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Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

Armors Gameplay House Rules

1. On defense I utilize the defensive cam exclusively and also from time to time I will use the broadcast cam (because it looks so damn pretty!!). Playing from the defensive cam adds an incredible layer of realism, challenge and fun IMO. If you want a real challenge, play defense from this view. I am developing the sliders based on the exact style that I play so it is niche type thing in that regard. Use the values as a base and adjust them to your skill level and playing style.

I also never switch. This is another key component of how I develop my slider set. If I play as the MLB on a given play I stay as the MLB all the way through to the whistle is blown. What that does is put a focus on player ratings, player awareness and you depending on your teammates to make a play you are not involved in or away from. This also at times will strengthen the CPU and make it more of a challenge to play against them. I can tell you it is very hard playing defense this way and can lead to some ugly games if your defense is tired or having an off day. Timely sub packages like bringing in a fresh DL is a big feature of this set. If your defense has been on the field alot, pay attention to their fatigue levels and sub accordingly!!

2. Use your playbook - mix up your plays. Use the entire playbook. Don't go for it every time on 4th and 1 with a FB dive or QB sneak. In other words don't cheese the CPU. Keep it real. On offense I make it a point to really dig deep and use every play at my disposal and limit my audibles. On defense I call all my own plays. If the CPU comes out in a 2 WR set but has a stretch TE like Gronk....by all means use the nickel so you can cover that TE. Defensive hot routes...I use whatever my heart desires.

3. When on defense I will user pick, swat and strip of course. I will use pass rush moves on the DL and with my OLB's. I will use my full arsenal and stick skills on the player I control without switching.

4. On offense I will control who ever has the ball. I will use moves, jukes etc. What I will not do however is take control of a potential receiver of the football. I do not user catch at all. I let the ratings determine the catch type always. Once the ball is caught I will take control of the ball carrier and do my thing.

5. I play with all visual aides turned off. The cleanest screen possible is what I employ for the best possible broadcast presentation and also challenge.

6. Absolutely use coaching adjustments. It's fun and the risk reward is also great to see play out.

That's basically it as far as approach and playing style. I truly look forward to providing a great base set of sliders at the "All-Pro level for you to play with. Please use it as a starting point to tweak to your hearts content. Everyone has different skill levels and there is no "one size fits all" slider set. People all play the game slightly differently or may have varying levels of skills and stick skills. So don’t think you can’t tweak values to find your sweet spot. Just use this as a guideline base set and if it works for you with the OP values......awesome. If not simply move a certain value up or down 1-2 clicks to start.

Armors Franchise House Rules


Version 6.0 (11/28/20) All-Pro Post Patch 1.19

Main Menu Settings[/center]

Everything in the Main Menu is set to exactly the way it comes out of the box


Heat Seeker - Off

Ball Hawk - Off

Auto Strafe- Off

Defense Auto Flip - On

Penalties all set to 99 and set to "on" except:
Illegal Block In The Back - 50
Roughing The Passer - 50
(previously main menu penalties were all default)

Visual Settings

Play Call Style - Slim

Play Call Button Layout - Square, Cross, Triangle

Previous Play Information - Off

On Field Visual Feedback - Off

Drive Goals & XP Feedback - Off

Franchise Bottom Line Ticker - Scores Only

Franchise Gameplan Boost Notification - Off

Coaching Tips - Off

Pre-Snap Menu - On

Player Names - Pre-snap only

Camera Toggle - On

Passing Cam - On

Offensive Camera Settings - Zoom (it is freaking awesome)

Defensive Camera - Defensive Perspective

Enlarge On Field Graphics - Off

Color Blindness - Normal Vision

Brightness - Default

Contrast - Default

All gameplay, auto subs, and penalty sliders in the Main Menu are default!!

Set the following within your CFM Menus

League Settings

Quarter Length - 15 minutes

Accelerated Clock - On (20 seconds)

Skill Level - All-Pro

League Type - All

Instant Starer - Off

Trade Deadline - On

Trade Type - Enable All

Coach Firing - On

Salary Cap - On

Relocation Settings - Everyone Can Relocate

Injury - On

Pre Existing Injury - Off

Practice Squad Stealing - On

Fill Roster - Off

Re-Sign Players - Off

Progress Players - Off

Sign Off-Season Free Agents - Off

Tutorial Pop-Ups - Off

Human Sliders

QB Accuracy - 45

Pass Blocking - 50

WR Catching - 50

Run Blocking - 40 (-6)

Fumbles - 48

Pass Defense Reaction Time - 35 (-15)

Interceptions - 25 (-10)

Pass Coverage - 50

Tackling - 48

CPU Sliders

QB Accuracy - 45

Pass Blocking - 60 (+8)

WR Catching - 50

Run Blocking - 60 (+10)

Fumbles - 48

Pass Defense Reaction Time - 35 (-15)

Interceptions - 25 (-10)

Pass Coverage - 50

Tackling - 48

Injuries - 39

Fatigue - 50 (-2)

Player Speed Parity Scale - 54 (-5)

FG Power - 70 (+20)

FG Accuracy - 40 (-5)

Punt Power - 55 (+5)

Punt Accuracy - 45

Kickoff Power - 52 (+2)


Offside - 60

False Start - 60

Holding - 60

Facemask - 51

Defensive Pass Interference - 70 (+5)

Illegal Block In The Back - 51

Roughing The Passer - 50

All other penalties are toggled “On”

Auto Subs - Default

Armor’s XP and New Dev Trait Management

XP Sliders

QB - 100
HB - 107
TE - 103
WR -103
FB - 102
T - 108
G - 108
C - 108

DE - 103
DT - 105
MLB 100
OLB 100
CB - 101
FS - 104
SS - 104

K - 95
P - 95

Dev Trait Management

Breakout Scenarios - On
Development Trait Regressions - On
Desired X-Factor Dev Players - 50 (only 3% of the league)
Desired Superstar Dev Players - 75 (only 4.4% of the league)
Desired Star Dev Players - 339 (only 20% of the league)

Schnnaidt’s QB Edits

Folks Schnnaidt made a great QB edit suggestion and I tested it out.

It works magic folks. And here is the great part. Crappy QB's are still crappy, great ones still great. So you are not making them all play alike....not in the least bit.

What you are doing is making them avoid that awful drop back bug EA introduced (so typical) at some point along the zillion and one patches they have released.

This really cures it in combination with you mixing it up as far as who you user on defense.

So here is the deal. I edited eery single QB in the league using this method:

Really easy.....works fantastic and I highly suggest you all do this NOW!!!!!
I edited every single QB in the league.

I only change the archetype if they are a pocket passer and I edit that to balanced (or in a rare case to a scrambler).

The keys edits are as follows:


Carry 90-99 (some guys I go to 90 who I know are not typical runners, ones who have a history of leaving the pocket I take to 99)

BC Vision - 99 - this kept them from bumbling and running into their lineman when trying to escape the pocket.

Sense Pressure - Average
Force Passes - Ideal
QB Style - Pocket passer to Balanced (leave scramblers alone and if you want to make a guy who is balanced but really scrambles more like Josh Allen change them from balanced to scramblers). Josh Allen is a one of the few I felt I wanted to change to a scrambler vs a balanced. He does use his feet a lot.

About this thread

Please use this thread as a nest from the general forum. What does that mean?

1. We are not a bugs and glitches thread. If you are encountering any kind of bugs or glitches, please post those concerns in the bugs and glitches thread not here. I will ignore those posts.

2. This is not a complaint thread. If you want to bitch and moan about the game, head to the general forum and post your negative energy in the impressions thread if you must. I accept Madden for what it is the moment I purchase it. Do I want improvements? Do I want a stable game? Of course. But this thread is for us to discuss the fun times we are having, discuss ways we can improve the franchise and gameplay experience through slider tweaking. I cannot fix the game for you if your looking for perfection look elsewhere.

3. If you want your post to be replied to, be specific. Give me real details. Also are you playing and approaching the game the way I do? Keep in mind my house rules and the fact I play true no switch on defense and no user catching on offense. It is a huge factor in how I tweak and tune sliders to fit “my” play style. I stream often. I highly encourage you to join the chat on my streams to really get some insight to how I play and I how go about things. Visual proof is always good to see when I talk about what is going well and what I need to tune. I love interacting with people. But keep it mature. If you cannot....please go some where else. Please do not clutter the thread with “I cannot stop the run”, “These are too easy”, “The CPU can’t run the ball”, blah blah blah blah. It will be ignored and all that does is waste our time.

4. Use the set as a base. There is no universal slider set. There is no one size fits all.

5. Patches - I always test each patch as they come out in my test CFM and I ask everyone to allow me time to make any needed slider adjustments as I deem necessary....or not.

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Re: Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

A Dolphins Tale Madden 21 Edition

Year 2 News Blog

Year 2 Off-Season and Draft

The Miami Dolphins limped to a miserable 4-12 finish in Year 1. Rookie QB Tua Tagovolia had a very difficult rookie campaign finishing with 15 TD’s against 32 INT’s. Hardly franchise QB like. However let’s remember Peyton manning threw 28 picks in his rookie season and we know how his career turned out. There was speculation that Head Coach was going to be fired. However he has been given another year to try and bring this team back to the post season. GM and Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Michael Sword had this to say:

“We fully believe in the culture Brian has developed here. I need to do a better job of providing the talent that is needed to help and support Brian’s goal of winning a Super Bowl. We are excited about the upcoming draft and feel we can make an impact on that goal. I expect to have at least a 4-5 game improvement over this past season. I think keeping realistic goals is important. 8 wins would be ok.....a post season appearance would be very good”.

Free agency was very quiet this off-season for the Dolphins, Michael Sword however did make one big signing. RB Tarik Cohen inked a 4 year deal for a little over 3MM per season. “We are excited to have Tarik part of the Dolphin family and know he is going to have a big impact on our football team”. Head Coach Brian Flores was very adamant in adding a dynamic play maker out of the back field who had the ability to score from anywhere on the field and also help in the special teams department. The Matt Brieda Experiment did not live up to the Dolphins hopes. They allowed him to leave via free agency and he signed a deal higher than what the Fins singed Cohen for with the Bengals (4 years 16 Million total).

There were some bright spots in a season of failure. WR Chester Rogers ended the season as the Dolphins leading receiver hauling on over 80 passes and over 1000 yards. He also scored 7 TD’s.

Starting RB Jordan Howard not only rushed for over 1250 yards and scored 10 TD’s....he won the AFC award for best RB. Howard really gridded for the Fins all year and did everything he could to help this team. Despite that the Dolphins have their eye on a few RB’s in the upcoming draft as they look to the future and also want to lighten the load for Howard who is coming into is age 27 season.

The Dolphins are also heavily looking at improving the secondary in terms of FS and SS and are also looking along the DL and LB. OL is also being looked at (Center, and Guard as well as RT). It will be interesting to see how this draft class turns out.

Brian Flores gets another season to produce as Head Coach

2021 Year 2 NFL Draft

GM Michael Sword Add’s Muscle To An Already Promising Foundation For Coach Flores

The Miami Dolphins had a laundry list of needs heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. Coming off a highly disappointing season (4-12), a struggling rookie QB, OL issues at the tackle position, two CB turned safeties experiment that failed miserably, GM Michael Sword had his hands full. Let’s take a look at how things turned out.

Round 1 Pick 6 - Aaron Reynolds - SS - Notre Dame - Reynolds became only the 3rd true full-time defensive player to ever win the Heisman Trophy. Reynolds was a dominant head hunter for the Fighting Irish. A devastating tackler with great acceleration and a nose for the ball, Sword did not hesitate to take him 6th overall and add what looks to be like a 10 year lynch pin in the secondary. Reynolds has incredible intangibles and has captain written all over him.

Round 1 Pick 27 - Shelton Widmer - FS - Georgia - Much like the early 90’s Dolphins when they had the “B-2” bombers out of The University Florida in Jarvis Williams (SS) and Louis Oliver (FS) Sword saw a chance to add a starter ready FS to pair with his Heisman prize. Shelton Widmer out Georgia was sitting there and the Dolphins pulled the trigger. Widmer is a sound tackler, excellent in zone coverage and also has a high football IQ. Sword feels like he has solved the long term saftey issues that have plagued this team for years.

Round 2 Pick 6 - Dillon Arnold - RE - Clemson - Arnold was a fierce competitor in the ACC for the Tigers. He led the team in sacks the last 3 years and was thought to have a first round grade. However some off the field issues plagued his draft stock and he fell into the second round and right into the Dolphins hands. The Dolphins expect Arnold to compete for a starting position right out of the gate and the upside is strong. “We interviewed Dillon extensively and thought he had a top 10 grade. We know there were some off the field transgressions that were haunting him and we know he is past that and will be a fine addition to our football team” Coach FLories said after his selection.

Round 3 Pick 6 - Sean Hawkins - HB - Alabama - Jordan Howard just came off a career year for the Dolphins (1250 yards rushing 10 TD’s) and Michael Sword went out and landed Tarik Cohen as a FA inking the ultra fast scat back to a 4 year deal. So why Hawkins? “Sean is a gifted back, big strong, elusive, soft hands, he has all the components of becoming a star in this league. We never want to pass on talent like this and we can see Sean carving out a role in his rookie year and then emerging for us in the future as our lead back”. Thats a clear indication that Howard is not in the future plans in terms of a contract extension once his deal runs out after this season. Keep your eye on Sean Hawkins. He had a fantastic senior year for the Crimson Tide leading the SEC in rushing and piling up over 2000 yards in total offense along with 14 TD’s. He was the SEC RB of the year and first team All-SEC RB.

Round 4 - Pick 6 - Wyatt Page - C - Iowa - Many draft pundits screamed reach with this pick. And while it is true Page could have been had in the 6th or maybe even 7th round, GM Michael Sword pulled th trigger in round 4 on what he called “The smartest Center I have ever been around as a rookie”. Page’s combine was off the charts in the Center position and he was clearly the best one in the draft. The Dolphins have been searching for a long term answer at center and Sword thinks they hit on Page. He was a first team Big Ten Center and won the Rimington award in 2020.

Round 5 - Pick 6 - Dion Jordan - WR - Miami - Dion Jordan was a lights out WR for the U down in Miami. It was incredible that his stock dropped so much during the draft as rumors of heavy drug use and domestic violence were going viral over the internet on twitter and instagram. However all of it was false as a major hack breached his social media accounts and used doctored photo’s. It seems someone was out to get Dion. And to the benefit of the Dolphins he was available in the 5th round. Dion will be an instant contributor on special teams and out of the slot. Jordan has outstanding speed, excellent hands and runs crisp routes for a rookie. The Dolphins took a kid out of their own back yard knowing he never had issues off the field. They remained silent as his stock kept falling. “I am so grateful to the Miami Dolphins for selecting me. Unfortunately there was some things being said about me, rumors spreading, someone was out to get me and they somewhat succeeded in kicking me out of the first couple of rounds....hell all the way down to the 5th round...but that’s ok. I am going to prove to the Dolphins that they made a great pick. I am here to work hard, learn and thrive. I can’t wait to get to practice with Tua and start showing my teammates I can help us win games”.

Round 6 - Pick 14 - Kenny Chambers - MLB - Pittsburgh - Chambers had a strong career for the Pitt Panthers leading the team in tackles all 4 years of his tenure (started as a Freshman). He is somewhat undersized, but the Dolphins loved his IQ and how he was always around the ball. Kenny will be a project and may be a strong candidate for the practice squad in his rookie campaign.

Year 2 Off-Season Report

Coach Firings/Hirings/Retirements

Raiders - Fire Jon Gruden/Hire Dan Quinn 3 YR Contract

Seahawks HC Pete Carrol Retires/Hore Mike Zimmer 3 YR Conract

Falcons - Fire Dan Quinn/Hire Job Gruden 3 YR Contract

Jaguars - Fire Doug Marrone/Hire Demetrius Turner 3 YR Contract

Vikings - Fire Mike Zimmer/Hire Victor Knox 3 YR Contract

Notable Retirements:

WR Larry Fitzgerald
CB Aqib Talib
TE Greg Olsen
TE Mercedes Lewis
LOLB Cameron Wake
RG Jason Peters
WR Desean Jackson
CB Brandon Carr
LOLB Sean Lee
WR Julian Edelman
CB Jonathan Joseph
TE Delanie Walker
QB Alex Smith
LT Andrew Whitworth
TE Jason Witten
LG Richie Incognito
WR Danny Amendola
HB Frank Gore
QB Matt Schaub
LT Donald Penn
LE Terrell Suggs
K Adam Vinatieri
HB Adrian Peterson
K Mike Nugent

Notable Releases to become UFA:

Texans - HB David Johnson, CB Bradley Roby,
Saints - HB Lataviius Murray
Washington - RB Peyton Barber
Raiders - CB Prince Amukamara, QB Marcus Mariota, HB Jalen Richard
Jets - SS Reshad Jones
Jaguars - CB D.J. Hayden
49ers - K Robbie Gould
Chiefs - LE Alex Okafor
Cardinals - RE Jordan Phillips
Bucs - LOLB Jason Pierre-Paul
Bengals - HB Giovani Bernard, LE Carlos Dunlap

Notables Signed in Free Agency 2021

LT Ronnie Stanley - Cardinals - 69.5M/4 years
LT Trent Williams - Washington - 33.7M/2 years
RB Alvin Kamara - Washington - 49.2M/5 years
RB Kareem Hunt - Seattle - 35.5M/5 years
CB Desmond King - Bengals - 44.9M/3 years
FS Marcus Williams - Jaguars - 54.4M/5 years
RB Phillip Lindsay - Jets - 29.3M/4 years
SS Keanu Neal - Ravens - 35.4M/5 years
CB Chidobe Awuzie - Panthers - 37.3M/3 years
DT Sheldon Rankins - 18.4M/2 years
RB Devonte Freeman - Rams - 20.9M/4 years
QB Jameis Winston - Raiders - 57.8M/3 years
QB Mitchell Trubisky - Colts - 46.6M/3 years
RB Matt Brieda - Bengals - 12.4M/3 years
RB Talk Cohen - Dolphins - 12.3M/3 years
WR Devin Funchess - Patriots - 27.3M/3 years
WR Demarcus Robinson - Chargers - 20.8M/3 years
TE Jordan Reed - Washington - 20.2M/3 years
TE Gerald Everett - Jaguars - 25.1M/4 years
C Mike Pouncy - Giants - 6.44M/1 Year
LE Carlos Dunlap - Panthers 9.81M/1 year
LE Carl Nassib - Broncos - 16M/2 years
LE Alex Okafor - Colts - 7.3M/1 year
ROLB Bud Dupree - Seahawks - 54.1M/4 years
ROLB Jordan Jenkins - Panthers - 21.6M/3 years
SS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - Texans - 15.3M/3 years

Dolphins Final Cuts:

Practice Squad:

RB - Patrick Laird
RB - Myles Gaskin
WR - Quez Watkins
WR - Jeff Thomas
WR - Malcom Perry
DT - Benito Jones
ROLB - Andrew Van Ginkel
ROLB - Malik Reed
CB - Ken Webster
CB - Nate Brooks

MLB Kenny Chambers (2021 6th Round Pick) was signed off the Dolphins Practice Squad by The Texans

The Dolphins then signed WR Jeff Thomas (University of Miami) whom the Patriots released. “We are very shocked Kenny was signed away like that. We took chance....we felt he really needed some time to develop. Apparently the Patriots felt he was ready for the big time. We wish Kenny all the best” GM Michael Sword.

Cole Beasley Released by the Bills - Veteran WR Cole Beasley was a surprise release from the Buffalo Bills.

HB Justin Jackson and Malcom Brown cut from the Chargers


WR - Gary Jennings
LOLB James Crawford
DT Brandin Bryant

The Dolphins will host the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 1 of the 2021 Season. What makes this game interesting is the two rookie RB’s for the Dolphins and Raiders.

RB David Kinney was a major target for GM Michael Sword. The Dolphins were enamored with Kinney out of Georgia Tech. At 6’0’’ and 228 pounds he posses top flight speed, acceleration, change of direction. fast, strong and soft hands, the Dolphins were going to pull the trigger on him in round 3. That was until the Raiders went and snaked him. The Dolphins picked right after the Raiders and never saw it coming. With Josh Jacobs already in the stable and 23 years young Sword simply never believed the Raiders would that. But Dan Quinn wanted Kinney. So the Dolphins went to plan B and drafted Josh Jacobs former teammate at Alabama in RB Sean Hawkins in Round 4. Hawkins is also a big strong back with good speed and hands, but not the same top end speed Kinney posses (nor the most likely star or super star hidden dev trait). GM Michael Sword has a lot of confidence though that Hakwins can be a future workhorse for the Dolphins as Jordan Howard is in the last year of his 2 year deal. It is not expected the Dolphins will rising Howard even if he has another lights out season like in 2020 (1250 yards 10 TD’s in 2020).

Keep your eye on these two RB’s who will be forever linked to the 2021 draft for the Dolphins and Raiders.

Year 2 Week 1 vs The Raiders

Dolphins win a thriller on last second FG To Upend Raiders 20-17, Battle Of The Rookie RB’s Ho Hum

The Miami Dolphins came into week one excited and ready to turnaround a disastrous 4-12 2020 finish. All week at practice there was talk of Tua looking very sharp and rookie RB Sean Hawkins showing the Fins that they did not miss out by seeing the other rookie RB David Kinney (3rd round choice for the Raiders out of Ga Tech) slip through their fingers to the Raiders. Kinney is a very high level RB prospect for the Raiders who already have superstar 3rd year RB Josh Jacobs in the fold. So it was very surprising when the Raiders snaked Kinney away from the Dolphins who had him lined up to be their 3rd round selection. So GM Michael Sword drafted Sean Hawkins out of Alabama who was also very high on their list. Hawkins certainly outplayed Kinney on this day as he finished with 45 yards rushing....however he was benched in the 4th quarter as he fumbled in a critical red zone series. David Kinney meanwhile struggled only managing 12 yards on 9 carries. The Dolphins swelled him up all day along with Josh Jacobs who only managed 24 yards on 8 carries. However jacobs would score 2 TD’s.

Tua was able to have a strong season opener finishing with a 107.7 QB rating. he threw for 250 yards 2TD and 1 INT.

Devante Parker led the Fins with 6 receptions for 88 yards and a TD.

The Dolphins had a fantastic drive to put Jason Sanders in position to win it with time expiring.

The Dolphins take on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in Week 2

Year 2 Week 2 vs The Buccaneers

Dolphins and Tua Roll to 32-17 rout of Bucs.

2nd year QB Tua Tagovailoa is rolling early in the season. He tossed 2 more TD’s (1 int) to lead the Fins to a big home rout of the Bucs. Tom Brady finished with 335 yards and a TD as well as a pick 6 from Byron Jones. RB Jordan Howard had a nice game racking up 67 yards and a TD. WR Chester Rogers hauled in 6 receptions for 102 yards and new 3rd down back Tark Cohen made his presence felt hauling in 6 for 75 yards. But the real story today was former practice squad WR Braxton Berrios having a career day as a pro. He caught 4 for 73 yards including a big 24 yard TD reception. Berrios received extended playing time as Devante Parker again tore his labrum (also in Year 1 same injury) and will miss the next 5 weeks.

The defense was strong vs Brady and held him in check except for one lapse on a 49 yard TD strike to Chris H Godwin.

The Fins travel to Pittsburgh in week 3 to face the tough 2-0 Steelers and that ferocious defense. This should be a great test for Tua and to see how much he has progressed in his second season.

Year 2 Week 3 At Pittsburgh

Dolphins Roll To 37-25 Win Over Big Ben And The Steelers

The Miami Dolphins defense had a "Sack Lunch” party vs the Steelers. They managed to take down Big Ben 5 times en route to a big road win in Pittsburgh. Kyle Van Not and Emmanuel Ogbah collected 2 sacks each and DT Davon Godchaux had 1. Dolphins middle LB’s Jerome Baker and Raekwon McMillian continue to rack up tackles and Xavien Howard and Byron Jones are finally looking like the high priced CB’s they are. Jones collected 2 more picks this week.

The real story on Offense is the continued development of 2nd year QB Tua Tagovailoa as he tossed 3 more TD passes (Rogers, Williams and Berrios). Rookie RB Sean Hawkins asserted himself and is earning more playing time after he had a 60 yard TD jaunt that was pure beast mode. He would finish with 88 yards on only 8 carries and a TD. Jordan Howard continues to shine collecting 124 yards on 15 carries and a TD. Talk Cohen led all receivers with 5 receptions for 67 yards. However Tua is spreading the ball around with 7 different Dolphins catching balls.

“Tua is really coming along in year 2 and we are really pleased with his reads and decisions this year. It isa huge reason we are off to this great 3-0 start”.

The Dolphins come home to face a very stout Jet’s (1-2) defense. Then it is off on the road for three straight games (@ Falcons, @ Panthers, @ Patriots) and then a well deserved bye week.

Current injuries for the Fins:

WR Jakeem Grant Hip 1 week
LE E.Ogbah Torn Labrum 3 weeks
LT A Jackson Abdominal Tear 1 week

Byron Jones Taking It Away From Ju-Ju!

Rookie RB Sean Hawkins Beat Mode 60 Yard TD Jaunt

Year 2 Week 4 vs The Jets

Dolphins Race Out To 4-0 Start As They Trounce The Jets 36-16

Tua Tagovailoa tossed 3 TD’s en route to a big home over the NY Jets, propelling th Dolphins to a 4-0 start to their 2021 season. Jordan Howard led the team in rushing with 108 yards on just 14 carries and rookie RB Sean Hawkins chipped in 43 yards on 10 carries. WR Carlos Rogers led the receiving corps with 5/72 and a TD. Preston William had 4/64 with a TD and TE Mike Gesicki chipped in 5/50 and TD. WR Devante Parker had 2/20 before leaving the game with a strained Labrum. It was the same shoulder he tore last season. This is considered a mild strain and he will mis 1-2 weeks. Rookie RE Dillon Arnold also left with an injury that will keep him out a couple of weeks as well. Jerome Baker had a pick 6 and Byron Jones also added another pick as the defense just walloped Darnold and the Jets from the outset.

“We are in a good place as a team and focused on making a post season run, but we need to stay on track” QB Tua said in the post game presser.

The Dolphins head on the road for 3 straight games vs the Falcons, Panthers and Patriots.

Year 2 Week 5 at The Falcons

Dolphins Fall On The Road To The Falcons, Suffer First Loss Of The Season 27-13

Nothing went right for Tua and the Dolphins as they left Mercedes Field 27-13 losers.TUa would have is worst game of the season thus far tossing two picks against no TD’s and passing for just 198 yards and a 62% completion percentage. The Rushing game also was a no show. as Dolphins RB's combined for 18 carries and 75 yards. Most of he yards came in the last quarter when the Fins were far behind. Devnate Parker who was expected to miss the game suited up and added 9 receptions for 100 yards as the lone bright spot on the offense. Matt Ryan was sharp going 33/44 for 315 yards and a TD. RB Todd Gurely added 73 yards rushing and 48 yards receiving. Hayden Hurst had 8.81 and a TD, Rookie WR Jahzir Peete 7/76, Calvin Ridley 6/64 and Julio Jones 5/46. It was a dominate day for the Falcons Defense as they stifled Tua with picks to turn away some drives. Miami never got into any rhythm and simply could not get off the field on defense on 3rd downs.

“Tough loss today. But we will look at the film and make adjustments. We have another 2 on the road so we need to get back on track” Coach Flores

Year 2 Week 6 at The Panthers

Dolphins Lose Heartbreaker 26-23 At The Panthers

Tua Tagovailoa had a great game except for one critical fumble that prevented the Dolphins from coming from behind to win on the road. It came with just over 3 minutes left as he scrambled for a first down but failed to slide and was hit hard. The ball flew out like a watermelon seed and so did the game with it. Teddy Bridgewater was brilliant going 25/36 for 352 yards and 2 TD. The Fins managed to keep C.Mac in check holding him to 76 yards rushing and 26 yards receiving and out of the end zone. But WR D.J.MOrre tore up the secondary for 7/128 and 2 TD’s including a 60 yard strike. down the sideline on a busted coverage. The Panthers racked up 5 sacks as well and forced the critical fumble (MLB Joel Iyiegbuniwe) and it was recovered by CB DJ Hayden.

Mike Gesicki (7/85) Chester Rodgers (7/64/TD) Preston Williams (6/57) and Tarik Cohen (7/40) led the way in receiving and Devante Parker also chipped in (3/39 TD). The running game again was taken over by rookie Sean Hawkins on this day. He had 74 yards on 15 carries as starter Jordan Howard never got going (7/7).

“We just came up a play or two short today on offense and on defense DJ just was everywhere and we simply had no answer for him”. We focused on C.Mac and Moore really stepped up for them” That is competition and sports. We just need to regroup here as we head to New England for a big divisional game. We gotta have that one” - Coach Flores

Year 2 Contract Extension News

GM Michael Sword is pleased to annoucethe following players have been extended:

RB Jordan Howard - 3YR/12.3M
TE Mike Gesiki - 4YR/30MM
WR Preston Williams - 3YR/25MM
K Jason Sanders - 1YR/880K

Other notable extensions around the league:

RE James Daniels - 2YR/20MM
LT Charles Leno Jr - 3YR/40MM
LE Akiem Hicks - 2YR/29MM
MLB Roquan Smith - 5YR/56MM

WR Auden tate - 3YR/17.5MM
FS Jessie Bates III - 5YR/27MM

QB Josh Allen - 4YR/84.2MM
CB Taron Johnson - 4YR/24MM
MLB remains Edmunds - 3YR/29MM
FS Micah Hyde - 4YR/30MM
CB Tre’Davious White - 3YR/51MM

ROLB Bradley Chubb - 6YR/104MM
RB Melvin Gordon - 4YR/21MM
WR Cortland Sutton - 4YR/57.3MM

QB Baker Mayfield - 5YR/139MM
CB Denzil Ward - 5YR/64MM
RB Nick Chubb - 5YR/47MM

CB Carlton Davis III - 5YR/28.3MM
TE OJ Howard - 4YR/27MM
C Ryan Jensen - 2YR/18MM
QB Tom Brady - 1YR/34.3MM
DT Vita Vea - 3YR/45.5MM

LOLB Chandler Jones - 3YR/68.8MM
WR Chrisitan Kirk - 4YR/47MM

RG Trai Turner - 3YR/32MM
WR Mike Williams - 4YR/50MM
SS Derwin James Jr - 5YR/57MM

TE Travis Kelce - 4YR/44.3MM
RT Mitchell Schwartz - 2YR/33MM
SS Tyrann Mathieu - 5YR/70MM

LG Quenton Nelson - 3YR/44MM
LOLB Darius Leonard - 5YR/84.3MM

CB Avonte Maddox - 4YR/27.4MM
WR Alshon Jeffery - 2YR/16.5MM
TE Zach Ertz - 4YR/37MM

SS Ricardo Allen - 4YR/24MM
ROLB Foyesade Oluokun - 4YR/26.3MM
WR Calvin Ridley - 4YR/51MM

RB Raheem Mostert - 4YR/24.3MM
RT Mike Mcglinchey - 3YR/34.7MM
MLB Fred Warner - 5YR/63.2MM

SS Jabrill Peppers - 5YR/35MM
RB Saquon Barkley - 5YR/50MM
TE Evan Engram - 4YR/38MM

QB Sam Darnold - 4YR/66.6MM
WR Jamison Crowder - 3YR/28.6MM

RB Kerryon Johnson - 5YR/27.5MM
C Frank Ragnow - 2YR/20MM
LE DA’Shawn Hand - 2YR.20MM

WR Davante Adams - 4YR/84.2MM
CB Jaire Alexander - 5YR/89.5MM

CB Donte Jackson - 4YR/36.4MM
WR Robby Anderson - 4YR/53.7MM
WR DJ Moore - 4YR/65MM

LT Isaiah Wynn - 3YR/41.6MM
RB Sony Michel - 3YR/14MM
CB Stephon Gilmore - 1YR/19MM

WR Robert Woods - 4YR/51.2MM

QB Lamar Jackson - 6YR/224MM
TE Mark Andrews - 4YR/35.3MM
RE Orando Brown - 2YR/19.6MM
RE Calais Campbell - 1YR/19.7MM
CB Marlon Humphrey - 4YR/64MM

DT Jonathan Allen - 2YR/19MM
DT DA’Ron Payne - 2YR/19MM

CB Marshon Lattimore - 4YR/51MM
RT Ryan Ramczyk - 3YR/46.3MM
LT Terron Armstead - 3YR/55MM

WR TYler Lockett - 4YR/57MM
SS Jamal Adams - 5YR/63.5MM

WR James Washington - 3YR/21MM
TE Eric Ebron - 4YR/28MM
LOLB TJ Watt - 5YR/93.2MM
FS Minkah Fitzpatrick - 5YR/61.6MM

QB Deshaun Watson - 6YR/220MM
ROLB - Duke Ejiofor - 4YR/20MM
TE Dallas Goedert - 4YR/27MM
FS Justn Reid - 5YR/35MM
LE JJ Watt - 2YR/50MM

CB Adoree’ Jackson - 4YR/45.2MM
ROLB Harold Landry III - 6YR/96MM

Year 2 Week 7 at The Patriots

Dolphins Come Up Short Lose 27-20 As Tua Has Critical Turnover In Loss

The Miami Dolphins looking to snap a 2 game slide on the road came up short at Gillette Stadium 27-20. 2nd year QB Tua Tagovalioa threw two critical interceptions that could not be overcome. They came in the second half ending two great drives that could have been the difference in the game but result in a 14 point swing in favor of the Patriots. Tua would finish 24/41 295 and 2/2 but it was not enough. Jordan Howard rumbled for 89 yards and Rookie Sean Hawkins chipped in 46 yards on 9 carries as he continues to impress each week as well. WR Devante Parker was dominant and owned Stephen Gilmore on this day 6/98 and 2 TD’s with a long of 49 on an amazing jump ball catch ripping it from Gilmore. Preston Williams is starting to round into form as well as he added 6/58

Defensive back Devin McCourty was all over the field including a critical pick 6 he took 99 yards to the house as the Dolphins were at the Patriots 1 in the 4th quarter set to take the lead. That was the nail in the coffin for Tua and his Fins.

QB Cam Newton was efficient and sharp. 16/19 for 205 yards and 2TD also adding 6 carries for 30 yards to keep drives alive. Sony Michel ran for 68 yards on 18 carries. WR David Moore led all Patriots WR’s with 4/74 yards. 2nd year TE Devin Asiasi hauled in 4/36 including one of Cam’s TD’s.

The Dolphins head home to try and bounce back from this 3 game slide and sit at 4-3 now in th AFC East.

Year 2 Week 9 (bye on week 8) vs Colts

Thrilling Defensive Battle As Dolphins Prevail 16-13 Over Colts

The Dolphins defense has been showing signs.....little signs but signs. This week it came full circle as they held the Colts to 13 points and were able to prevail 16-13. QB Mitchell Trubisky was running around for his life as the Dolphins pass rush was relentless and the run defense stout. Trubisky did finish 24/31 but for only 191 yards as he could not get enough time to push the ball downfield as the Dolphins DL was constantly harassing him. He also had to scramble and finished with 38 yards on the ground. Marlon Mack who is having a tremendous 2021 was held in check for 42 yards on 10 carries. Jonathan Taylor only managed 19 yards on 7 carries.

For the Dolphins Devante Parker again led the way with 5/57 and a TD. RB Tarik Cohen also had 4/57 and Preston Williams added 6/55. TE Mike Gesicki dropped all 3 of his targets. He was frustrated all day. Chester Rogers had another quiet afternoon with only 1/10. Jordan Howard again led all rushers with 23/80 as the game script dictated for him to carry the load. Sean Hawkins only had 3 touches for 20 yards.

Tua was quite throwing for 204 yards and a TD but he also threw another pick. A concerning trend that is getting the attention of Head Coach Brian Flores.

“Tua needs to do a better job of making his reads. Right now he is playing a little too fast. We need to get him into the film room this week and slow things down for him. He has so much potential to be a star, he just needs to get more intense with his film study”.

The Dolphins improved to 5-3 and head to Nashville to take on a 5-3 Titans team in the Music City.

Year 2 Week 10 at The Titans

Marcus Marriota Sparks Dolphins To 38-17 Triumph OVer His Former Team As He Comes In For Struggling Tua In Second Half

Marcus Marriota was a failure in Tennessee. He was drafted with the thoughts of promise and being the Titans QB of the future. Ryan Tannehill was taken by the Dolphins with that same promise. But their roads would intersect on this wild Sunday.

In the first half the Dolphins were gridlocked in a defensive battle. With only a Dolphins lead of 3-0 heading into halftime it seemed that the Dolphins defense was in complete control and it would be a matter of time before Tua found his footing and would lead the offense to some more points. Oh no.....not on this Sunday. Tua would throw two straight pick 6’s. After his second one led to a 14-3 Titans lead Coach Brian Flores who rarely shows a lot of emotion was seen throwing his headset into the gatorade coolers. Tua was visibly upset and frustrated. The move was made and Marcus Mariotta entered the game with the Dolphins trailing 17-3 three minutes into the 3rd quarter after the 2 flash pick 6’s. He would then lead the Dolphins to 21 unanswered points with pin point passes that would remind you of the Marino years. 5 pass attempts is all Mariota made in that third quarter and 2 of them were gorgeous TD passes to Preston Williams who had a monster game 8/141 2TD. But then Marriotta went down with a strained hamstring on a scramble. Injuries have plagued him throughout his career.....so Tua came back in and he did a better job. He led the team to another 7 points on offense and the day was capped off by a pick 6 from CB Xavien Howard.

It was a glorious turnaround but left a lot of questions....including the big one for Coach Flores.

Coach is Marriotta your new starter? - “We need to evaluate Marcus’s injury before any decisions are made. I thought Tua responded well after Marcus went down and held his own”.

In other words......not yet.

Jordan Howard quietly rushed for over 100 yards and Sean Hawkins pounded out 54 yards looking eerily similar to his alma matter RB across the sideline Derrick Henry. Speaking of Henry the Dolphins really did a great job slowing him down and holding him to just 23 yards on 9 carries. It was an odd gameplay by the Titans....but considering the Dolphins low ranked passing defense....understandable. Still the titans are not built to be in a shootout....and the second half turned into a wild wild west shootout after a hard hitting 3-0 first half! The swings were incredible and highly entertaining.

The Dolphins (6-3) head on the road yet again and face a very weak Bills team that is reeling with a 1-6-1 record.

Preston Williams Brings in a 56 Yard TD Strike From QB Marriotta

Year 2 Week 11 At The Bills

Tua Loses Grip Again And Now Has Lost His Starting Role (for now) As Fin Fall 24-20

Tua Tagovailoa is no longer the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins following a brutal road loss to a clearly inferior team. With the Dolphins driving deep into Bills territory and holding a 20-10 lead in the 4th quarter Tua’s day simply fell off the rails. On a great scramble he failed to slide (again) and got his bell rung and lost the ball as well, which was returned by Jerry Hughes for a TD (he would also strip and revoker a Jordan Howard Fumble in the first half). But it did not stop there. On the next drive they would again drive deep only to see Robey-Coleman snare a screen pass intended for Dark Cohen and take it to the house.

Meltdown complete.

Tua would get one more shot at redemption but a desperation heave would be picked off Tremaine Edwards to end the Dolphins day and Tua’s grip on the starting QB job (for now as Coach Flores would say). Edwards as an animal and all over the field racking up 16 total tackles (8 solo) a sack and a pick. A fantastic game for the star MLB.

CB Byron Jones had a great day in the loss picking off two Josh Allens passes.

Devante Parker and Mike Gesicki were outstanding. Combining for 12/177 and a TD (Gesicki). RB;s Howard and Hawkins teamed up for 27/92 and a TD (Hawkins). But again Tua fumbled and threw the game away and all Flores could do was watch as Marcus Marritos was unavailable due to a strained hamstring. However he had this to say in the post game:

“We love Tua, we know his talents and we know what we have....and he is still our QB of the future, but this team deserves to win some more ballgames and we are in a position to make a post season run. It is with great difficulty that we need to make a change. It might only be one game, two games or the rest of this season....it remains to be seen. But I had a long talk with Tua and he is fully supportive of the team and is taking this demotion hard, but promises to make himself better.....and in his words “unbenchable” when he get’s another chance to prove himself”. Marcus Marriotta will stat next week at Houston." (The Dolphins 6th road game out of their last 7).

The Texans sit at 4-5-1 and are hanging on by a thread to post season hopes.

The Dolphins are now 6-4 and control of their own destiny. The remaining schedule looks like this:

@ Houston (4-5-1)
vs Bills
vs Patriots
@ Jets
vs Saints
vs Jaguars

The Dolphins sit 5th overall in the AFC so it is in the teams hands. And Brian Flores job may be on the line. He committed to the post season before the year started and is adamant this is a playoff team. GM Michael Sword also is on the chopping block with owner Stephen Ross. So this pair may be exiting together as their fates are binded. "I believe this team has the talent to compete and make a run in the post season” Sword said after the 2021 Draft. “We are getting close”.

The Dolphins have the road right in front of them and it is in Marcus Marriota’s hands......for now.

RE Jerry Hughes with his fumble recovery and return for a TD off QB Tua

Nickell Robey-Coleman Takes it to The House of Tua

Year 2 Week 12 At The Houston Texans

Mariotta Leads Dolphins To 7-4 And 1st Place In The AFC East With 21-19 Win

Coach Brian Flores knows his job is on the line. His players know their jobs are on the line. With a post season expectation clearly managed by owner Stephen Ross on Coach Flores and GM Michael Sword, they decided to give 2nd year QB Tua Tagavolia some time to regroup...on the sideline and hand over the fate of their season in week 12 to veteran QB Marcus Mariotta. Things did not start out the way they wanted. In fact far from it. Marriot dropped back on his first play from scrimmage on a play action fake...was hit as he threw and lofted a wounded due that was picked off by SS Ha Ha Clnton Dix. However the surging Miami Defense would hold and only allow 3 points. Mariotta then would recover and toss two first half TD’s to WR Preston Williams who has been doing on strong of late. Going into the tunnel at halftime up 14-6 things seemed in control. A scoreless 3rd quarter would add to the tension. The 4th quarter saw Deshan Watson rally his troops and close the gap to 14-13. Mariotta though would lead the Fins on a TD drive culminating with his 3rd TD strike to TE Mike Gesicki.

Mariotta would finish 22/34 for 217 yards and 3TD 1INT. Rookie RB Sean Hawkins would make the most of his 11 carries, plowing for 79 yards filling in for the injured Jordan Howard. He would go down in the second half with a torn shoulder and will be out several weeks now. Howard had 11 carries for 40 yards before the injury. Marriota spread the ball around as 6 different miami receivers hauled in passes. Preston Williams led the way with 7/55 2TD, Devante Parker had 4/52, Chester Rogers 3/60 and Mike Gesicki 4/37 TD. The Dolphins would have just one sack on defense and it was DT Christian Wilkens who is in the midst of a career year recording his 13th sack on the season.Byron Jones and Xavien Howard each had a pick as they continue to shine in year 2.

The Dolphins come home to face the Bills. This is the team Tua lost his grip on the job. The Bills are struggling badly in year 2 and limp in with a 3-7-1 record. However they have won 2 straight (including beating Miami). QB Josh Allen always gives the Fins fits.

Coach do you see Tua returning to the lineup? - "Yes we do actually. Marcus knows his role and that is to perform when called upon and mentor Tua. We love Tua and know he is our QB of the future but he has to work some things out in the film room and in practice. Regain some trust with his teammates. Right now Marcus is doing what we need him to do but I told Tua be ready at any moment to get in there and help us win some football games."

Year 2 Week 13 At Buffalo

Marriotta Era Ends As Dolphins Go Down At Buffalo 24-20

It did not take long for the Marcus Marriota era to end in Miami. Marriota would go 5/16 for 51 yards in the first half of football throwing 2 INT’s. Coach Brian Flores has seen enough and inserted the embattled 2nd year QB Tua Tagovailoa. He would respond and get the Dolphins back in the game but would then toss 3 INT’s of his own. It was a frustrating day for the Dolphins offense. Rookie RB Sean Hawkins would gain 81 yards on 21 carries.

Bills MLB Tremaine Edwards was all over the field with 9 solo tackles and 16 overall. It was a decisive 4th quarter that saw the Fins and Bills score a combined 27 points and the Bills would prevail 26-21.

The Dolphins return home to face the Patriots.

Coach Flores stated Tua is his starter the rest of the year no matter what.

Year 2 Week 14 vs The Patriots
Dolphins fall in a tight game 27-20 to Patriots and lose division lead

The Dolphins knew they really needed this one to gain control of the AFC East. They fought very hard and were leading at the half 13-10 in a defensive battle. The running game again was in the hands of rookie Sean Hawkins as Jordan Howard is on the mend from an injury. He would plow for 90 yards on 18 carries and a TD. Preston Williams would haul in a Tua pass for a 63 yard TD. Those were the offensive highlights. Rookie SS Aaron Reynolds would have his best game as a pro recording 12 total tackles. However Cam Newton was on his game throwing for 262 yards and a TD. He would also add 30 yards on the ground. Sony Michel pounded the defense for 121 yards on 29 carries and 2 TD. Veteran WR Sanu would slice the Fins for 92 yards on 7 receptions as well as 2nd year TE Asiasi (6/64).

“We need to recover if we want to make the post season. It is as simple as that” Tua said following the game.

Year 2 Week 15 at The Jets

Dolphins Take Care Of Jets At New York 23-17

Tua and the Fins prevailed in a great game vs the Jets as Tua did just enough. He finished 17/25 for 207 yards and a TD. Sam Darnold had a huge day tossing for 367 yards but 2 critical picks did him and the Jets in. RB Jordan Howard returned to add 72 yards and a TD. Phillip Lindsay and Bell combined for 68 yards on the ground and each scored a TD. Jets WR Christopher Herndon had a career day with 14/149.

This was a big win for the Dolphins and moved their record to 8-6. The Saints come to town in week 16.

Year 2 Week 16 vs The Saints

Saints Come To Town And Handle The Fins 28-17

The Saints had their way with the Dolphins defense. Drew Brees would carve them up and lead them to a blow out win. A late score by the Dolphins would make it look more respectable. Tua had a good game though tossing for 264 yards and 2TD’s. Saints TE Josh Hill destroyed the secondary with 11/128 and a TD. Michael Thomas also ran wild for 9/114. Miami TE Gesicki had 8/96 and Devante Parker would also add 5/61. Chester Rogers would haul in both of Tua’s TD’s and finish 3/26 as he was a red zone target today. However the Dolphins simply could not stop Drew Brees as he dominated the defense.

This was a big set back loss for the Dolphins playoff hopes.

“It is do or die vs the Jags next. Win and we are in. Lose and things may change around here” said veteran CB Xavian Howard.

He was referring to head coach Brian Flores whose contract is up at the end of this season. And it is widely speculated he will be fired if they miss the post season.

Year 2 Week 17 vs The Jaguars

Dolphins Triumph Over Jags And Vault Into Final Wild Card Spot With A 31-27 Win

The Miami Dolphins are playoff bound thanks to a thrilling 31-27 win over the Jaguars at Hard Rock Stadium. Tua Tagovailoa threw for 202 yards and 2TD. RB’s Jordan Howard (20/118 TD) and Sean Hawkins (11/48) led the running game with violent physical runs that wore down the Jags defense. WR’s Devante Parker and Preston Williams stepped up big and combined for 10/126 yards. Chester Rogers and Tarick Cohen each hauled in a TD from Tua. Defensively Byron Jones was a the hero with 11 tackles and a pick 6. Incredible Garden Minshew threw for 448 yards and 3 TD’s in a losing effort. Rookie RB Dean Cohen would add 42 yards rushing. The Jags had 3 recover go over 100 yards. D.J. Chark (8/121 TD) Laviska Shenault Jr (6/111) and TE Gerald Everett (10/107 TD)

The Dolphins will travel to icy New England for their Wild Card Game.

“We did it!” Tua exclaimed. We made the post season and we can prove we belong”.

Year 2 Wild Card Round At New England

Dolphins Fall In The Snow 31-17 as Newton and Patriots Too Much For Young Fins

The Miami Dolphins traveled to Snowy Gillete Stadium and even held a 17-14 halftime lead. But the Patriots Defense would adjust and hold them to a scoreless second half and lead them to a 17 point second half. Tua Tagovailoa Tossed 2 pick 6’s in that fateful second half. It was hard to watch. Hard to stomach. The 2nd year QB who had such a nice first half simply crumbled in the snow. He would finish 18/36 for 233 yards 2TD and 3 INT’s. It was a massacre in the second half by the patriots defense. Adrian Phillps and Josh Uche had the pick 6’s that did them in.

A long off-season now awaits the Dolphins as they head into year 3 with questions at QB. Will they draft another QB in the 2022 draft?

GM Michael Sword - We believe in Tua but if an opportunity presents itself to ad another quality QB we will consider that and add some competition to the team. It never hurts to have that. We also want a veteran presence again to help mentos our young QB (and potentially two young QB’s).

Year 3 Off-Season

Notable Retirements:

SS Patrick Chung 13 years
TE Jared Cook 13 years
QB Ben Roethlisberger 18 years
LT Duane Brown 14 years
CB Jason McCourty 13 years
CB Jimmy Smith 11 years
CB Richard Sherman 11 years
DT Ndamukong Buh 12 years
WR COle Beasley 10 years
LOLB Clay Matthews 13 years
HC Sean Peyton
HC Bruce Arians
HC Andy Reid

Post Season Results

Wild Card
Patriots 31 Dolphins 17
Ravens 38 Colts 0
Browns 17 Chargers 15
Bucs 21 Falcons 13
Saints 24 Cardinals 21
Cowboys 21 Panthers 14

Divisonal Round
Texans 28 Browns 21
Saints 31 Bears 17
Ravens 48 Patriots 28
Cowboys 34 Bucs 17

Conference Title Round
Ravens 42 Texans 7
Cowboys 33 Saints 14

Super Bowl
Cowboys 31 Ravens 17

Key Released Players
RE Jordan Phillips
WR Adam Humphries
CB Joe Haden
MLB Denzel Perryman
CB Bradley Roby
DT Gerald McCoy
LE Alex Okafor
SS Eric Reid
LOLB Vic Beasley Jr
LE Carl Nassib
DT Dontari Poe
MLB Danny Trevathan

Black Monday
Bills Fire HC Sean McDermott
Lions Fire HC Matt Patrica
Rams Fire HC Sean McVay
Steelers Fire HC Mike Tomlin
Washington Fire HC Ron Rivera

Dolphins Extend HC Brian Flores 5 years at 3MM per year.
Bills Sign HC Season McVay 3 yrs
Lions Sign HC Ron Rivera 3 yrs
Washington Sign Tomas Pita 3 yrs
Chiefs sign HC Mike Tomlin 3 yrs

Notable Free Agent Signings

WR Keenan Allen - Saints 4/44MM
MLB Leighton Vander Esch - Broncos 4/25MM
WR Michael Gallup - Steelers 4/37MM
MLB Rashan Evans - Saints 3/17MM
LOLB Uchenna Nwosu - Broncos 5/34MM
RB Rashard Penny - Jets 3/7MM
RB Jamal Williams - Saints 3/8.5MM
RB James White - Bucs 2/6MM
TE David Njoku - Panthers 4/17MM
QB Phillip Rivers - Dolphins 1/950K
LE Emmanuel Ogbah - Dolphins 1/2.45MM

2022 NFL Draft

Round 1 QB Greg Painter

Round 2 TE Greg Holmes

Round 3 FB Tim Brooks

Round 4 RE Joey Galloway

Round 5 RT Jeffrey Harvey

Round 5 WR Jimmie Cann

Round 6 CB Lamar Goldsberry

Round 7 C Will Wharton
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Re: Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

Hey, Armor. How are penalties looking with these settings? They seem almost non-existent on default AP.
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Re: Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

Originally Posted by ncbravesfan
Hey, Armor. How are penalties looking with these settings? They seem almost non-existent on default AP.

Just played my last game of the trial. In the rain at Baltimore (I was the Chiefs).

Saw 3 holding penalties, illegal block in the back.

Unfortunately we will never have the beauty of Madden 16’s penalties back.

It is what it is. But the beta slider settings are providing a little bit vs close to zero on default.

And gameplay was not affected. I can report that with confidence.

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Madden 21 (Fins YR4 2-3 #1 seed AFC)

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Re: Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

Thanks for these Armor! I always look forward to your sliders. Time to start a little CFM.
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Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)


Have you seen this issue? I thought it was me messing with sliders but it’s not..I reset them to default and it still happens. My RBs are frequently getting stopped by an invisible force field around the LOS. This is killin the game for me right now. Just starts jogging. He gets stuck basically even though I’m trying to run on my controller

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Re: Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

Originally Posted by Rmiok222

Have you seen this issue? I thought it was me messing with sliders but it’s not..I reset them to default and it still happens. My RBs are frequently getting stopped by an invisible force field around the LOS. This is killin the game for me right now. Just starts jogging. He gets stuck basically even though I’m trying to run on my controller

Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports

Hey Rimok,

Please keep bugs and glitches in the appropriate “bugs and glitches” thread. And for the record I had zero issues running the football in my 10 hour trial.

All we talk about is sliders, our franchises and storylines in here. Think about this thread like my MLB The Show thread. We are a nest of positive energy, good discussion, franchise story’s and focus on gameplay.

We do not test nor try to pretend we can fix potential bugs or glitches. That is for the code masters who are paid by EA Tiburon to deal with.

If the game is unstable to play....I will be the first to say that and shut it down till it is.

If they release a game breaking patch.....you bet I will say it here and again...shut it down till it is fixed by the people paid to fix it.

Appreciate it.
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Re: Armor & Swords All Pro Custom Madden 21 Simulation Style Sliders (CFM Only)

Originally Posted by Armor and Sword
Hey Rimok,

Please keep bugs and glitches in the appropriate “bugs and glitches” thread. And for the record I had zero issues running the football in my 10 hour trial.

All we talk about is sliders, our franchises and storylines in here. Think about this thread like my MLB The Show thread. We are a nest of positive energy, good discussion, franchise story’s and focus on gameplay.

We do not test nor try to pretend we can fix potential bugs or glitches. That is for the code masters who are paid by EA Tiburon to deal with.

If the game is unstable to play....I will be the first to say that and shut it down till it is.

If they release a game breaking patch.....you bet I will say it here and again...shut it down till it is fixed by the people paid to fix it.

Appreciate it.

Sorry about that. Heck I think I need a new controller lol.

Anyway back to sliders.. this actually feels like the most balanced madden OTB on all pro I’ve ever played. Yes it’s absolutely terrible how they didn’t touch anything career mode wise but I’m enjoying the gameplay.

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