamentally change how those slider settings function, or create bugs that affect play. So the settings need constant adjustment until the patches stop.

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Re: Random Slider Suggestions

While I gotta admit your idea isn't something I'd pursue, it's creative. What I may consider is making the sliders a bit more difficult for post-season play. However, since the latest patch, the CPU running game has really suffered. Finally got that sorted and am inclined to leave well enough alone.
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Re: Random Slider Suggestions

I think Ive made a mental breakthrough. I think we are going about sliders all wrong. I think there are only 2 spectrums in Madden 19. Conservative and aggressive. The more you move a slider to the left the more aggressive. The more you move the slider to the right is conservative. The middle ground is balanced. For example look at fumbles. Move fumbles to the left and the cpu runningback run waay more aggressive using moves and such that you normally donít see. Downfall is more likely fumbling. Same as qb accuracy . Slider doesnít actually effect ratings but whether qb plays aggressive by scrambling or conservative by staying in the pocket . Food for thought
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