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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Originally Posted by spidertour02
This would be great, but the audio would be highly contaminated by background crowd noise, music, etc. from the stadium.

That is really not an issue - simple fix - technology exists that allows sound to be "isolated", background noise to be eliminated, it isn't even a challenge for above average sound technicians - so not a valid excuse.

Even if background noise was a major factor, which rest assured it is not, clips with "discernible" backgrounds (team specific chants, PA announcer or what have you) could be cut and unused.

I doubt it is even a problem at all because of the way sound is recorded at NFL games - the commentators are typically in a booth - meaning their commentary is recorded separately of other game noise - you think you hear it organically along side commentary, but in actuality it is being fed in to the overall sound at differing levels - that is part of the monstrous board you see when they show the broadcast's director and crew...
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

1) Collision detection needs and overhaul, tired of seeing momentum not even playing a factor when it comes to these plays on the field as they're happening. Weight and momentum along with physics doesnt even play a part in this in which case if it did, the outcomes would be great and better than what we have.

2) Dynamic gameplay as promised yrs ago... Tired of seeing the exact same results from the exact same play and formation being ran over and over again with no regard to awareness of the defending team. Makes ratings and things like that seem to be there for show.

3) QB's running animations and throwing while running needs to be tuned...as a matter of fact just overhaul it with these adjustments...

QB's that are not known for running and are not very agile when it comes to running- Make it so that this is mimic'd in the actual game, Peyton Manning is not a scrambler and the whole world knows this but yet in madden he can elude the best of them along with a few other notable QBs who do the same thing.

QB's that are known for running and can actually run- Make it so, that the ratings reflect their skill base here. Not too many QB's can throw that good on the run let alone when they're not mobile.

RB's, the way I play defense is based on the QB and the RB, and going by this my logic goes as...

RB- Speed Back? Power Runner? Can he get deep and catch? Does this game make it easy for Speed Backs to get outside?

Going by that is how I play my defense as a lot of people just run stretches and counters all game because its too effective and the defense is nerfed to the point you have to cheese in order to play.

Chemistry: Has to be an aspect of this game, it just seems like you dont have to establish any type of rhythm in this game to get the ball moving and keep your opponent on their toes.

Presentation as always but if the rating continue not to mean anything, then why even bother with them in the first place.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

I just started getting back into Madden 13 for PS3 the last couple of days and there is a feature I think would make Connected Carreers - Player Mode a bit more enjoyable. Well there are a lot of things that have been already mentioned to make it better but one I think could be beneficial is some sort of a Bench Equation - let me explain.

Brief Rundown of 1st Two Season as Starting QB
I am the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns for the fact my Overall Rating is 77 vs the next in line being 72. Now this is all well and good(not perfect) that the highest rated player gets the nod to start the season. My rookie year I led the team to a dismal 9-7 record while posting 40 TDs and 58 INTs(yeah I know -and I won Rookie of the year, seems flawed) - I was winning some what but my performance was inconsistent(I acutally seem to be playing like the real Cleveland QBs).

This year we have dropped our 1st 3 games and I am at 8 TDs and 12 INTs with 2 rushing TDs. Now with that info above the 10 total TDs seems good right? But with 12INTs...not so great. Especially in the 1st game of the season I threw 3 - 1st Half INTs. The next two games were lost by 3 points or less but I still threw 7 INTs in those two games.

Bench Equation Idea
To me my stock should be falling and the Coach should be considering benching me for at least a drive, a quarter...a game. Obviously there would need to be a mathematical formula for this but I think it could add a lot to Madden for those of us want a little more realism. I just like the difficulty this could add to the game and the learning curve it would add knowing you could be benched. It would make you a smarter player I would think.

anyway just thought I'd add this
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

Bring back franchise mode. I want to control everyone on the field.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

In depth owner mode or franchise mode

Created draft classes with the option to randomize a class after u run out of real classes to create.

More depth to ratings add in personalities and chemistry

Fix the progression regression

Fix the ridiculous goals for players which leads to regression of young guys.

Real life cb and wr interactions

Realistic qb throws(not everyone should be Tom Brady)

Bring back personality traits other than the ones they left.

An option to have the old style progression without the xp.

Better player models

Realistic face scans..

Better sideline action

Better crowd action and realistic clothing other than 3-4 diff people over and over.

Better commentary without talking about Peyton manning after he has retired.

Defensive assignments

Penalty sliders and player sliders that work correctly

Fix pursuit angles

A weekly wrap up show would be cool especially with espn rights why not have a sports center update if 2k could produce this on college hoops I'm pretty sure u guys are capable.

Realistic scouting show 40 times and other drill times how many reps a guy benches etc.

Combines and individual workouts.

Realistic roster set ups where u have to set a game day roster who dresses and who doesn't

Realistic pass interference.

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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

I would like the ability to create game faces for friends and family and add them to the "rookie" class for Connected Careers.

How cool would it be to change the incoming rookies to people you know. Then you'd see those stories and faces on the "News" page or whatever it is called. I guess just allow us to edit incoming rookies, names and faces. Attributes can be locked still...it would be too easy to cheat otherwise.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 PS4/XB1 Wishlist

More in Depth stats for players and teams for CCM.

- Team Records for tracked NFL Records so they can be broken. You hear on TV - "He just set the most rushing yards in a game by a 49er"(NCAA Football 12 Fame) Side note: Do not have them reset to defaults if your player retires or gets traded. Connected Careers goes on for more than the life of one player/coach
- Career Highs and Lows would be great
- Season Highs and lows
- Stat overlays in game are not cancelled out by the "X" as we are always hitting "X" to run our players to the line. Make it a not so common button.

I do not like my career stats are all bunched into two things. Season stats and Career stats. I want my Career stats to be listed by separate years. Like a Football Card or something.

Just look at NBA 2K series to use this as an example. They have many season and many games listed in their stats. You can backtrack the last 10 games if you want. Madden needs this kid of depth for stat guys.
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