What is it with EA football games and the CB alignment?

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What is it with EA football games and the CB alignment?

Title says it all. I love this years madden but for as long as they have been making football games they have screwed up cb alignment so bad that it more often than not makes the CPU and my defense frustrating beyond relief. I mean the cb is so up in the wr face that no wonder it's easy to burn them. If I try to give a lil cushion the safeties and the cb's back so far back that it still screws me and the CPU. I wish when I play man the cb would align a lil bit off the WR about. 4 yards or so. I should be able to adjust the cb and safeties separately. Instead I can burn the " in your face alignment" every time which is an exploit that sucks. Try it. Do any pass play, doesn't mAtter. Once on the line press audible and choose last play and this for some reason auto triggers the CPU to align in that "in your face man." Send the wr on the fly and throw that sharp back shoulder fade that works every time. If it's one safety over the top then it's a td almost every time. I hate it. If the cb would just play man but off the wr tie game would be much tougher. I might be 0-2 in my ccm right now
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Re: What is it with EA football games and the CB alignment?

It seems to get no attention but i admit i have to adjust this at every snap and it is frustrating.

No only their different variations but it makes coverage some what predictable and some routes hard to cover.

Something they need to adjust CB alignment to the alignment of the ball(wide side-short side of field).

Outside technique or inside.

3 yards off or 5-10 yards off..

Something more sophisticated to replicate what is seen on Sundays(or Saturdays for CFB if they ever make it again-whoever does) and this could really make the game lessen the shootouts that happen far too often.
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Re: What is it with EA football games and the CB alignment?

Alignment is terrible all together. The auto align to twins is horrid it should be the opposite. Base until choosing to Man Align.

you can do indy coverage assignment on WR to give cushion while keeping the safeties home.

I'm wondering why there isn't an option to show "cover 2" or "cover 3" to try and trick the offense more. The defense kind of does this on it's own but I would like to be given control of this.

I'm not a fan of the current coverage mechanic in this game. the separation of post routes is absolutely absurd.

The players execute their assignments as if they playing 1-on-1 in the street between the light post.
In a 2 man under. My corner knows that a safty is roaming deep on the hash mark. He has help on the deep inside His goal is to not give up leverage deep to the outside. Or if I adjust my safeties position vice versa. Instead he plays as if he doesn't have any help at all.

Everytime I see a deep post completed against 2 man under I cringe. Teams run this defense to force everything underneath and force the opposing QB to be patient. yet in madden routes that should be open 5% of the time against that coverage are open 80% of the time.

They completely eliminated double team plays from most of the playbooks because all it was, was 2 DBs mirroring each other in coverage. Instead of playing as a team and covering inside-out.

This area of the game must be addressed in 15

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