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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

EA Sports team should show the Nfl how they can appropriately use the de- helmeting element in the game, instead of bringing it up to them as if they want something that will intimidated players to brag about, knowing safety is important nowadays .And truly it plays a major role in the game, best believe I and the community would like to have the opposing team cause themselves a dead play keeping someone from scoring because of a lost helmet, sort of how the NBA has intentional Fouls." I'm saying the technology is there, use it appropriately if it happens let the commentators have plenty of dynamic lines expressing how important it is for the teens/Kids, and adult audience know how safety matters and how its imperative to keep there helmets on, or they will have to sit down or suffer injuries; Concussions.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

I expect the sidelines to look like this next year.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

If I am the number 1 or 2 seed in the play-offs why don't I get to practice during the bye week or the wild card round? That is what I would like to see fixed, seeing how its been wrong for two generations of CFM.


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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

EA needs to motion capture atleast 10 different passing releases and running animations.. Sick and tired of every having the same throwing motion and releases not to mention the running animations..
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Originally Posted by noplace
EA needs to motion capture atleast 10 different passing releases and running animations.. Sick and tired of every having the same throwing motion and releases not to mention the running animations..
And tackling, kicking, and running animations for defenders too.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

There are still a ton of things that I miss in this game from other games out there.

Every year I ask for simple things, every year they ignore it…

Formation subs: Allow us to set formation subs and to save these subs. Having to do it every time in game is long and tedious. Teams practice what they play and play what they practice. As such, they aren’t simply making changes on the fly on a whim. NCAA allows for this, 2K allowed for it… It just makes sense. The entire sport/game is about match ups!

2. Allow us to set defensive matchups without breaking things: There are times where you might not want your #1 CB on a #1 WR. Case in point would be if you’re matching up with Megatron. If you have an undersized #1 CB, you’d want to have a bigger body on him. Likewise, if you have an overall better, but slower #1 CB, you might not have them cover a DeShawn Jackson type WR… The entire sport/game is about matchups!

3. Any player can play any position: I’m fed up with not being able to use any player at any position. It’s stupid! And why would a punter or kicker be the only position on the field that can play as a QB? The game is filled with players that play snaps at other positions. You have Hester who played both DB and WR, you’ve got Dexter McCluster who plays both WR and HB, you’ve got Denard Robinson who’s playing RB, WR, but who played QB in college, you’ve got a ton of examples. Michael Robinson, Julian Edelman, Brad Smith, Josh Cribbs, Antwan Randle El, Kordell Stewart, or even Jimmy Graham. Another overlooked player who’s done this and done this well is Mike Furrey. Look it up! If your AI can’t deal with it, or if that breaks the offenses and defenses then that points to larger issues which should be addressed. All that I know is that any one of these guys would make better QBs that your average kicker or punter… The entire sport/game is about matchups!

4. Proper announcing: There should be a wide variety of comments that are in the game which can have the names subbed out to fit any player’s name given a situation in game, or season. There are far too many comments that are player specific and once they are removed, this is where the commentary gets lamer then lame. It also means that a lot of rookies who aren’t know, but become something in franchise or even later in the season, don’t have anything said about them at all…

5. Names, names and more names: The registry for players names is so limited that it hurts playing multiple seasons. At the very least EVERY name of a player in the game should be pronounceable by the computer. Also, the computer should be able to say several names from NFL years back. It also shouldn’t be a secret what names the computer can say… In Fight Night it shows the names the computer can say, same for 2K games, and many others as well. Why not Madden!?

6. Record breaking comments: When a player is about to break a record, the announcers should say so and say who previously held that record in the past and the stat number which is being broken. “___________ is about to break Marvin Harrison’s record for most catches in a season. Marvin had 143 catches in 2002.” All of the underlined words should be words which could be substituted to suit the needs of the record.

7. Announcers should talk about other games, players and stats as well. Talk about the league leaders in certain stats/situations.

8. Coordinators that matter: I’d like to see coordinators that have styles about them, advantages and weaknesses, and won’t change them simply because they are on a certain team. If a team doesn’t run a 3-4, and that DC does, he won’t sign unless that team starts to run a 3-4. Also, the ability to promote those coordinators to head coaches.

9. The ability to create coaches and coordinators mid franchise.

10. Have the same coaching progression system that they have in NCAA 14 with the same kinds of thing available to upgrade. There is more to coaching than simply progression of positions, signing positions, and free agents… NCAA had things like discipline (penalty control), skills boosts (run block, pass block), and consistency.

11. Have players get hot and cold in game and have their streaks impact others on the field as well, as is the case in NCAA football. It’s something that happens in real life in all facets of sports… The random hot and cold players make less sense than hot and cold streaks as a result to performances in game.

12. Get rid of the rookie faces… If you’re only going to have a limited amount of pictures in the game, it’s worse seeing the same face multiple times on your roster. A silhouette is much better in these instances and doesn’t ruin the buzz… Unless you like pretending that they’re all brothers from other mothers… Or that they all have the same fathers.

All the rest of the window dressing doesn’t matter in my opinion because if these things aren’t in place the game’s either already broken, or simply doesn’t have the longevity that it should. It’d be awesome to have some real sidelines in there, but I can make due if the announcing and cut scenes are done properly. I don’t care if so and so has a third knuckle taped on his left hand because in game, I can’t see it. I can only see it when I zoom in the replay… And really, who cares. Every year Madden focuses on this kind of stuff, and every year some features that really matter gets left out. I find it funny that people don’t care that players all run the same way, or that certain plays are broken, or certain features are missing, or mechanics are all wrong for certain things, but they care what color elastics so and so has on his dreads/braids… I agree that there should be generic tats, and faces should be spot on.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Originally Posted by Trick13
EA needs to contact the various studios and gain access to the audio recordings of the "broadcast teams" and then utilize current technology to "cut" these audio recordings and redo the code for when they play.

The idea of having these "personalities" come in to do "studio" work is antiquated at best.

Utilizing material already recorded and recorded in real NFL game scenarios is far and away a better option - not to mention it would very likely be cheaper. I am sure that the personalities would still require a "paycheck" for their likeness being used, but zero "studio" time would mean a smaller paycheck and greater variety for us the consumer...
This would be great, but the audio would be highly contaminated by background crowd noise, music, etc. from the stadium.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

don't know if this had been mentioned but how about practice squads.
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