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PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

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PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

For the lack of a better word to describe the movement and sense of player weight in the game, I would say it feels rather ......well mushy.

Im on the PS4 version and I have to say, I am somewhat dissapointed with the sense of player weight in the Next Gen game that alot of people had bragged about....I just dont feel it. To be fair, I think it is better than Madden 13 and 25 PS3 version movement which felt like players were gliding above the field.

This game players do a better job of planting their feet but the sensation of player weight and lack of real solid impact when player's interact, give the overall sensation that the controls and player movement feel's mushy.

Im not sure if its a combination of a few factors such as the random silent tackles that occur when players make contact but their is no oooomph, or pads colliding sound effects....just silence.

I dont know if its the wonkyness that still haunts some of the player movements when running and the way they seem to easily go down with the slightest interaction with either the opposing defender or even their own offensive linemen.

Or maybe its the unnatural way many of the tackles occur where players arent realistically wrapping their arms around the ball carrier and bringing them down to the ground....Many of the tackles result in forearm barges or collisions that send the ball carrier rolling forward.

Sometimes, I really think the Ignite Physics engine has less variety than the actual pre rendered scripted tackles of past Maddens. At least these tackles were scripted in a way that made the collisions look and feel natural and they added alot of variety to the various ways a player could get tackled. Im not seeing so much of that with Madden 25 Next Gen

I think the Mushy overall feel of the player movements, collisions, and weight are a combination of all of these factors and need some more tweaking to really start to capture more variety and immersive sense of impact as well as "In the Trenches" feel to the game play.

Right now Im like...."ehhhhh" when Im playing the game rather than...."Hot Damn!"

Am I off base here?

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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

100% agree........ I fell like everyone is robotic and runs in quick sand. Not sure how to fix this
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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

I do see your point to some aspects but most of the time I'm like damn this looks great compared to anything we have ever had before.
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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

I agree about the tackling animations. No matter where the ball carrier is or how fast they are going they always seemed to get tackled and knocked a yard and a half backwards by a shoulder. It seems if you hold the truck stick down or just before a tackle it opens up more varied tackling animations which to me kind of defeats the purpose of the whole ignite engine.
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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

I dont care about how mushy the run animations feel, the game plays great and on top of that the freestyle type plays/players are very far and few between online in this game.

It takes some getting used to as you are still jaded by the slipping and sliding running animations from previous maddens. Not everything is money nor guaranteed yardage. U have to fight for every inch and thats something most of us have been clamoring for over the last decade or so.

If anything, the run game needs a little bit of fine tuning and if you watch actual football you would see its almost identical more than its not.

My true concern is the morphing of defenders getting to the ball carrier. I see corners and safeties that were nowhere near the play making the play and this is on run plays up the gut. Maybe collision detection needs to be fixed too, im sure thats what it is.
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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

Originally Posted by Mizzou24
I do see your point to some aspects but most of the time I'm like damn this looks great compared to anything we have ever had before.
If there wasnt a barometer already set that exists today, I would tend to agree with you...but, after playing a game like NBA 2K14, you can really see how much more Madden should be doing in terms of creating that Next Level of immersion on these consoles

Now Im not simply talking about the high resolution models and textures here...altho they do look great, Im going a little further and deeper here. NBA 2K does a wonderful job of creating player variety and distinctions to really make each team and player possess unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. And the use of the next generation of consoles allows them to really open up this area of the game

Now I understand Basketball may be an easier sport to individualize player characteristics, attributes, strengths and weaknesses vs football...but still,

Madden can and should be doing so much more at this point in their 25 year career to put more focus on this area. Players should have more distinct running styles, QB tendencies, etc....WR's shouldn't all simply be lumped into either possession or speedsters. There should be so many more intangibles and nuances that get designed into each player forcing the user to make logical and thought provoking decisions that include tradeoffs of such characteristics this is what really makes it fun and dynamic!! And you should be rewarded by seeing these subtle distictions playing out differently every time on the field! .... This is what keeps us coming back for more!

Madden does have the many different attributes and player ratings to provide such distinctions but they dont seem to really translate all that organically and dynamically on the field..

Sorry to get off on another tangent, but next to my original physics observations above, this is the one single area that really needs improvement in the game to take it to a much deeper more dynamic level of gameplay

Basically, if you stripped off the uniforms of any of these Madden Matchups and I didnt see the players names under would never ever be able to guess at which players and teams are playing because they all feel like carbon copies of each other.

Many sports games have a lot of "Little Things" that add that extra touch to make you say, wow, these developers really have a keen eye on the nuances of this sport. In Madden, you dont see much of these extra touches

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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

Couldn't have said it better man. I'm not really sure, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they utilize the same guy for all of the running animations. I would suggest at the least, three different guys to capture animations from. Thats not for the complete offense and defense, I'm talking three different guys for EACH position. The budget should include

1. 3 actors for RB

2. 3 actors for WR (to save funds use them for TEs also)

3. 3 actors for OL (they'll do ALL of the OL positions)

4. 3 actors for DL (same as above)

5. 3 actors for DB (same guys can do both CB and S)

6. 3 actors for LB

Put the add out there and I'm sure they can get volunteers for reasonable prices. Some folks might even do it for free. Must have a background in football of course. Make sure that different heights and weights are specified. Boom, get er done.
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Re: PS4 Player movement, and running is ....Mushy

I completely agree with the OP. I also cant believe that im still seeing tackle animations where the Def player is running into the ball carrier with his arms hanging straight down the sides of his body. There is no excuse for still seeing that animation.
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