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Originally Posted by MMChrisS
Current agreement doesn't allow for anyone but EA to make console football, not even first party...assuming terms are the same as they were when it was initially signed, which there's no indication that isn't the case.
Why doesn't someone, who is super wealthy, just jump on board with 2K, and purchase the rights from the NFL, and make the DAMN game already? Rich people do play videogames too...(maybe)
You look at rich people around the world, throwing away money like a Kleenex, everyday ie. Big parties, a dozen fancy cars; 3 or more Mistress'; failing Major League franchises; Crappy restaurant chains! Why can't they give Us something that resembles the NFL? (my plea) lol
Well, madden it is.
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Originally Posted by apollon42
This makes me sad. I saw gang tackling, proper route running, real time injuries, ect. And the game is 6 years old ...
There's an awful game on the Xbox360 arcade called Avatar Football. I played the demo to try to fulfill my starving need for quality football. It was thoroughly awful.

What it did do however, was create a 32 team league with names like "Denver Stallions", Oakland Pirates". The NFL team colors are ALMOST copied. Players are either white guys or black guys. Teams can be renamed though, as can players.

If 2K quietly licensed their AP2K8 or NFL 2K5 gameplay code to that indie developer to replace the awful gameplay that currently exists, I would easily drop $60 on that download and never look at madden again.
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

the nature of the beast from my pov is how bad the ps3 versions of madden have been had mostly soured the product. back when the ps2 madden( up to 09 the last one i played) they had some ok stuff like for franchise or what not. i had both 2k5 and madden 05 and i enjoyed both thouroughly. both had things that the other didnt but that was fine to me. now fast foward to the ps3 era especially madden 11-14. the game has gone down hill.( simpler, quicker, deeper anyone?) trying to cater to causals. m12 was a glitchfest especially with the create a teams that i sold it within three weeks. i was vastly disappointed. then 25 introduces the infinity engine and i couldnt even run for 5 yards without someone falling. for me, ncaa 14, i spent many many many hours on that game and im still playing it i havent touched madden in months and im in my 2nd season in cfm( draft logic is dumb) on ncaa? year 16. 14 was a few patches away from being a great game. madden is losing its luster and i hate how the nfl is so gripped for money whereas other sports have/had multiple games. do i want madden to get better? yea, do i want another nfl game? oh yea. but its just te way it is. blitz, 2k, xtreme, gameday, fever...never comin back

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I want to punch them all in the face for bringing up the idea of exclusivity. Screw off EA. You haven't seen my money since 2006!
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Originally Posted by Jakeness23
Why doesn't someone like 2K or SCEA, or SOMEBODY, make a generic game? Give us the gameplay, with some fictional teams, and give us really in-depth create-a-team/create-a-player modes? Then we could create the NFL, the NCAA, whatever, and they save money by not having to pay for a license. I mean, is it just me, or would that not be the simplest thing to do?
A generic game won't sell to the majority. The die-hard sim football fans will purchase the came but that isn't enough. 2K is in the business of making money. They tried this already for APF2K8 and look what happened. Two updates for Xbox and only one for PS3 and that was it. A pile of cow dookie with Madden and NFL's name on it will outsell a generic masterpiece. Thats just the why it is. The average/casual football gamer is only concerned withThe Shield...NFL logo.
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Still this doesnt stop someone from making a generic game now and building on it until they can get a share of the license! Maybe if 2k wouldve put out a game every 2-3yrs or so it would be amazing by now and giving madden a run for its money! This just baffles me to death. You cant tell me there isnt a market for another football game even if its not licensed! 90% of every comment I ever read about madden from every website, gamesites, facebook, youtube, ect. is a negative-bashing comment, so another game would sell maybe not as much as madden but enough to turn a profit. Wish I could win the powerball because I would fund the game and you all would be on my development team.
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I feel that some of you all just need to go back to playing APF2K8. Its still playable online, but with no lobbies. Just stick to core group of guys and keep playing against them. A select few of us are hexing teams to replicate the NFL as best as we can. I have a website that has 50+ teams that are playable online. I go in and reprogram the generic players into different postions, change throwing motions, play-action motions, running animations, etc. The site is www.destroapf2k8rosters.webstarts.com. Look me up on Xbox Live as DarkLord Destro. The dudes I roll with are always looking for new straight-up/sim ballers who are about real football. EA can have the license...I'm not tripping on it. I'll keep creating NFL-like teams and play them online for APF.
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Originally Posted by vision
I might have agreed with this five years ago, but I think the average consumer (gamer) deserves more credit. It's not that difficult to go on youtube to see the latest videos of madden, and how flawed it has been over the years. Especially in comparison to quality products like nba2k, MLB the show. We are in the golden years of the free Information age. I think the younger kids that just want to cheese you in online games may not care about the details, but most knowledgable football fans.. I believe.. Want a representative product.
I don't think anything has changed in the last 5 years except that there are tons of videos; the same types of people who didn't care about all the sim issues then still don't care about them now because they're simply a different type of person with different motivations for playing the game, and different expectations for what they want out of it.

And based on a lot of the ridiculous conversations I see at a lot of sites pertaining to the sport of football, especially on YouTube videos, I think you greatly overestimate how many knowledgeable fans there actually are. If anything, I think the average football fan today is greatly dumbed down despite their being more media available. I swear, if one more person tries to convince me that Randy Moss is better than Jerry Rice, I'm going to lose it.

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