The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

Hard hitting Bengals Steelers game

Remember me?

Peerman gets some TD love while Green-Ellis is injured and Bernard is gassed
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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

Dwayne Gratz with the diving INT.
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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

IMO, these pics are a big blow against Madden Next Gen. Over promised and under delivered again.
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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

Originally Posted by FlyingFinn
IMO, these pics are a big blow against Madden Next Gen. Over promised and under delivered again.
Can we please enjoy the pictures without someone coming in with the damn negativity? Geez.
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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

Bryce Brown got rocked on this play, he looks like he got knocked out by the way his arms locked up. Yes, he fumbled the ball from this hit too.


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Re: The Photographic Side of Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen (PS4/Xbox One)

can someone upload an xbox one picture of the game? Or at least state whether your pictures are from PS4 or X1 so we can decipher? Thanks!!
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Re: The Photographic Side Of Madden 25 Next Gen

Originally Posted by TTD71
Thanks for trying to get this started for Madden now that its possible with next gen games. One of my pet peeves with Madden for the last 5 years or so was the fact that the NCAA series had more replay and photo options that were far cooler than Madden's attempts. Its bugged me for years that I could start AND stop watching a replay clip in NCAA but in Madden you have to watch the whole clip before restarting or selecting a different view. And the total lack of photos was just a head scratcher when you go back and see how awesome some of the captured photos look in the NCAA threads.

Now a few observations:

Interesting shot of THREE people on the sidelines who seem to be aware of what is going on...four if you count the head coach. Its not even that lack of numbers that I noticed first though...its the dudes on the sideline who are all standing right next to each other in identical poses and sizes and staring straight ahead at nothing...do the Broncos need Ritalin for ADHD?

If you can't make them track the play, put them in static groups ON the benches and in mini-meetings with coaches...ANYTHING would look better than having them all stand up and do nothing like cardboard cut-outs...the holy grail games that don't need to be named did not have truly interactive sidelines, they just did a way better job of hiding it. What kind of football do they watch that shows them players standing in military formation on the sidelines and in perfect unison? Hell, even the service academy teams would be jealous their precision!

I realize that its a change (and for the better, though not up to expectations of a lot of people, myself included). But here is an example of what people have been trying to tell EA for years - there are so many things in the game that jar you out of the moment. Zombie sideline players are one, but there's a few more ahead...you have a cool animation and tech advance (with the sideline run looking better than before) and yet, the other stuff in the background is identical to what we saw on the PS2 let alone the PS3.

Now, THIS looks great from this picture. I don't know how realistically it played out in the game, but this photo is nice and shows double team pass blocking, a speed rush on one side and a bull rush on the other and the tackles playing pretty good technique even if Miller got around the edge. What would be awesome is if the RT sensed he was beat and just started holding or grabbing at Miller. All in all though, the photo is very nice.

I would actually like to have the option to play from that kind of camera angle behind the QB (that height and depth of view)...it would make the passing game much more challenging and would put a premium on pre-snap reads and progressions instead of just seeing the whole field simultaneously and hitting the open guys all day long...just a thought.

Another random observation that I like in this shot is the body positioning of #78 as he tries to get help on the double team block. He is REACHING instead of morphing and sliding into position. THAT means the game is capable of showing realistic ways for linemen to A) help on a block, B) MISS helping on a block as someone else gets beat and pressures the QB and C) better field awareness as advertised. Those are all positive developments in my eyes.

Another very nice looking shot. Nice pocket, the jump on the ball looks nice too. What I really liked was the hands-to-the-face animation in the background from the LT. Now, if those kinds of penalties actually get called (I remember a bunch of dev saying years back that the lack of penalties was due to not having the animations to actually SEE the penalties on screen so they did not want to have them randomly happen)...well...I SEE hands to the face in this shot pretty clearly so maybe there's some hope for more realistic penalties now???

This is similar to the O-Lineman reaching for the Double Team block...it gives options to the programmers to get things into the game that really do change the dynamics of it completely. I'm just afraid the casual crowd like the IGN reviewer who was complaining the game is already "too realistic" are going to make EA crap themselves into staying with the old arcade gameplay even longer. At least this photo is showing that the on field assets exist to do a lot more than we've seen to now...

Deatils? OK, there's grass kicking up in the air...that's nice...so is the placement of the pass and the positioning of the players and the height of their jumps, but dammit whats going on in the background???

Was it "Crocodile Dundee Day" for the media pool? Sweet Jeebus! Why is EVERY cameraman in this shot wearing the same things? Same hat, same outfit, same poses? What the hell are they watching too? Certainly not the play on the field that looks like a long TD catch...

EA guys, if you're looking at these boards for ideas on what to improve, try getting a couple of programmers a day or two of just randomizing the APPEARANCE of the sideline reporters and camera guys...hell, I'm not greedy, how about just a couple of different colored hats and shirts? It would even be better if you just alternated the colors of the home and away teams on them...anything is better that what we see here! PS2 that would have been pretty cool, PS3 it was frustrating and jarring to immersion, PS4? Just not good enough to qualify as a "Living World"..

The sidelines (well chain gang, half the safari photographers and the fans) are watching the OTHER endzone? Maybe the video boards are getting ready to say "LOSE!" or "WIN!" for the 9th year in a row...

So, there's some good and some bad in those screenshots, but they are all very cool to see and I hope this thread can get as much traction as some of the NCAA ones because I like browsing through those threads every year.
I agree with you! and one more nice touch would be if they added a media rush onto the field at the end of games like real life. All I see is the two coaches and the player of the game with ONE Cameraman and reporter at the end of the game. In real games, there are 100s of people on the field after games! You would think they would take advantage of next-gen hardware capabilities.. shame on EA for half-assing an otherwise beautiful looking game.
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