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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Tighter Salary Cap........but also allow restructuring of contracts.

8 Man practice Squad - In practice have 1st team offense go up against 2nd team defense & vice versa. The 2nd teams are running next opponents offense & defense, which I see is the case in Madden 25 PS4! Now, it would be with players on team including practice squad.

Injuries during Practice! Holding players out of practice due to injuries.

46 Man Game Day Roster!

Revamp scouting! Give us a Pro Personnel Director & 4 Scouts. All scouts have different strengths and weakness when evaluating players. All players have info, but based on your scouts info. Player A could be a 1st rd. pick by one team scouts, but another team has the player as a 2-3 rd type player.

Audio Presentation needs to be worked on. Keys to the game, Team missing starting QB & nothing is said? Lot's of great ideas on this topic in wish list's for all Console's!

Full Coaching Staffs! Who's on the sidelines talking to my coach in the game? Already in the game, gives control.

More Draft Presentation!

Audio Presentation, keep it coming. With new players coming into the league via The Draft, some focus on those players. Same with Trades ("the Raiders traded for WR, Joe Smith, Gave up pick or another player")
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Had my RB DeMarco Murray get injured while having a big game. Was shown walking to locker room with trainers (Broken Collarbone). At the end of the game he was named Player of the Game and was out doing the interview and showing no signs of injury.

Player should have had shoulder pads off, arm in sling under Team coat standing on sidelines. Whether he's doing an interview at the end of the game..........

More Details on Draft Day Trades..........When they go down there is no info, just two teams made a deal.
Have a Pop-Up

In my 2nd year of my Franchise. I played the Super Bowl Champs from previous season & there was nothing said about the team being the Super Bowl Champs. Nothing said how the game was a rematch of the NFC Championship game from the prior year. Again, Audio needs work.....

Tony Romo went down with a broken Jaw. Lose the game and advance to next week. He's no longer injured. Huh? Injuries need to be tweaked. Only been getting Broken Jaw's, Broken Collar Bones into my 2nd year.

Note: Had 3 QB's on roster!

Injuries need to be like NFL Head Coach 09! Stuff happening in off-season and during week. Injuries in Practice. The "Wear & Tear" Injury system.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Biggest thing for me is presentation. They need to take a hard look at NBA 2K series and start from there.

I want to see halftime show with highlights from other games and weekly recap with highlights. This is now Next Gen so there should be no excuses.

To me it's sad when I don't play Madden and I play 2K. The reason it is so sad football has been my sport for 29 years and I have never liked basketball, yet I play 2K for the presentation and overall experience.

I'll post a complete list of my presentation wishes soon.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

This is a minor suggestion but custom playbooks are a disaster. When you remove an entire formation, the game automatically reshuffles the order of your formations. And I've noticed that when I try to edit audibles, some times all of the plays in the particular formation do not show up. Also, please make it so we can edit just the audibles without having to build a complete custom playbook.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Caveman Madden 15 Wishlist

Connected Franchise Mode/Online Franchise Mode

-Re do the signing/re signing logic.Some players of higher stature will accept mini deals.Example-I seen RG3 except an 5 year 20 million dollar deal after coming off an MVP and SuperBowl season.

-Add the injury system that was on HC09.It really makes injuries dynamic and not scripted just because an player got hit sticked.It would also add strategy to Madden. For example if an team wanted to run the read option 100 times with there starting QB it lingers an higher chance for an severe injury ala RG3 in real life.

-During FA have different players have different wants/needs.Some players play for the money(Haynesworth) some play just to keep trying to win.It would keep the FA balanced.EA had this feature in NBA Live as seen here.


-Add the assistant coaches and give them there different playbooks if they coached as an HC in the league(Singletary,Jack Del Rio).Allow for the coaches to be hired as coordinators or HC for other teams as well(would be really cool for online CFM)

-Give us the ability to add team captains.

-Add team "roles" to the game.Such as rebuilding,win now etc.That would he help with the FA and wacky things during the draft.A vet such as Larry Fitzgearld would chase the ring in real life.Thus he wouldn't go to a team such as the Jaguars.More than likely be interested in top teams Patriots etc.

-Add the NFL combine.Would love to see this back along with adding it for online CFM.

-Do away with the "schemes" it has no effect on the field what so ever.It only effects the OVR ratings and causes a lot of wacky things to happen.Such as Panthers letting go of Cam.Colin always signing with the Saints etc.

-Fix the "super sim" to better produce sim stats for games over 5-7 minutes.

-Add in half sacks/half tackles.

-Bring back the pro bowl.Would also like to see the pro bowl be able to use for online CFM.Every gets to use there respected players of there teams in online CFM.

-Fix the auto subs

-Bring back the team record along with retired numbers like 2k has.

-Allow teams to be able to name there stadiums that they use.

-Add in an "stadium builder" such as NCAA "team builder"(I'm reaching I know lol)

-Add in player agents such as HC09.Every agent has an different personality etc.Some agents want more money for there players,other want most years.Would keep the franchise mode dynamic.

-Add an ticker for online/offline CFM.

-Give players an legit draft board for NFL draft.Allow us to rank an player which round we would take them etc.Even allow us to leave notes up to 150 characters on the player based on NFL combine,ratings etc.Would help with draft logic for online CFM if you missed the draft as well.

-Bring back formation subs.Players such as Percy Harvin,Darren Sproles etc can't be used to there real life counter part with the lack of feature.Doing it during the game is an hassle especially in online CFM.

-Fix the schedule for up coming years.It doesn't follow the real NFL rotation of scheduling.Even in pre season you'll have 3 division games.Or during the season you'll be done with all division games by week 10.

-Have players come in with dynamic plays.Example if you sign Tebow he comes stocked with formations just for him.Harvin would come stocked with more Jet Sweeps,WR screens etc.

-Add advanced numbers into the game.Would help show true players value outside of normal stats.Player like Darrelle Revis never makes the pro bowl on Madden just because he doesn't have tons of INT's.When in real life he doesn't get tons but is still regarded as one of the best CB's. Would also impact FA along with give you more tools for the draft.


-Bring back the practice squad.

-Doubt this is possible but can we have the CFL back?More players are finding themselves on NFL rosters or even training camp from the CFL.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Originally Posted by Aggies7
Biggest thing for me is presentation. They need to take a hard look at NBA 2K series and start from there.

I want to see halftime show with highlights from other games and weekly recap with highlights. This is now Next Gen so there should be no excuses.

To me it's sad when I don't play Madden and I play 2K. The reason it is so sad football has been my sport for 29 years and I have never liked basketball, yet I play 2K for the presentation and overall experience.

I'll post a complete list of my presentation wishes soon.

I like this as well... Its amazing to me how a PS2 game can get it so right but can't on the "Last Gen/PS3/360". There isn't any reason why this generation (PS4/XB1) can't do it and do it even better!
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

While playing through about 10 seasons of Madden 25's Offline Connected Franchise mode as an owner, I took notes as to what I'd like to see changed, added, or fixed in Madden 15. I apologize if some of these have been posted before, but after taking so many notes through those 10 seasons, I just have to post them in the hopes EA will read it and take note.

I have broken down the notes into 5 categories: Customization, Practice, Staffing, Gameplay and Scouting. Most of these, with the exception of gameplay, apply to Owner Mode. Headers in bold indicate significant/important changes, IMHO. Let's begin!


*Permanent Formation Subs: If only one suggestion were taken from this post, please let it be this one. Allow us to assign permanent substitutions for specific formations in the playbook, including special teams, and allow us to do it OUTSIDE of games, perhaps as a submenu of the strategy menu (where schemes and auto-subs are assigned). I skipped a few years in madden but I believe this feature used to exist in previous editions. I need to be able to assign my cover 2 linebackers to nickel formations, and assign my second/third string players to special teams (Madden sometimes automatically assigns offensive/defensive starters to my special teams unit, not cool).

* Streamline playbook customization: Current playbook customization is clunky when it comes to assigning plays to specific gameplan scenarios. For example, I have to go through every play and give it a 1-5 star rating for a bunch of different scenarios. It would be much easier if I could select a scenario and then view a thumbnail view of all my plays with a little checkbox next to each thumbnail that I check to add to that scenario.

* Expansion Team Owner Mode: I'd love to have the ability to create an expansion team, selecting the city, giving it a name, designing the uniform, and conducting an expansion draft (in the way the Texans did in 1999). Nothing beats the fun of taking a team you created from scratch and taking it on the road to the Super Bowl!

* Better Uniform Customization: After 10 seasons as the Browns Owner, I really got tired of the uniform. The options provided for this in Madden 25 are way too limited to be able to create something truly fresh and unique. Include different patterns in which the team colors can be applied, and allow the team colors to be changed.


* Allow CPU teams to earn practice XP: The basic premise of practice in Madden 25 breaks franchise mode. As it stands, if a player plays every practice they will go 16-0 in two seasons and win the Superbowl every year thereafter because the players roster has out-paced the CPU in terms of player development. Please fix this by allowing the CPU to gain practice XP! Either take the easy route and just let them get 1500 practice XP points every week, or go the harder route and simulate practice for each team. The only workaround for this issue in Madden 25 is for the player to not practice. This sucks because we then can't develop our project players unless we start them.

*Allow Practice Injuries: Just line in the NFL, players should be able to get injured during practice, though at a smaller rate and with generally less severity. This will add a little spice to the practice, which gets pretty tedious.

* Add More Practice Options: Practice feels a lot like running errand quests in a MMORPG. It's something that gets old very quick but players do because they want the XP. Fix this by adding more variety to practice. Give options to perform practice drills instead of the standard 'scrimmage' practice in Madden 25. This would allow for variety and strategy: Players could choose to do pass-catching drills where only the eligible receivers of the team would gain XP (double if they pass the drill) but they'd get more XP than they would in a scrimmage practice. This way players could focus on developing weaker areas of the team.

* Simulated Practice: As mentioned, practice can get pretty monotonous, and players shouldn't be penalized if they skip it. Allow players to simulate practice, the results of which will yield 2k or 1k XP. Just like with simulated games, the player should be more likely to lose if they choose to simulate instead of play.


* Front Office Hiring: The front office is a key component of any team and ought to be represented in the game. Allow player to hire a GM and a President. The GM would gain XP based on free-agent, player resigning, and draft results and could spend that XP on bonuses to free agency signing, contract negotiations, and scouting. The team president wouldn't gain XP, but would give some overall financial boost to the team in the form of reduced stadium costs, increased merchandise profits, etc.

* Add Coordinators: Allow players to hire Offensive, Defensive, and Special Teams coordinators. These would all gain XP based on how their respective side of the ball performs. They could then spend the XP on perks for their respective side of the ball.

* Assignable Captains. Allow players to assign up to 2 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 2 Special Teams Captain(s). These captains would then give a small boost to offense, defense, and special teams, respectively. This player could then add a 1 or 2 point boost to all the players on offense, defense, or special teams in the statistic in which they are strongest. For example, CB captain with 99 press coverage would boost press coverage for the whole team, and a receiver with 99 route running would boost route running for the whole team (QB and RB would have to be handled differently since their top skills generally apply only to their own position anyway).


Add sliders for kick-returns and punt-returns and/or fix them. It is currently way too easy to return a kickoff and punt for a touchdown.

The spread between good and bad QBs is too great. I see starting QB opponents with 45% completion percentages. This would not fly in the NFL.

Fix the boom or bust with interceptions. Having played with sliders, I can attest that one or two points on the slider can be the difference between 1 interception thrown per game and 5 interceptions thrown per game.


Increase Scouting Points Per Season: It is currently impossible to draft in this game without cheating without there being way too much guess-work, even with the double scouting point coach bonus (which really belongs with a GM). In the NFL, teams have thoroughly constructed draft boards and a clear picture of most if not all the players in the draft. The draft, in real life, is not about guessing, it is about trying to get a good value for the picks you have, negotiating trades, etc.

Add Special Scouting Events: Allow players to spend a good portion of their total scouting XP pool (perhaps 30%) to attend the NFL Combine. By "attending" the combine, which in real life can accommodate 335 of the top college prospects, they would get the results of these players in 40-yard-dash, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3-cone-drill and shuttle run revealed to them. This can then give a clue as to the prospects attributes. It is utterly ridiculous that it costs so many scouting points to reveal a wide-receivers speed when all it takes is a stop-watch and 5 seconds in real life to figure that out. If EA wanted to get fancy, you could add events like the Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine Game, etc in which players could view the stats and box-scores of the games to get an idea of how different prospects performed in it.

More "Storyline" College Players: I enjoyed this feature and would like to see more of it.

Okay, that covers my wishlist. Feel free to add to it, agree, or disagree. I wonder if there are EA people who actually come to this forum to hear our wishes...
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Just real time everything. Injuries and replays action on the field add more presentaion. Y do we still dont have it record the number of probowls and superbowls and superbowl MVP's on every players award history.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

In a word, REALISM.

All penalties. Realistic amount of penalties. Many penalties aren't even in game.
Realistic amount of INT's and fumbles. WAY too many INT's this year.
Realistic kickoff/punting distance, coverage and return.
Realistic injuries. Lineman never get hurt. If someone gets hurt during a play you should see them pull up in the case of a hamstring injury, etc.
QB's are too accurate. Sliders must be put very low to actually see overthrows/underthrows.
WR's catch balls after taking big hits too often. WR's should drop more balls on big hits but there should also be defenseless reciever hit penalties.

EA - look at average stats for NFL seasons and model the game to return realistic results. The focus on line play was a step in the right direction. Keep up the under the hood fixes. We don't need flash, we need a football SIMULATION!
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