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Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

Welcome back Maddenites for another year of Madden football!!! Welp....Madden 22 promises to be a special cycle. We had an opportunity to play test the Beta earlier this year and I was really impressed with the gameplay and incredible Next Gen Player Movement 2.0. Also of course Franchise Mode received a lot of long overdue love and we are getting a huge Scouting Overall Update sometime in mid October.

I am a long time Console Sports Gamer who strives to achieve a realistic, but even more importantly fun experience. Playing a true to the game clean screen style without exploiting the CPU; I have been developing sliders for over a decade and a half and love sharing my results with the OS community. I really get deep into my franchises and classic roster season replays and have just a ton of fun. This thread is all about having fun with sports games, sharing franchise stories, tips and advice. We try to stay as positive as we can and use this thread as a nest for those that love Madden's brand of football and want to have a great time. The game will not be perfect. And yes I will criticize the game when appropriate. But I don’t want the thread to turn into a bitch fest if we can help it. We look for solutions and work arounds first and foremost. When we need a patch we wait. Once we get it, we test. Those that have followed me know what I am all about and I pull no punches. I will tell it like it is.

I don’t overthink things. I do not get stalled on perfect stats. I typically get great results that are highly believable in “my” universe. Remember, franchise mode takes on a life of it’s own and you should embrace that!!! Have fun with it!!

I test my sliders vigorously inside Franchise Mode only and tune them to work as well as they can across the entire league. My testing is streamed on Twitch and I highly encourage folks to tune in while we play test games. We have a lot of fun chatting and sharing ideas.

Being that I played the Beta I was able to already have a jumpstart and a great feel about the philosophy I am taking this cycle. Things will look a bit different this time around. I am excited to get working on this slider set because I feel like we are going to have the best playing version of Madden ever to date. A lot of great things going on with Next Gen Stats and player movement being married. Plus they have a true progressive fatigue system that needs to be heavily tested before we finalize the first set we release. So I ask for patience this cycle. I am not starting my proper franchise until the new scouting update comes through so we have plenty of time to get things right.

Typically save for the exception of patches, once we lock into our set.....we don’t look back. I encourage everyone to try them out as a base and tweak it from there to your particular skill level and play style. So speaking of playstyle let’s get to my gameplay house rules:

Armor’s Gameplay House Rules

1. On defense I have now adopted and embraced playing from the Broadcast Camera and also use the player lock feature if I want to use a LB or DB and drop into coverage. You can player lock by simply double clicking the LS (PS5) and it will turn the camera to the defensive perspective zoomed out so you can see All-22. In your main menu settings have Defensive Cam selected as your default view and simply toggle when your in the game to the Broadcast camera. Then when you player lock it will always go to the defensive cam view for your player lock. I will still use the defensive perspective in goal line situations as well. On Offense we now have fully branched out to many different camera angles to run the ball (Broadcast/Zoom/Default/All-22). And we also have committed to the All-22 and default view for the majority of our passing plays as well as some running plays!! Basically......play in whatever camera you want. Toggle them during the game, variety is the spice of life. I highly encourage you guys to try them all out.

To use the Broadcast Camera zoom out method (if you want to try and pass from the Broadcast camera) simply select a WR when your team is set at the LOS by pressing the circle button to change players. Once you have a WR selected....double click LS to player lock him. Then double click again to disengage the player lock and the camera will be zoomed out and slowly creep back to the broadcast view. Snap the ball when you get the desired amount of zoom out you want and it will stay locked into that view so you can see downfield and pass in the Broadcast Camera!!!

I also never switch. This is another key component of how I develop my slider set. If I play as the MLB on a given play I stay as the MLB all the way through to the whistle is blown. What that does is put a focus on player ratings, player awareness and you depending on your teammates to make a play you are not involved in or away from. This also at times will strengthen the CPU and make it more of a challenge to play against them. I can tell you it is very hard playing defense this way and can lead to some ugly games if your defense is tired or having an off day. Timely sub packages like bringing in a fresh DL is a big feature of this set. If your defense has been on the field alot, pay attention to their fatigue levels and sub accordingly!! I like to play all over the field. DE, MLB, OLB, FS or SS. Mix it up!! It is a lot of fun to play different positions, which will present more challenge and have you depend on your CPU teammates even more. I highly encourage traditional MLB only players.....to drop that style like a bad habit. Vs the AI you will end up dominating on All-Pro. In obvious passing downs....play the DL. On obvious running downs....play as the LB’s or a safety.

2. Use your playbook - mix up your plays. Use the entire playbook. Don't go for it every time on 4th and 1 with a FB dive or QB sneak. In other words don't cheese the CPU. Keep it real. On offense I make it a point to really dig deep and use every play at my disposal and limit my audibles. On defense I call all my own plays. If the CPU comes out in a 2 WR set but has a stretch TE like Gronk....by all means use the nickel so you can cover that TE. Defensive hot routes...I use whatever my heart desires. Use your gameplan tab, player focus tab, just really mix it up as much as you can and have fun with it. I think we are all mature enough here to not “Cheese” the CPU. I highly encourage using the gameplay tab of your playbook as well. It has a large amount of plays in different formations to combat the other team if you are anticipating that type of play from the CPU. I do house rule a few plays and hot routes as well:

1. FB Dive - limit to one per half
2. QB Sneak - limit to once per game
3. WR Hot Routes - Once per quarter
4. RB hot routes - are unlimited as this is an important factor for additional pass protection and safety valve strategies to counter the blitz.
5. Going for it on 4th Down - Keep it real....we all know what is cheese and what is not!!!

OS Member SkruDe has this to say about playing defense on All-Pro on Madden 22 and I agree 100%. If you cannot seem to get stops and play good defense really look at what you are doing:

"Defense is hard in this game, especially if you try to user control on defense."

"We play on "All-Pro" which means there needs to be sufficient, and at times substantial, knowledge of football schemes and tendencies. Defensive play calling makes a difference, but so does pre-snap adjustments. You need to be quick, but shifting the D-Line to match the O-Line, shifting linebackers to the heavy side, Blitzing +1 guys on certain passing downs, "pinching" the line on certain running downs so you don't leave huge running lanes, knowing when to avoid zone and go man, all this and more needs to be thought about. You won't be too successful just picking "Coach Suggestion" every play. It's tough. But little things can add up to make a big difference."

3. When on defense I will user pick, swat and strip of course. I will use pass rush moves on the DL and with my OLB's. I will use my full arsenal and stick skills on the player I control without switching.

4. On offense I will control who ever has the ball. I will use moves, jukes etc. I have changed my view on user catching in terms of selecting the user catch type. I believe it helps you and brings out the player ratings even more. What I won’t do is take control of the WR after the ball is thrown and steer them towards the ball. The only thing I will do is potentially choose possession, catch and run (RAC) or Aggressive catch. Once they come down with it we take control and do our thing.

5. I play with all visual aides turned off. The cleanest screen possible is what I employ for the best possible broadcast presentation and also challenge.

6. Absolutely use coaching adjustments. It's fun and the risk reward is also great to see play out.

That's basically it as far as approach and playing style. I truly look forward to providing a great base set of sliders at the "All-Pro level for you to play with. Please use it as a starting point to tweak to your hearts content. Everyone has different skill levels and there is no "one size fits all" slider set. People all play the game slightly differently or may have varying levels of skills and stick skills. So don’t think you can’t tweak values to find your sweet spot. Just use this as a guideline base set and if it works for you with the OP values......awesome. If not simply move a certain value up or down 1-2 clicks to start, join me on a stream to ask for some tips or advice...or post constructive questions and comments here on the thread. I typically respond to everyone who has a mature attitude.

I ask that you give yourself a good sample size of 8-10 games vs various teams to get a good feel before trying to adjust things. Remember. The game changes dynamically in franchise mode. I test these sliders exclusively inside franchise mode with these settings and gameplay house rules.

I will be coming up with some new house rules for the new weekly gameprep feature, coaching skill trees, and progressive fatigue. I want to have the retail version of the game in my hands before I post those.....but know they are coming soon!!!

Armors 32 Team Control Franchise Manifesto


Madden 22 Sliders and Settings

Version 3.0 October 2nd 2021

Main Menu Settings

Everything in the Main Menu is set to exactly the way it comes out of the box or you can input the sliders in the main menu and load them into Franchise. Up to you. I have set up the sliders in the main menu the same that I will have them in Franchise mode.

Turn these options off in the Main Menu:

Heat Seeker - Off

Ball Hawk - Off

Defensive Assist - On (your choice)

All Penalties on and at 80 except:

50 RTP
90 Block in the Back

Auto Subs All Default

Visual Settings

Coin Toss - Users Choice

Play Call Button Layout - Users Choice

Previous Play Information - Users Choice (I play with it On to see CPU play call habits for dev feedback)

On Field Visual Feedback - Off

On Field Trainer - Off

Defensive Pass Coverage Visual Assist - Off

Receiver Visual Assist - Off

Drive Goals Feedback - Off

Franchise Bottom Line Ticker - Off (32 Team Control)

Franchise Gameplan Boost Notification - On

Coaching Tips - Off

Pre-Snap Menu - On

Player Names - Pre-snap only

Camera Toggle - On

Passing Cam - On

Offensive Camera Settings - All-22/Default/Zoom - I mix it up but use All 22 a lot this cycle.

Defensive Camera - Broadcast for pass rush and playing the run and Player Lock when playing as LB or DB/S in pass coverage

Volume Control (I play with Sony 3D Sound Headphones with 3D sound toggled on in PS5 audio main menu on the console)

Master Volume - 100

Auto Mix - Custom

In-Game Commentary - 80

Stadium Speakers - 100

Crowd Volume - 100

On The Field - 100

Music - 60

Menu SF - 75

Graphics - Performance Mode (PS5 with a 4K HDR TV for constant 60 FPS)

Set the following within your CFM Menus

League Settings

Quarter Length - 15 minutes

Accelerated Clock - On 15 seconds

Skill Level - All-Pro

Game Style - Simulation

League Type - All

Instant Starer - Off

Trade Deadline - On

Trade Type - Enable All

Coach Firing - On

Salary Cap - On

Superstar Abilities - On

Ability Edit Controls - Any Player

Relocation Settings - Everyone Can Relocate

Injury - On

Pre Existing Injury - Off

Practice Squad Stealing - On

Career Clock - On

Progressive Fatigue - On

Practice Injury - On

Player Mode

Full On-Field Control - On

Roser Protection

Minimum Roster Size - 53

In Season Player Movement Limit - Unlimited

Player OVR Cut Restrictions - No Restriction

Off-Season Player Cut Limit - Unlimited

Dev Trait Management

Coach Tree XP Progression/Cost - Slowest

Breakout Scenarios - On

Development Trait Regression - On

Desired X-Factor Players - 50

Desired Superstar Dev Players - 75

Desired Star Dev Players - 339

Season Experience - Customized and everything set to manual for team you plan on running in your 32 Team Control Franchise.

Team Settings - All set to off (All set to Manual you control everything for your main team)

For the other 31 Teams Set these options to the following:

Trades and Free Agency - Auto

Offseason Free Agent Bidding - Auto

Injury Management - Auto

Pre-Season Cut Days - Manual (can set to auto if you do not want to handle this each season for every team)

Contract Negotiations - Auto (I let the CPU handle the 31 other teams)

Scout College Players - Auto

League Advancement - Auto

Manage Practice Reps - Auto

Team Settings for the other 31 teams:

Tutorial Pop-Ups - Off

Auto Progress Players - On

Auto Progress Talents - On (This is the coach Tree XP the Cpu will upgrade the other 31 teams coaching staffs)

Fill Roster - On

Human Sliders

QB Accuracy - 42

Pass Blocking - 60 (+10)

WR Catching - 48

Run Blocking - 0

Fumbles - 55

Pass Defense Reaction Time - 47

Interceptions - 15 (-5)

Pass Coverage - 47

Tackling - 48

CPU Sliders

QB Accuracy - 42

Pass Blocking - 75 (+7)

WR Catching - 48

Run Blocking - 80 (+5)

Fumbles - 55

Pass Defense Reaction Time - 47

Interceptions - 10 (-10)

Pass Coverage - 47 (-3)

Tackling - 48

Injuries - 30 (+5)

Fatigue - 60 (-7)

Player Speed Parity Scale - 75 (+21)

FG Power - 65

FG Accuracy - 42 (-4)

Punt Power - 60 (-10)

Punt Accuracy - 50 (-5)

Kickoff Power - 50

Penalties (will test these once we know it is patched)

Offside - 80

False Start - 80

Holding - 80

Facemask - 80

Defensive Pass Interference - 80

Illegal Block In The Back - 90 (+10)

Roughing The Passer - 50

All other penalties are toggled “On”

Auto Subs - Default

+/- in () denotes change in value from previous version of the sliders

XP Sliders

I have run many simulation tests in combination with different practice intensities based on our 32 Team Control Manifesto. So understand.....these were tested with being able to Control All 32 Teams which is far different than turning off Progressive Fatigue or allowing the CPU to control practice for the other 31 teams (which until it is truly patch is highly not advisable). If you are looking for a single team control set of XP Sliders I would suggest taking a look at Adembroski’s or even Funkycorm’s set’s. This is specifically made for 32 Team Control.

QB - 100
RB - 100
WR - 94
TE - 90
FB - 100
OT - 90
OG - 87
C - 92

DE - 100
DT - 95
MLB - 93
OLB - 93
DCB - 100
FS - 106
SS - 106

K - 125
P - 120

Someone had suggested on another slider thread and also here in setting all XP sliders to 300 in the preseason. The theory is a lot of your backups will get a ton of playing time and this can help really develop the entire league as a whole. I really like this idea and will be implementing it in my franchise. This is optional and up to you.

32 Team Set-up Tutorial Video on my Twitch Channel

Ok....folks the easiest way to see the tutorial videos in “How to set up your 32 Team Control Franchise” on Madden 22 is to go to my twitch channel by clicking the link to my channel in my signature.

For those on the phone App my channel name is:


Click on the "videos tab" and filter them by selecting Highlights. There are 3 videos for you to view in the highlights section:

How to Setup 32 Team Control Parts 1 & 2 and how to handle scenarios.

The videos are filled with tips and tricks and how I go about doing all of it.

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Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

Lighting Strikes An L.A. Chargers Story

Year 1 News Wire

Season Preview Year 1

1st Year Coach Brandon Staley Leads Chargers Into The Herbert Era

The Chargers are going into Year one with a new captain at the helm of the ship. Coach Brandon Staley was hired to build off of the success of rookie QB Justin Herbert and playoff expectations are already abound in L.A. With several offensive weapons returning in addition to some new additions the Chargers seem poised to have a run in the AFC West and into the AFC Post Season.

“We are really feeling great here in camp about everything” said QB Justin Herbert. Coming off AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, expectations are high for the 2nd year QB.

Let’s take a look at the team by position group to give you an idea of what the Chargers season can look like.

QB - Justin Herbert, Easton Stick, Chase Daniels - Justin Herbert looks to build on an amazing rookie season and talk is he will challenge for the league MVP. He is being called a generational talent at QB and rightfully so. Easton Stick won the 2nd string job in training camp/pre-season and Chase Daniel will serve as the 3rd (emergency) QB.

RB - Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson, Joshua Kelley, Larry Roundtree III, Gabe Nabers (FB) - Ekeler leads the stable of RB’s heading into 2021 and he is looking to bounce back after an injury plagued 2020. He will be leaned on heavily in the passing game as well and is a known weapon. He may finally be seen as an elite 3 down back after 2021. Justin Jackson is a worthy backup fully capable of filling in when needed as well as Joshua Kelly in short yardage situations. Rookie RB Larry Roundtree III looked impressive in the pre-season and is on the active roster.

WR - Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Jalen Guyton, Larry Fitzgerald, Joshua Palmer,

K.J. Hill Jr - The receiving core is deep. Led by Allen and Williams the Chargers are looking for a jump in production from 2nd year undrafted f free agent Jalen Guyton. Larry Fitzgerald was signed in the summer as an additional veteran presence for Herbert to lean on. Palmer the rookie outta Tennessee will barely see any time as well as K.J Hill.

TE - Jared Cook, Donald Parham Jr, Tre’ McKitty - With the departure of oft injured Hunter Henry the Chargers brought in journeymen Jared Cook who is a very capable blocker and pass catcher. He should have a potential career year hauling in balls from Herbert. 2nd year TE Parham hopefully will continue his development. Rookie McKitty is being asked to listen, learn and earn playing time.

LT - Rashawn Slater, Trey Pipkins III - Slater was the Chargers 1st round pick in 2021. He is expected to develop into an elite pass blocking LT to protect the Franchise (Herbert)

LG - Matt Feiler - Matt is the only true LG on the roster. He is highly paid and this is an area the Chargers are looking to in the upcoming draft to improve.

C - Corey Linsley , Scott Quessenberry - Linsley is an excellent Center and a saver veteran. Quessenberry doubles as a backup C and G.

RG - David DeCastro, Day Aboushi - DeCastro was a free agent addition this summer to solidfy the right side of the line. He will most likely play his last season in the NFL with the Chargers unless something changes in terms of lack of depth in free agency next off-season or the draft.

RT - Bryan Bulaga, Michael Schofield III - Bulaga is the right side anchor and injuries have been plaguing him this summer and in the past few years. He is high priced and the Chargers are scouting that area in the draft.

LE - Justin Jones, Forrest Merrill - Jones is solid is not spectacular. Merrill is a pass rushing specialist and rookie outta Arkansas State

RE - Jerry Tillery, Joe Gaziano - Tillery is emerging as a decent pass rusher and strong vs the run, Mob Boss Joe Gaziano also sees some time in pass rush packages.

DT - Linval Joseph, Geno Atkins, Renell Wren, Chrsitian Covington - Joseph is the anchor, Atkins the depth, and Wren to develop.

LOLB - Joey Bosa, Kyler Fackrell - Bosa is a stud and staying healthy is the key. He is wrecks havoc on QB’s around the league and should have a great season. Fackrell is nice veteran backup.

MLB - Kenneth Murray Jr, Drue Tranquille, Kyzir White - Murray and Tranquill are really coming along nicely and form a great foundation for the 3-4 defense the Chargers like to deploy. Kyzir White is also showing great signs in the pass rush.

ROLB - Uchenna Nwosu, Chris Rumph II - Nwosu is fast becoming another dominant ROLB. The Chargers love his motor. Rumph is a promising rookie who needs to develop some more.

DB - Chris Harris Jr, Asante Samuel Jr, Gareon Conley, Michael Davis, Ryan Smith, Tevaughn Campbell - Samuel was drafted this year and is expected to be starting opposite Harris. Conley was singed for added depth as the DB corp is an area of concern.

SS - Derwin James Jr, Alohi Gilman - Derwin is a freight train, a man who simply punishes anyone crossing his zone. A superstar.

FS - Nasir Adderley, Trey Marshall - Adderley is a solid Free Safety and looks to keep improving.

Year 1 Week 1

Chargers Go Down In Heartbreaker vs Washington 20-19

The Chargers opened up the 2021 season on the road vs the Washington Football team. After a very physical first half which saw both teams tied at 6 the Chargers would score in the 3rd quarter out of the tunnel to take a 13-6 lead. they would kick two FG’s in the 4th quarter unable to finish off some drives and take a 19-6 lead with 9 minutes remaining. That is when the meltdown occurred. Herbert was picked off by Kendall Fuller who then took it 39 yards to the house. It was a wing pass intended for RB Justin Jackson who was filling in for the injured Austin Ekeler (hip pointer suffered in practice Friday). Then the WFT would drive down the field and QB Taylor Heinicke would scramble for a 3 yard TD run. with the score 20-19 and under 2 minutes left Justin Herbert would try to drive the Chargers into FG range. However Bobby McCain would foil the drive picking off Herbert.

Herbert would finish 31/50 for 329 Yards 2 INT and 23 yards rushing

Justin Jackson filling in for Ekeler ran for 54 yards on 18 carries and had 6 receptions for 30 yards

Keenan Allen would lead all receivers hauling in 10 catches for 142 yards

Mike Williams managed 6 receptions for 54 yards

Jalen Guyton 3/48

Jared Cook 3/35

For the WFT:

Heinicke - 17/31 254 yards

Gibson - 17/52

Logan Thomas - 7/131

T.McLaurin - 4/85

The Chargers come home to Sofi Stadium to face the explosive Cowboys Offense.

Coach Staley - It was really disappointing to say the least. This was a game we had and were in control. I felt after the pick 6.....things just snowballed on us and I know Justin is feeling sick. He shoulders all this....because that is who is is. He is this teams captain and the buck stops with him. I expect Justin to watch the film, make some adjustments and come back strong. I was very happy with our defense. I thought we played really well and can even improve more. I look forward to facing Dallas and seeing this team bounce back.

Year 1 Week 2

Chargers Bounce Back Strong Topple The Cowboys 27-9

In a huge bounce back game coming off a tough 1 point loss in week 1 the Chargers defense put on a show. The highly powerful Cowboys offense seemed stuck in the mud all day as the Chargers held them to just 9 points. The Bolts would race to a 21-3 halftime lead behind Justin Herbert two first half TD passes to Keenan Allen and Larry Fitzgerald. RB Austin Ekeler was back and his presence felt as he pounded out 127 yards on 29 carries including a TD. Defensively True Tranquill was all over the field collecting 11 tackles (8 solo) 2 TFL. Linval Joseph lived in the Dallas backfield too. he would finish with 9 total tackles, 3 TFL and 1.5 sacks. Kyzir White also had fun chipping in 6 total tackles 2 TFL

Dallas QB Dak Prescott had a miserable day. showing for just 154 yards and 1 TD to WR Michael Gallup (5/71). The only other offensive highlight was RB Ezekiel Elliot who finished with 78 yards on he ground and 30 in the air.

“This was a great win said Justin Herbert” It felt great to have Ekky (Austin Ekeler) back in the fold. He was able to keep Dallas off the field. He is such a grinder.....but he also can explode....you have not even seethe best of him yet.”

“A great bounce back win coach staley said at his presser, but now we have to head out to KC and face our division rivals. That is a tough place to play and win in. We will haver to prepare and be precise this week"

Year 1 Week 3

Coming into KC the Chargers were looking to build off their nice win vs Dallas. They knew this would be a game that could define their early part of the season and send a message to the rest of the AFC that they are a team to be reckoned with. Herbert vs Mahomes is a marque matchup and one the league was very much looking forward to seeing. The Chargers were down 3-0 after one quarter....and then the Herbert Explosion came in the second quarter. Justin would throw 2 of his 3 TD passes to vault the Bolts to a 20-10 lead. it would be a 20 point second quarter for the Chargers. Mahomes would lead the Chiefs to a TD to end the half.

The Chargers would take a 23-10 lead into the 4th quarter but now it was Mahomes turn. He would throw 2 TD’s as well as rush for another and tie this game up. Justin Herbert would then have an early season defining drive and lead the Chargers to a last second TD to win the game!!!! 29-23 He would hit Austin Eckler for the winning TD as time expired......a stunned Arrowhead Stadium would shuffle home in silence. It was a tremendous display of two QB’s trading punches.

The Chargers had plenty of offensive stars in this one:

Herbert - 25/33 for 338 Yards 3 TD and a QBR of 138.1

Ekeler - 29/124 and 4/21 TD

Allen - 6/133

Williams - 8/84

Fitzgerald - 4/60


James Jr - 10 tackles

Tranquill - 7 tackles 1 TFL

Adderley - 7 tackles

Bosa - 4 tackles 2 sacks

Joseph - 3 tackles


Mahomes - 33/45 for 382 yards 2 TD INT

Kelce - 8/126

Hardman - 7/124 2TD

Hill - 7/71

Helaire - 7 Rec for 34 Yards

“Wow what a win!!! Justin Herbert said. I am telling you this feels great....but we have a lot of work still yet to do. That is a great football team on the other side there and they won’t forget this loss. I expect them to bring everything they got when we see them again.”

“ An exceptional game for Justin today said Coach Staley. I could not be prouder of this young team and this kid....#10 is something else isn’t he?” I also loved how our defense forced the Chiefs to be one dimensional. We gave up what? 36 yards total one the ground? That is simply exceptional.”

The Chargers will take on the Raiders in a MNF matchup sure to be a thriller!!

Year 1 Week 4

Chargers Dominate Second Half To Take Down The Raiders 34-17

The Raiders came into LA and felt like they were at home. It seemed like an even split in the crowd. The Raiders as we all know played in LA for well over a decade moving from Oakland to L.A. then back to Oakland and now to Las Vegas where they will in all likelyhood stay.

The first half was nip and tuck as both teams were able to score 17 each. But Justin Herbert would take over the second half and pick apart the Raiders suspect secondary to the tune of of 356 yards and 3 TD’s total tonight. Another fine performance from the 2020 Rookie of the Year.

Austin Ekeler would again top 100 yards rushing but it was Jackson and Kelly who would also pound the rock out for another 102 yards combined as well as the Chargers ground game was a force. The Chargers would compile 623 total yards compared to just 220 yards total for the Raiders. Despite 3 turnovers (INT and 2 fumbles) the Chargers out played the Raiders in ever facet of the game. They owned the TOP 3-1 with 41 minutes of possession time. A total domination by the ground game coupled with Justin Herbert made for a laughable second half after a 17-17 first half thanks in part to two first half turnovers by the Bolts.

“We tightened up the turnovers in the second half. We felt like we were owning the LOS and felt we could run and pass at will tonight......and we did said Herbert” "A big shout out to our OL tonight....those guys were elite and pushing guys around all night” said RB Austin Ekeler. We ran for over 200 yards tonight baby!!!

The Chargers also smothered the running game yet again only allowing 32 total yards on the ground as the Raiders barely even tried as they are behind and running outta time.

The Chargers had great performances all the way around:

Herbert - 27/36 for 356 yards 3 TD INT

Ekeler - 25/103 TD

Jackson 10/51

Kelley - 8/51

Herbert - 4/32

Allen - 7/89

Ekeler - 5/81

Williams - 6/58 TD

Guyton - 2/55

Cook - 4/46 TD

Fitzgerald - 2/16 TD

Joseph and Nwosu each had a sack and Tranquill led all Chargers tacklers with 9

For the Raiders:

Carr - 21/40 192 yards TD/INT

Ruggs II - 6/83 TD

Renfrow - 4/47

Waller 3/35

The Chargers face the struggling Browns in L.A. Next!

Year 1 Week 5

Chargers Led Big Early Then Put Away Browns in the 4th Quarter To Win 45-29

Building on the momentum the last 3 weeks the Chargers came out firing. 31 first half points had the Bolts race to a 31-17 lead heading into halftime. However the Browns managed to cut the lead down to 38-29 but the Chargers would be too much as they scored 14 points in the 4th quarter to pull away with a final of 45-29. Nick Chubb was a monster though for the Browns as he rumbled for 231 yards on 20 carries and scoring 2 TD's. He was a force!!! Austin Ekeler though continues his ascent as a 3 down RB rumbling for 136 yards on 25 carries and a TD. Of course Superstar Justin Herbert was cranking it up again tossing for 323 yards and 3 TD’s and no interceptions. Baker Mayfield tossed in 270 yards and TD for the Browns.

Jalen Guyton had a monster breakout performance this season hauling in 9 passes for 163 yards and a TD and Mike Williams also stepped up with 9 receptions for 104 yards and 2 TD’s. Keneen Allen was forced to leave the game early in the first quarter as he sprained his ankle and was unable to return. It is not believed to be too serious though and he is not expected to miss nay time. For the Browns Rashard Higgins led them with 4/92 and a TD and Jarvis landry would also chip in 6/62.

Kyzr White would explode with 8 tackles 2TFL and a sack and Joey Bosa would rack up 5 tackles 2 TFL and a sack as well. Linel Jospeh again had a sack as his great 2021 season continues.

Up next is the Ravens in Baltimore.....who find themselves 1-4 and desperate for a win.

The Chargers now move to 4-1 as they look to win their 5th straight game!!!
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Re: Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

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Re: Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

The man who needs NO introduction…👑
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Re: Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

I am so excited to play this year’s game.

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Re: Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

Looking forward to testing these out!
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Re: Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

I'm curious about play clock. I'm sure I'll be using your sliders (or a very similar set) but how come you don't use 15 minute quarters with adjusted clock runoff? I'm referring last year's sliders by the way. Perhaps you'll use 15 this year for all I know.
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Re: Armor & Sword’s All Pro Custom Madden 22 Simulation Sliders For PS5/X (CFM Only)

Originally Posted by Gagnon39
I'm curious about play clock. I'm sure I'll be using your sliders (or a very similar set) but how come you don't use 15 minute quarters with adjusted clock runoff? I'm referring last year's sliders by the way. Perhaps you'll use 15 this year for all I know.
I actually moved back to the 15 minutes with 15 second accelerated clock on 21 Next Gen...and will be on 15 minutes as well for Madden 22.
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