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Re: Illegal Man Downfield Penalty

Originally Posted by tyler28
I always forget about this. Ive played w it off every game but one. Im having great games. I dont see the issue with it. It may simply just toggle the penalty on and off. Lol.

Dont over think and analyze things fellas its a deep hole.

I have not seen one gameplay issue with it off.

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Originally Posted by DaReal Milticket
I agree with this statement. I havent seen any difference from it being off or on, but I guess ppl will see/believe what they want to see/believe.
Yes, I agree with you both, despite being an advocate for it. I also had it off, paired with a jacked QBA for the CPU. That's one too many variables to make a fair assessment. I do like to keep things consistent, so I will continue to turn it on, if for no other reason than that.
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