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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

This one needs a big improvement but I think it is overlooked:


Seems no matter how good your punter or what kind of punt it always hits the turf and rockets into the endzone. Of course this rarely happens in the NFL.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

^ The only way the punt bounces is straight toward the end zone, no left or right really, and definitely no backspin. They only way i find to down a punt inside the 20 is to either aim for the corner every time, or get lucky by your the ball hitting your guy when you line him up, because they don't even try to catch it at all.

One thing I would love to see after playing the NBA 2k14 "My Career" mode for a bit is something very similar to it. It's so addicting. I would love for a football game to have you control a player and do the combine, maybe play the senior bowl, have interviews, choose agents, and all of the other bells and whistles that go along with a professional career. I am loving how you have different interactions with coaches, teammates, and other characters throughout the game. It gives you a much greater connection with your character and the various personas in the game, whereas connected careers with one player is simply a franchise mode with less control than either of the other 2 modes. However, one thing they must do if they implement a similar feature is to not give the player the same very annoying (yet hilarious) voice. maybe give more than one voice option, or maybe several based on region, ethnicity, and whatnot.

not sure if that has been mentioned recently, i decided to be lazy and only skimmed the last page.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

- Create a draft class

- Practice squads

- Bring back real NFL OC's and DC's

- When a player doesn't have a picture don't put that annoying black shadow outline. Just leave it blank like Madden 2004.

- Continue to add to franchise mode. its been the same 2 years now, getting stale.

- More Legend coaches. Gruden, Cowher, etc... Give us tons of options.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

^ I wouldn't mind having Gruden as one of the play by play guys as well. He is one of the only announcers who I can stand and actually enjoy listening to during the actual season. That entire Monday night crew does a great job. To bad the Super Bowl is being broadcasted by FOX, so I get to either mute the TV or listen to the 4 hour long monotone that is Aikman/Buck.

Also agree with the OCs and DCs, and maybe more coaches in there as well (QB Coach, OL and DL Coaches, LB and DB coaches, and so on). Also, put in trainers and conditioning coaches too. Maybe have trainers work more on recovery and conditioning coaches work more toward prevention. Have higher rated ones of each do a better job. On top of that, add scouts and put back the old system where we have the combine for the draft classes and then better scouts would unlock some of the top prospects exact attribute ratings while the lower ranked ones wouldn't.

I love the idea of creating a Draft Class, which would make the need for scouts I guess pointless in some way. Maybe not... maybe just choose prospects positional abilities on a letter grade system vs a numerical attribute, maybe make certain intangible grades (such as awareness) fluctuate based on performance, and physical attributes fluctuate based on injuries and what not. So if a guy tears an ACL in college and goes into the draft, he may lose a letter grade or two on his agility ratings or something depending on severity.

In owner mode, give us complete control over the stadiums, uniforms, and maybe even give us the option as owners to choose our GMs, Financial Advisers, and all the other board members. That would make owner mode actually be like owning a team. Instead of pressing a few buttons on prices of things, you actually have to surround yourself with the right people to keep the team flourishing financially. Make the owner mode more of a business minded thing, as it is in real life.

In coach mode, if we choose to create a coach allow us to build our scheme and style from scratch, as well as our own custom playbook. That means either choosing existing plays or creating plays entirely from SCRATCH. Have the coaches game plan for each week, work on setting up individual match ups, and set up key players on both sides of the ball for you and the opponents. Do press conferences and interviews that affect player moods, relationships, and overall relationships with you. Also, have certain disciplinary actions on things such as players missing practice or missing training camp, or even failing conditioning exercises. These happen all the time in the real NFL (Plaxico, Von Miller, Albert Haynesworth, etc.)... Also try to mediate personal issues between teammates as this happens all the time in any sport at all levels. Overall, make the coach mode have more of an actual COACHING feel rather than just an extra watered down version of the already watered down "owner mode."

In player mode, make it very similar to the show or 2k14. Play in the senior bowl as a player, do the combine, do team workouts and interviews, and get drafted based on your performance with a bunch of other rookies that you can create or let the game generate. Have interviews, press conferences, teammate relations, personal rivals, practices, training camps, and all that jazz. Allow us to talk to the GMs, coaches, and our agents (who we choose) and all that. I want to feel connections with my player, the coaches and teammates, and various other personas in the game. And give our players more responsibility as captains and maybe even allow us to be player coaches like Peyton Manning later on. After all, this is "CONNECTED FRANCHISE" so allow us to feel CONNECTED!!! Rather than feeling completely distant from everything. Right now "my player mode" in Madden is the most pointless and boring mode in the entire game, since it really gives us NOTHING!!!! Enough of these watered down game modes. Many of us can agree they are just extremely stale and boring.

Other than that, we all know the gameplay issues. Overhaul the DB/WR interactions ENTIRELY, and get rid of the patty-cake blocking that I still see every game I play. Bring the vision cone back or something to allow us to look off the safeties and LBs to spread the field with our eyes. Give us the option to turn it on or off for those who don't want to use it. Fix the weather, and allow us to choose our weather for our franchise games based on time of year and region (so there is no chance for a snowing preseason game in Miami, but you can get some snow and frost during November in GB). Allow us to choose the locations of future Super Bowls in franchise mode. Fix the injury system. No reason to see a guy get carted off the field 3 times in a game only to be back on the field the very next play each time. Make the game less about whether or not your guy has 99 speed, and make in-game success hinge more on intangible and teamwork grades rather than just speed alone. Fix the sliders so when I try to raise or drop computer tackling ability, they don't drill 80 yard field goals or come up short on 30 yard ones. Fix the auto subs, fix the odd retirements (99 OVR QBs Retiring at 31 or so), and fix the terrible computer decision making with preseason player-cuts. There is no reason why my 99 OVR WR should end up on a different team after the preseason. The lions are not dropping Megatron even if he decides to drop a ton of passes and fumble a ton in the preseason. And FIX THE WIND DIRECTION METER!!! This is 2014, the 4th or so Generation of Consoles, and going on 26 years of making this game! Many of these issues are mentioned year in and year out only to be ignored with the same old "next year is the year" nonsense. Bring fun back to the video game world of football. If I could actually play in the NFL I would, but since I can't these video games are the closest I get to seeing myself on an NFL field. Enough of the baby steps, its time to take that giant leap.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

I think the superstar mode should come back but with more of a story line. Including combine and the draft. Sort of like how 2k14's My career is.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Some new Info on Madden


Now that I seen that, i do believe Madden is limited, and has a lot of restrictions when it comes to making the game. Things as simple as blocking in the back cant be added to the game is Crazy.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

This needs to happen next gen.

Expanded Broadcast Presentation

Equipment, Uniforms, and virtually every facet of player creation/editing needs a complete overhaul.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

I will not buy another Madden title until create-a-play is returned. Custom routes, formations and true custom playbooks are what made PS2 gen so addictive.

Could tinker with my offense for hours and hours...
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