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Slider question

Maybe I am doing it wrong but we have noticed all-madden has gotten easier in the last 2 weeks. So we tried changing the sliders so for Human everything stays at default 50 but for the CPU we turn everything up to 75. That should make it harder correct? That is how sliders work correct? Any suggestions?

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Re: Slider question

Yes, it has gotten easier. I think they actually made sliders work, instead of adjusting things and nothing happens.

I made a slider set with this new realization, and have been LOVING this game. No physic DBs running routes before receivers, able to run double moves and nice concepts. Even had the running game so realistic where instant sheds werenít the only way the CPU could stop the run.

On defense the CPU was sustaining drives, mixing it up, and I was okay having them get 10+ play drives and nice sustaining drives.

It was beautiful.

Today Iím playing and everything is normal, mind you Iíve used these sliders for over a week and probably a dozen games. Iím playing, and everything is still the same, Iím literally bragging to a buddy in the party chat about how great my sliders are.

2 games later, and it happens. Idk how, idk why, but the MADDENING returns. With 3 straight games of Robo QB (QB making every perfect read instantly) every WR with hands of GAWD, and their DBS all perfectly mirroring my WRs. My DBS however dropping back infinitely covering no one.

So itís not back to being an ďuninstall candidateĒ

All that to say, if you revert it to your old all madden you should be fine, itís back to normal.

What sucks is ďnormalĒ is the reason I quit playing the game in the first place.

Good luck.
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