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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Ok after watching the 1st half of the saints 49ers snow game it has its times where the game looks ok..The run Gore pulled off at the beginning of the game looked real good.My complaint is after he was shoe string tackled his leg ended up in this funky position like he was down, but somehow he ended up in a split thats inhumanly impossible lol.

Also; everyone is running around on the field like there isnt any snow on the ground, no slips and falls on routes, rbs able to juke and stutter step as if they were playing on a dry field(someone can correct me if I'm wrong about this and missed some of these things happening). These are things that just caught my eye from the footage that was streamed. I will say I liked the qb throwing incompletions more often and the grass stains on jerseys if thats saying much.

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Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Watched a few quarters of gameplay footage from the stream. For context - I enjoy playing Madden 25 on he XBOX 360, but I've been on the fence about making the jump to PS4 / XBOX One.

Based on this stream, I have concluded I have no reason to upgrade based on Madden alone. Not necessarily that it's bad, but it looks like it is exactly the same game, only pushing more triangles through better-fidelity versions of the same animations and with snappier UI.

Kinda disappointed, to be honest, but on the bright side at least it's a far better starting point for the next round of consoles than Madden 06 was.
Christopher Hooe
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

nobody talked about the most important thing: are the drinking gatorade cut scenes gone ? if yes, it's a must buy
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Originally Posted by N51_rob
Maybe I'm a football masochist or maybe I've gotten used to not having a choice, but I am still getting Madden and I will be playing predominantly Online CFM. Game is far from perfect. I will openly admit that. Game has a long way to go. But like Madden 12 and 13 to some extent playing against a human makes some things better.

Not gonna make some empty threat about what needs to be improved for me to buy Madden 15. Since Madden 06 the only Madden I didn't buy was 11. But I would have no qualms about skipping next year if EA tries to pull the wool over peoples eyes like they have with Madden on Next-Gen.

Show the gameplay and let your consumers have enough information to make an informed choice. That is what burns my ***, the deception, hiding and refusal to allow reviews. That more than anything has lowered my opinion of EA right now. Because all things being equal this is a much better entrance into the new systems than Madden 06 was.
Well said. I also feel like a lot of people get Madden because their friends get it and that's what they do to spend time together and so they put up with it warts and all. And if that's what some of you guys do that's completely fine.

I just won't be doing it this year, or for the forseeable future until I see what I'm looking for, or at least see some noticeable improvement and effort. Madden is not even near the stage where we can ask/hope for "tweaks". Giant steps forward in innovation are needed me thinks.
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Originally Posted by TheBuddyHobbs
Well when the Saints were at the goal line and they broke the huddle the crowd stood up and starting cheering.
You are 100% correct. They do stand up and cheer. My gripe is that after that initial cheer it gets quite. I want to have a constant crowd noise. Again, I am thinking of the old PS2 NCAA games where it was hard to audible and screen/controller would vibrate. It brought a different atmosphere to the game.
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Originally Posted by mestevo
Still looking forward to playing it. Madden looked a little better than CG, my CG consoles are being retired and only a neutered arcade game like 06 would have prevented me from buying it. Feature parity with some tweaks that I can record and share online, play on my Vita? Pretty easy purchase to justify and will do so happily Thursday night.
I agree. As long as it's got some improvements over current gen, which I didn't purchase but had fun with as a rental, it's a definite buy for me just for the new hardware features.

Saving and uploading my screenshots and videos? Yes please.

Suspending in the middle of a game (on Xbox One that is) and resuming later? Give me that. I've been begging an in-game save for 10 freaking years, and thank god the hardware finally gives it to me since EA never did.
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

I liked what I saw for the most part..Obviously I cannot feel how the game played, which would be a huge determining factor as to quality....I am happy that they corrected uniform issues, at least in regards to the metallic helmets...

I saw glimpses of a pocket here and there; again not sure how much QB positioning determined pocket formation or lack thereof; with the CPU running the offense the QB didn't seem to step up as he should...

I saw a handful of new animations and some of the motion steps, or whatever its called, in the limited viewing...The defense looked a bit tighter, but still need to play to truly know.

So for ~$10 upgrade, it is definitely worth it at face value..
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Helmets look great, but they are bigger making their heads look bigger and their shoulders hunched. Is this to accommodate the helmets shifting on their heads? I agree that the physics seem tighter.
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