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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Originally Posted by Nza
It's clear that EA have reached a profit maximizing stance on Madden, as in lower the costs and rely on name and branding to sell the title. To continue believing in this franchise seems redundant.
I think you are 100% correct
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Whoever's fault it is, is unfortunate for those of us who like video game football. If we had a choice, then most everyone would be happy.

I did watch some of the packer-viking stream last night. It looked better in some aspects, but something is clearly wrong with the way the game triggers what is to happen. The line stuff seems like it barely works or triggers only at certain times. I guess like the 430 catch animations, of which you may see 10-15 when you play, and that may be a generous number.

The QB models are really poor. Rodgers looks like he has spent the last year power lifting and eating anything he could to gain weight. His upper body is like a puffy marshmallow. After he threw a TD, it shifted to one of the awful cut scenes, and he was "jumping up and down". I quoted it, as it looked like my 3 year old daughter jumping up and down. Just disjointed and funny looking. Like a kid was jumping up and down, not a professional QB in the NFL.

I want to be positive, but I know that seeing some of this stuff at the surface, tells me that I will find a whole lot more bad once I keep digging. There will no doubt be some good, but the bad is so bad, that it is hard to focus on the good. Bah!
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Originally Posted by Crimsontide27
Mark my words..

Next year when Madden 15 comes out and it has it token 1-2 upgrades and everyone is pissed again, your excuse will be to just wait until '16 because they had a short development cycle for it and how '16 will have its first "full" development cycle.

When '16 releases and has 1-2 upgrades, but clearly still behind the 8-ball when it comes to other respective titles, you will sound your trumpet that with '16 they have started to establish a base and that within '17 or '18 we should finally get "that" title that we have all been clamoring for.

In '18, someone new will be put in charge with a new "vision" and they will need to redo the whole engine, but wont do that till the Gen 5 systems come out expected around 2022, so we should all expect minimal improvements until that time which they have enough " space and memory" to do things they feel they just couldn't get to in during the PS4 / Xbox One days.

Feel free to bookmark this post JP and prove me wrong. Your history here suggests Im right, but would love nothing more than to be proven wrong.
Ha! And they say hindsight is 20/20.
Shout out to The Watcher! Where you at bruh?
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

Oh darn, a 6 month bump, I thought it was something important too.lol
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Re: Thread on Reddit with someone who has game on ps4

This really wasn't necessary.

Christopher Hooe
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