The Tackling in Madden 15 is ATROCIOUS!

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Re: The Tackling in Madden 15 is ATROCIOUS!

I swear the first person to make contact with the ball carrier must be carrying a hidden bucket of grease and they splash it all over the ball carrier so that everyone else that comes in contact just slides right off.
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Re: The Tackling in Madden 15 is ATROCIOUS!

Originally Posted by GiantBlue76
Something as subtle as having bigger guys pull up and maybe bend over to catch their breath. Add some individuality. THis is one of the biggest immersion killers in Madden. It reminds me of games like 10 yard fight where all of the players on the field moved in perfect harmony, completely synchronized. When you are running with the ball you will see the entire defense going to the ball like a herd of cattle. THis may seem like one of those "little things", but it goes a long way in giving the players life and differentiation...
Completely agree, except I don't think it's a little thing.

On a breakout run, it just looks silly. When you realize the pursuit & synchonization is this way all the time, on every play, it shines a light on how poorly the defense is programmed. This is why pursuit on short & intermediate runs is off. No assignments. No awareness. Just chase.

And these are things that make some of us say the game hasn't changed much. Like you said, this phenomenon goes back to games like 10 Yard fight, Tecmo and every other early football game. There are fundamental aspects of Madden that appear to be untouched for 2 or more generations of gaming.

But regarding breakout runs, very few defenders end up trailing the ball carrier. Most are attemtping to head him off at some point, and that point is based on the length of the run, speed of the ball carrier & speed of the defender. And yeah, slower guys tend to pull up once their angle is beat.

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