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Ranger's Casual Gamer Sim Sliders [CFM] (All-Pro)

The Casual Gamer Simulation Sliders
Total Franchise Sim Slider Set for Madden 20
Be the couch coach we all know you can.

[Intro] (You can skip this)
First off, just a little bit of back story on the creation of this slider set. I've been an avid fan of Madden for probably way too long now. I've also been watching NFL every Sunday religiously since before I could walk. And as a Chiefs fan, it's been a rough 25 years of Sundays. (Until now, fingers crossed Mahomes) But the point of it, is that no matter how bad my team was once I fired up the newest edition of Madden it was now my chance to turn the franchise around and bring home a very elusive Lombardi trophy. Madden has always been a must buy for me, even when it appeared an obvious roster update/re-label with an old hit stick mechanic re-introduced that was already in the series in past editions. Of course we had the old 2k series, but let's not dawn on the past. Even with Madden at the fore front of football video games, it seems they can't walk this fine line of simulation and arcade style gaming without some additional tweaks. Which honestly is fine, because at least we can give it some tweaks. Maybe not that of NBA 2k levels but still, we can get it to a good playable level. Now for the second problem that faces some of us in Madden, I personally have a wife and two children. Oh, and a full time job. I love football though as I said. So, I want to be able to get in a game or two a night but I want the most authentic NFL experience I can get. So, since I consider myself more of an offline simulation player I want the best experience I can get. I don't play very much online or MUT, it's just not my cup of tea. So compared to other hardcore 10 hour a day Madden gamers, I'm probably not nearly as good. So a slider set for that person may not be fun for me. Or vice versa. Enter the Casual Gamer Simulation Sliders. CGSS.

If you are a football fanatic but have one or more of these problems:
  • Family which requires attention too
  • Full-time job which expects you to show up
  • Play Madden and you're good but maybe not great (On competitive level)
  • Throw interceptions consistently, even though it's not your fault (I swear!)
  • Keep getting burned by 2nd/3rd string QB talent (F* you Teddy Bridgewater)
  • Winning games, but not filling empty void of playing a realistic NFL game
  • Keep finding yourself in unrealistic games and situations
  • Games feel slow, sloppy, or even robotic at times
  • Players and teams aren't playing like themselves or with any consistently
Then this slider set is for you! And even if you are very good at Madden, as long as you follow your own house rules and don't cheese the CPU you can still get realistic and competitive games. At the end of the day, you can use all the sliders in the world but it comes down to how you're playing the game. If you use cheap plays and throw 50 slant routes all game, you're not gonna get realistic numbers. So keep that in mind, simulation isn't just a slider set it's also a mindset.

[What Is This?]
This is a complete slider set for franchise modes. It comes with User/CPU sliders, recommended game play settings, and optional house rules. There is also an XP set to be included. I will continue to update and improve these sliders throughout the season and as more testing can be conducted. This is my first slider set so be easy on me, it's been good to me so far. I've always wanted the most realistic sliders, but always thought "that must take a lot of work and testing". Sure enough, it does but it's something I enjoy doing and hopefully you all can enjoy it as well.

[Skillz Slider]
I've included a 'Skillz Slider' for all the User/CPU sliders. What this means is there is a minimal and a maximum setting for each and every slider that can give the user a relief or a lock down on specific settings for custom play style. Some settings have wider options while others have limited flexibility due to wanting to keep the game playing as authentic and realistic as possible.

CGSS v1 (All-Pro)

Game Settings
Skill Level: All-Pro (All-Madden if preference)
Game Style: Simulation
Salary Cap: On
Superstar Abilities: On
Injury: On
Pre-Existing Injury: User Preference
Player Progression: Every 4 Weeks
Quarter Length: 10 Minutes (User Preference Recommended is 9-13 minutes)
Accelerated Play Clock: 25 seconds (User Preference Recommended 15 secs with 11+ minutes)
Season Experience: All Manual

Skillz Slider Legend:
Default Setting
Easier Setting
Harder Setting

User Slider Set
QB Accuracy: 50 [Skillz Slider: 40-55]
Pass Blocking: 50 [Skillz Slider: 45-56]
WR Catching: 50 [Skillz Slider: 47-53]
Run Blocking: 50 [Skillz Slider: 44-54]
Fumbles: 50 [Skillz Slider: 49-55]
Pass Defense Reaction: 62 [Skillz Slider: 57-66]
Interceptions: 40 [Skillz Slider: 35-45]
Pass Coverage: 50 [Skillz Slider: 47-56]
Tackling: 50 [Skillz Slider: 40-53]

[NOTES]: I've left a quite a few sliders for the User at the original out of the box setting just because I need to get in more testing with a wider variety of player types before making a decision. If your passing offense seems too easy, then scale down QB accuracy, and Pass Blocking. More updates will come soon.

CPU Slider Set
QB Accuracy: 25 [Skillz Slider: 25-40]
Pass Blocking: 48 [Skillz Slider: 45-55]
WR Catching: 48 [Skillz Slider: 47-52]
Run Blocking: 60 [Skillz Slider: 55-68]
Fumbles: 51 [Skillz Slider: 48-55]
Pass Defense Reaction: 59 [Skillz Slider: 57-66]
Interceptions: 35[Skillz Slider: 30-40]
Pass Coverage: 50 [Skillz Slider: 47-56]
Tackling: 50 [Skillz Slider: 40-53]

[NOTES]: In order to get the MOST out of these sliders for authenticity, you'll want to scale QB accuracy for CPU. Default 25 should be used for average to below average QB led teams. For 80+ overall QB opponent teams, you should use 30 QB accuracy, and if you're going up against Mahomes, Brady, Brees, or any other Super Star caliber QB then bump it up to 35 accuracy and good luck.

Special Teams Sliders
FG Power: 50
FG Accuracy: 47
Punt Power: 45
Punt Accuracy: 47
Kickoff Power: 49

Game Options
Injuries: 47 (Testing)
Fatigue: 53 (Testing)
Min Player Speed: 0 (Testing)

[NOTES]: I'm testing Min Player Speed in relation to pass coverage. It is known the 0 speed threshold makes gaps in the coverage, but it makes the game so much more explosive. With higher speed threshold it makes high speed, explosive players seem to lose their step. I'll be working on fixing pass coverage so we get best of both worlds.

Penalties Sliders
Offside: 65
False Start: 60
Holding: 60
Def Holding: 0
Deff Pass Interference: 78
Off Pass Interference: On
Kick Catch Interference: On
Illegal Block in Back: 55
Intentional Grounding: Off (Testing effects)
Roughing Passer: 50
Roughing Kicker: On
Running into Kicker: On

House Rules (Optional)
Divide play types based on your offense. (Don't throw 50 passes with a run heavy team)
Don't rush game play. (No repeat no huddles)
Don't cheese the CPU with cheap plays.
No more then 1 hot route per play unless it's blocking assignments.
No running identical plays in repetition.
No trading for 85+ overall players unless two 1st rounds + 80+ overall in return.
No trading for 1st round picks if over .500 season (8-8, exception: late 1st round picks 20th or higher)
No trading for multiple 1st round picks. (If you have one, you can trade for one more)
Play true to your team. (Style, play count, play calls, utilize X-Factors/Stars)
No unrealistic trades for franchise players, or stacking draft picks.
[XP Sliders]
The XP sliders are still in testing, and I'll have them released very shortly. The issue with sliders is that you need consistent draft classes for everything to come out evenly. So with that said I plan on constructing some custom draft classes based on real life prospects. I'll release XP sliders around time the first draft class is almost done.

The whole point of this set is for a realistic simulation of an NFL game in a reasonable amount of time. Enjoy this slider set and remember, the sliders can only help accomplish so much towards a realistic simulation experience. It comes down to you and your game style to dictate how it all turns out. Try these out, tweak them to your liking and let me know your feedback! If you've modified the sliders please say so when replying so we know what worked for you. If you throw bad passes, please don't blame the sliders for it. I tend to do it myself sometimes. For now I don't have these sliders uploaded but I will late tonight. More to come!
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Re: Ranger's Casual Gamer Sim Sliders [CFM] (All-Pro)

Bout to give dem a try for cpu vs cpu
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Re: Ranger's Casual Gamer Sim Sliders [CFM] (All-Pro)

Originally Posted by rogerdatt39
Bout to give dem a try for cpu vs cpu
Looking forward to your input! I've still got more testing to do and hopefully start fine tuning some things.
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Re: Ranger's Casual Gamer Sim Sliders [CFM] (All-Pro)

This write up is fantastic, well done! And couldn’t agree more about Teddy Bridgewater!

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Re: Ranger's Casual Gamer Sim Sliders [CFM] (All-Pro)

I've been making some tweaks to the sliders and I have been having so much fun with Madden this year! I played through all of season one as Kansas City. We went 13-3 and Mahomes retained his MVP status with a 5,040 yard, 52 TD campaign. We lost close ones to Baltimore, Green Bay, and one to the Chargers. All our loses were by 3 points or less. My favorite part of the experience was the variety in CPU QB abilities. With a low CPU QBA rating around 25 to 30, the robo QB problem is completely gone. Teams also seem to play like themselves. Baltimore ran all over us and then Lamar got hot. He was slinging passes and scrambling all over. Bad QBs generally play bad IF you can get a rush on them. But unique games are still possible outcomes. I'll post updated sliders later tonight. I've also been working on draft classes a little bit. I'll be testing with varieties of teams to ensure optimal slider settings but it's looking good.
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Re: Ranger's Casual Gamer Sim Sliders [CFM] (All-Pro)

I played a half in a Miami Dolphins franchise against the Atlanta Falcons with your defaults. The only thing I noticed is that Miami was getting too much penetration and was able to get, I believe, 6 sacks.

So some adjustment to the CPU pass Blocking will be needed, but a good set otherwise.
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