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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Madden used to have the extra point show I beleive in Madden 10. They removed and said they would bring back an imroved one. They never did. Also the Frank Bruno radio show. They have the ESPN license for heaven sake. This would be great for online leagues, Franchise mode to really connect the league with player and coaches and whats going on. Also Should have newspaper for every team. Twitter and Facebook should continue. Pretty much all streams of media and social networking should be involved. I don't see why not. We should have live games on the madden connected webiste using PS4. Really step it up Ea sports blow us out of the water per say, Do something like simply amazes us.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

1. Fix the problem where all rookies receive captain patches. After years in a franchise every player on every team will have/does have captain patches.

2. Allow us to pick who we want as captains (or not have any at all).

3. If you (EA) are too lazy to do this please simply take all the captain patches out of the game. It would be much better not to see any at all rather than have a full team of captains.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

We're at Next-Gen (well, current gen now, I guess), and that means there can't be any technological limit excuses. I mean, there just can't be. It's go time.

We've seen the modifier for the running back/ball-handler. It's time we modify the passing game. QBs have the ability to modify the trajectory of their passes to best fit the route the receive is running. Like you hold L2 or LT to modify the running back, if you have a quarterback the has his feet set, holding the same buttons and using the left stick, the trajectory should be modified. And of course the accuracy for this should depend on the QB (Tom Brady would be able to complete a pass over a linebacker easier than Blaine Gabbert would).

AI: Best Way of Winning
Not only should the AI play better, but it should be able to recognize the best way to win. If you haven't noticed, during games, players' overalls do change, depending on how the game is going and how they are playing. So, if a usually 78 OVR Chad Henne throws three interceptions in the first half, his OVR should be a low 70, and the AI should realize that the now 76 OVR Blaine Gabbert is the better option and should bench Henne. This should also happen in CC, but that'll be explained later. Obviously, other AI improvements must be made, including dynamic team AI. The New England Patriots should have a very aggressive pass offense, while the Browns should focus more on short passes and running the ball.

Nantz and Sims were cool for the first game of Madden 13, now they are stale as hell. It's so bad, the best commentary is no commentary. Fix up, add a lot more phrases, details about certain players, etc. Maybe even patches to add more throughout the year. ANYTHING to make this better. A half-time show would be great to, and a ticker (In CC/CF mode, ticker for your league, for MP or quick game, live stats). And the weird cutscenes after sacks and TDs have to stop. They are awkward, repetitive and annoying. They should be in game and have more variety. I'm tired of seeing my QB hop around with both arms up every time he throws a TD. C'MON EA.

Player Movements
Interactions between DBs and WRs need to be there and more obvious. QB sack animations as well should be added.

Penalties and Challenges
"Chopping" is irrelevant. "Block in the Back" is what it's called and that needs to be updated. We also see a lot of "Defensive Holding", "Illegal Contact", and "Illegal Use of the Hands" more often nowadays. These, along with "Horse Collar" should be added. I think "Hitting a Defenseless Receiver" could be apart of the game as well, but it could be weird to implement.
When challenging, you should have options on what to challenge. And if you are on Defense, make up your mind quick because the AI should be advanced enough to try to snap the ball before you challenge, and vice-versa.

Fans should adapt to the weather; if it's hot, they wear shorts/if it's cold, they wear coats. Players should be more animated on sidelines. If there is a big play, sidelines should be running towards the end zones. We should see Refs throw flags and kids should be apart of the crowds so players like RGIII can hand them balls. Celebrations should have dregree levels, players like Steve Smith should do comical and fun onces, players like Stevan Ridley should have specific ones.

And players like Andrew Luck should have lesser ones, just a few high-fives with other players or a simple jog back to the sideline.

Connected Franchise Mode (Owner Mode specifically)
Dynamic Team AI
New England Patriots should always play an aggressive, vertical pass game. In the case that a player like Rob Gronkowski gets hurt, a team should adjust their gameplan: the Pats would rely more on other receivers in a conservative pass game or on run game.

AI Best Chance of Winning
Like earlier, this deals with the depth chart. Players should either progress or regress after each week, like cold and hot streaks. If Mike Vick has been playing badly the past few weeks, Nick Foles should be set as starter and given a shot to win a game.
This also would create POSITION BATTLES: Two-three players with very close OVRs should compete in the preseason, and the one who plays the best would be awarded the starting position.

Team Scouting
You should be able to scout opposing teams, look at their tendencies on certain downs and situations, etc.

Training Camp/Offseason Workouts
Simple: Select players to work out in offseason and run through practice situations in training camp (NOTE: Players should be in practice uniforms, not full pads).

AI Replacement
(For sake of consistency) Tom Brady retires and depending on Ryan Mallett's rating, that would affect the draft choice. For instance, Ryan Mallett had worked his tail off in the preseason and is doing well in the offseason/81-83 OVR= Patriots fill other positions in FA or draft. OR, Ryan Mallett doesn't progress well/75-78 OVR= Patriots look in draft or FA. I'm tired of seeing of QB with a 86 rating on a team that drafts a QB with a low-high 80 rating (This just happened today: Cowboys drafted a QB with an 84 OVR with Tony Romo at an 87, after playing a Pro Bowl season and leading in least interception for starting QBs).

In-Depth Roster Management
53 active player roster, with a full-working PUP and +IR, plus an 8-man Practice Squad. Teams should be able to sign players off of other teams practice squads.

Add back the "end of the week show" back from Madden 11. Relocation should allow you to create your own uniforms. Realistic AI trades. More coaching positions/more coaches. Injury-depth: "Probable, Doubtful, Game Time Decision"- If GTD, decision is made before coin toss.

This is all I really want in the next (couple) installment(s) of Madden. They seems fairly simple, and not asking for too much. Just somethings that seem necessary.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

I want to be in control of my blocking assignments. I want to be able to tell my o-line who to block
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

They should add in the Tony Bruno show again, training camp where you can pick player and do certain challenges to increase there stats ala Madden 2005. Also get rid of xp and go back to preseason, week 4,8,12,16 progression based on performance. Maybe make teams that play worse on the road like the Saints and Seahawks ratings decrease and at home increase make it more realistic.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist


Let me no-huddle on incomplete passes
Let me no-huddle after runs out of bounds, etc

Let the play call screen appear, not just let me choose from 5 players

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Simple things I'd like to see happen for Madden but I know are just a silly pipe dream (note most of these are bug fixes or simple fixes to terrible design flaws)

10 Ways to Improve Madden without actually adding anything
1) Fix the Auto-Subs.
Nothing cryptic here, just make this feature actually function.
2) Fix the reversed wind direction arrow
I still don't understand this one. Is this deliberate and if so why? I still think this is a bug. Fix it. This one really can't be that hard can it? Can it?
3) Give the AI practice points.
In the world of online gameplay being the only thing EA Tiburon is concerned with, I understand why they let this go, but I'm thinking the folks at EA Tiburon don't quite get how difficult a 32 man Franchise is. Just give them 1000-1500-2000 a week depending difficulty. Non-ideal simple patchwork fix. I mean that is pretty much EA Tiburon's MO right?
4) Reduce the total amount of practice points for successful and failed practices.
Scratch everything I just said above. Rework the values so that the players don't progress so dang fast.
5) Figure out why all the animations disappear at All-Madden difficulty then fix it.
Of everything here, this is the fix I want the most, but know will never happen. I still do not get why, when I play on pro, I see all these cool catches, but when I play on All-Madden there is something around a grand total of 20 catch animations, 5 tackle animations, and absolutely no real-time physics. I might be slightly exaggerating, but I definitely do not see nearly as many animations on All-Madden.
6) Fix the Injury reserve not taking players off the active roster in preseason.
Really stupid bug that kills the GM experience. I don't want to release my rookie WR because I need to sign a backup DT when I can just IR the injured DT who is out for 10 weeks.
7) Disable the progress players button when it is not the specified week to progress players.
This one baffles me. The honor system is nice and all, but having the option to lock out this screen is even better. Remember, most full leagues consist of people who went to some website and found each other.
8) Copy Madden 2004-06 menu system for everything. Your menu system sucks.
This is probably the most subjective thing on the list, but this Windows 8 interface is horrible. It takes forever to get where I want to go, it cluttered, its ugly and it just doesn't work. The best UI is the simplest UI. Display the information I need without all the extra clutter. I feel like a grouchy old man (at age 20) here. Lists are better, lists are superior. Windows 8 is stupid if you aren't using a touch screen (and even then it is debatable) and neither console, to my knowledge, allows you to use a touchscreen TV (if such a thing even exists). I really don't understand this new interface, are we really trying that hard to turn our sci-fi memes into real things?
9) Fix AI depth charts. Starters should never be backups at other positions.
This one really bothers me. The starting right tackle should not be the backup right guard. The star WR should not be the backup running back. The TE shouldn't even be on the WR depth chart. This is all just sillyness.
10) Don’t kick me out to the home menu when I switch players/coaches/owners in CFM. I’m already in Manage Roster, just change who I am.
This is really annoying. This wasn't an issue in Franchise mode but when we go to CCM we completely remove it, and now in CFM switching teams means I have to navigate the whole stupid interface to get to depth charts, or scouting, or progress players despite the fact I'm already on that goddamn screen. This is really annoying and further amplified by this game's horrendous UI.

10 Things to add that improve the game

1) Hidden Ratings for rookies and free agents.
So I don't know their ratings before the draft, but after the draft I suddenly know everything there is to know about everybody? I really just want it at minimum for rookies so that every halfway decent rookie free agent is already fully scouted. I'd like this feature to go hand in hand with a practice squad or some sort of workout feature but I know this will never happen.
2) That thing from Madden 12 where ratings were revealed slowly during preseason.
Yeah, this was one of Madden's better introductions on last-gen but like everything else from Madden last-gen (outside of the terrible engine) got scrapped immediately instead of being built on and improved.
3) Practice Squad
Nothing really to explain here. Add in an 8 man practice squad with the correct NFL rules, including signing directly from the squad and proper eligibility rules. MLB The Show can make sense of the MLB's mess of a rulebook for roster moves, the least Madden can do is add some depth to its simplistic model.
4) Free Agent scouting
Pretty much explained above. Give general grades (A,B,C,D) for veterans and give blanks for younger players with little to no experience. Then scout the same way you do for rookies. Draw the points from the same pool too. Are you an FA guru, a draft guru, or do you fall in the middle? I admit this is useless unless auto-subs are fixed and you actually have to have a deep roster to win.
5) Waiver wire.
Pretty much this. Add a true waiver wire to the game. Force players to clear waivers for a release. Also, allow an optional waiver wire for free agency pick-ups. Basically if a Team tries to grab an FA, make that player clear the waiver wire for lower ranked teams. This isn't an NFL rule as much as it is to stop players from gobbling up overrated FAs in week one.
6) Commissioner controls for things like camera angle and player lock.
This one is self explanatory. Give the commissioner more tools to control how games in the league are played. Allow them to enforce the no-switch rule with player lock, allow them to set the league's camera angle.
7) More locations to move teams to. Minimum one city for every United State.
Give the little guys a shot. Come on.
8) Player roles/personalities.
Another feature from the PS2 era that got scrapped, only to be reintroduced on last-gen and then promptly scrapped again. Its a building under constant remodeling, except instead of anything actually getting done, they just keep taking sledgehammers to the support beams that are set atop a crumbling foundation.
9) Player traits. Make them something useful that actually effect AI decision making. Gun Slinger vs Conservative QB, i.e. difference between Stafford and A. Smith.
Your rating system is terrible and nobody knows what any of it does. Your current player traits are even more cryptic than your player ratings. The names are really ambiguous. Add something that is actually meaningful to the game, like the above example. These shouldn't be linear nor inherently good or bad, but describe a players tendencies and have a meaningful impact on ratings. Right now, every AI QB plays like either Alex Smith, Tom Brady, or a brain dead fish. There are no Ryan Fitzpatrick's who have a gunslinger mentality without gunslinger ability.
10) Written descriptions on what the player ratings actually influence.
Seriously, why the hell is this so goddamn secretive? Developer Clint Oldenburg can give me small bits of information in a stream, but nobody can take 30 minutes to type up something? I feel like Plankton trying to get the secret formula.

A few things to add to this list. Fix the custom playbooks as well as the bugs associated with them. When we (the community) asked for custom playbooks, we actually wanted to use them, not be taunted by them being in the game but being completely unusable. How many years has it been that his has been in both NCAA and Madden? Three years now, and they are still broken? Do these guys even play this game?

TL;DR A relatively humble list that will ultimately be in vain because we all know this game will never actually progress, but here we all are like a bunch of drug addicts hoping to get a fix, enjoying the initial high, and then slowly (or quickly) crashing, only to be left to wallow in our own misery. Woe is the life of a football gamer.
Thanks to LBzrules: So these threads won't be forever lost.
Tiered Play Calling
Outs and Curls (Bracketing Receivers)
If anybody is interested in a "spiritual successor to the socom franchise, check out this thread.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Commentary and presentation are first on my list. I made a 55 yd FG at the end of the half and Phil Simms criticized me for not taking chances
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