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Re: Madden NFL 15: Hands-On Impressions

Originally Posted by tril
are penalties improved, especially pass interference?

I believe it has been mentioned that they are not improved, but the developers know about the issue and hope to fix it for 16.
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Hands-On Impressions

Originally Posted by CM Hooe
Rex Dickson has name-dropped at least three active NFL players who were consulted when designing various features of this year's game, including Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton and Steelers' linebacker Stevenson Sylvester. (I think the third was Steelers' CB Cortez Allen, not 100% sure though).

tl;dr - they are already doing this.
I can't explain how much I really hope they do this more. IMO, they should just scrap the GC program all together and work on getting guys who have played and coached football at the highest levels in to help them work on certain aspects.
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Hands-On Impressions

Reading this has me somewhat excited, but unfortunately, I dont believe much of it. The things that get touted every year dont actually work in the game, then the following year, tiburon admits that none of it worked the year before. How many times is the coverage going to have to be re-written? Also, the blocking against three man rushes seems to not have been fixed. This results in everyone playing quarters all game. What happened to the adaptive AI that was touted against repeated routes? I mean, at what point is this considered false advertisement officially? If all of these things actually worked, madden would really be a nice game of football. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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Re: Madden NFL 15: Hands-On Impressions

I want to believe in this game and believe all the hype but... I just can't. EA has made a ton of promises before and they always seem to find a way to jip us. I was watching the gameplay footage and while the graphics do look vastly improved, the problem remains that its basically new models using the same animations. IMHO the ignite physics engine is garbage. They need to just re-build Madden completely from the ground up instead of constantly adding bits and pieces to the same pile of crap. The game looks even more stiff in some ways. Watch the video and pay close attention to the animations. It still moves with a weird floaty stiffness until there's a pile up and players are flopping all over the place like crash dummies. I was hoping we would really see more natural flowing animations that represented true human movement. I mean this is next gen. I hope at least the defensive additions aren't just a trend and OP'd. But again, we will see.
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Hands-On Impressions

Originally Posted by MossMan84
Question: When playing on defense can you play with the traditional camera views? Dont tell me you are stuck playing D facing the offense?

You will be able to play on any of the Camera Views while on Defense.
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Re: Madden NFL 15: Hands-On Impressions

Originally Posted by Smoke6
Fully agree, training wheels need to be removed and the QB stuff is well needed, oh how im so tired of seeing people just take off and make there own plays with the QB and be successful at cross shoulder throws.
If it's cpu vs cpu (if that's possible) or with that auto pass parameter, number of ints should statistically reflect the int averages in real life. Otherwise the game is already off the mark. If someone controls the QB and does stupid things, then I agree with you.
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I don't know if it's a big deal to anybody,but I'm hoping when you play a game in franchise mode ,you can at least change the uniform for the opponent your playing and not just your team! You used to be able to do that when you played a franchise game! I really like being able to do that,and it bothers me that you can no longer do that. I know that probably sounds trivial and probably isn't a big deal to a lot of people.
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One major concern I have is the cheapness of the defense. I noticed in the E3 build during the niners vs seahawks match up there was a 3 man rush with 2 double teams. Here's where it all fell apart. The middle rusher split the double team fairly easily. The blockers made no attemp to maintain or pursue their protection. The edge rusher on the far left that was also being double teamed just simply walked right around the two blockers who made NO attempt to maintain protection. Both linemen stood facing down the field hip to hip in the same stance. The edge rusher on the far right was player controlled and basically used that new jump-the-snap feature to beat his man. So now, you have all three defensive linemen coming through the line with relative ease even though the offense had what should have been full protection. It should never be that easy for a 3 man rush to get into the back field. So my concern is that we are getting the same exact f*ck'd up line play as before, only now the defense is way OP's further exacerbating the issue. I would like to see better trap blocking. Blocking down field with true awareness where your linemen and or TE don't run right past an immediate threat on run plays. Double teams that actually work and offensive linemen that continue to struggle and pursue the defensive player even if they manage to get past them. Not just stand still looking down the field as if to say, oh well he got by me, not my problem anymore. That would get you benched or kicked off the team in RL. I just want realistic simple football logic. To be honest, we wouldn't even need the OP defense if the game functioned as it was meant to. Football plays should play out based on intelligence and technique. Defensive schemes and assignments, not pure bull rush power buttons. Another concern with this new OP defense is that not all teams have the Seahawks defense so not all teams should be brick walls. Also, did they address player stats being more meaningful? There should be no possible way 240 to 250 pound linebacker should be pushing around a 310 pound offensive linemen with relative ease like we saw in the demo.

I know I'm listing a lot of concerns and thoughs and I have a ton more but I want the SIMULATION that was boldly promised by Mr. Rex Dickson. If it's going to truly represent the sport then make it a sim and make me forget about any old game, we all know which one, that was considered a better representation of the sport. My fear is that we won't see the game evolve into the game we all want until they move on from the ignite engine. There are inherent issues with it that most likely just can't be changed. or would take a ton of re-coding which I'm sure EA is unwilling to do. But, we will see. If Madden is all we have then make it worth being the only boss on the yard.
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