EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

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Old 06-14-2014, 10:57 AM   #161
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2K as of right now is way better then LIve for basketball
2k Could probably make a decent football game
but 2k failed at hockey and the EA game is still pretty weak
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Old 06-14-2014, 11:02 AM   #162
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Originally Posted by roadman
And as a result of the price slashing, there were reports that the NFL didn't appreciate that.
Bingo! 2K cheapened the product!

There would be no glaring impetus for the NFL to give exclusive rights If 2K and EA were using the same price points.

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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Originally Posted by JaymeeAwesome
I agree. I think the NFL saw that 2k was lowering the NFL brand and it made them realize that they needed exclusivity to make sure their brand was sold at a premium cost. EA probably saw the same thing and approached them. I now blame 2K for why we have no competition in football gaming. I can now see that when the NFL opens it up again, 2k may be denied license rights.
When the NFL opens it back up again? The NFL is married to EA now for better or worse until death do them part. EA won't face the possibility of a challenger for several more years. The ps4 will be at least 5 years old and any new game will have to be built from scratch since even APF will be 10 years old. The new game will also take 2 years of development just to deliver anything at all.

At that point, I don't see why EA would want to go exclusive. The NFL will wish 2k would want the license because how can they ask a premium price if you only have 1 potential buyer?

The situation just sucks to me. No matter how many improvements madden makes, it takes me 2 games at most to be just as competitive as I was with last year's version. It just gets boring to play. It makes me ill think this is all I'm ever going to get for football again.
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Originally Posted by bxphenom7
Someone take me to a another alternate universe where 2k still makes football games. This is ridiculously disheartening but I will continue to not purchase Madden games. I was going to wait for Madden to get its **** together, and close to the level NFL 2k5 was......a decade ago! But screw it, I'm not buying Madden at all, no matter the quality it reaches, and honestly, I feel confident in predicting it won't reach NFL 2k5's quality this gen. There needs to be competition. That's that.
Same here, man. Madden 06 (PS2 version) was the last NFL game I ever purchased...and that was because I was curious to see how EA's offering would fare since they had just began the exclusivity. For the first time in my life, I had skipped an entire console generation (the PS3/X360 era) without purchasing a single NFL based videogame. And as long as EA/NFL keeps this up and we're left with an arcade-sim as the lone option, I foresee this as becoming the second console generation that I won't be purchasing a football game. Fortunately for me, NFL 2K5 has still been holding up and getting PT to this day.
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Fact of the matter is EA sould be SAME that were Still compairing there now Next Gen Game to a Game that was made 8yrs ago. it truly a DAMN SaMe!!!
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Originally Posted by spankdatazz22
I don't completely disagree, but understand Sage's point. The situation is somewhat similar to what Microsoft was doing when it was consolidating it's power base; it squashed competition. Until the government stepped in to slow their anti-competitive ways. People hated Microsoft for many of it's business practices. If Microsoft could eliminate Apple, should it? If Microsoft had eliminated Apple, do products like the iPhone or iPad ever get created? For sure, technology doesn't evolve in the way it has. Apple wasn't always the monster it is now - it was a big deal when Microsoft invested $150million to help prop up Apple (but mainly to keep the government off it's back for it's anti-competitive ways):


In the end it benefited both companies as they pushed themselves to make better products. Microsoft isn't anywhere near as reviled as it used to be, in part because they've made good products to make up for "what might've been".

Imo EA was following that same blueprint, but they haven't stepped up to make a superior product. They did what they did to kill competition, but they never did what they needed to make people forget/move on. This situation is solely their own fault. I was a huge 2K football fan and I'm bitter about what EA did. But like many others I would purchase both games because there were things in either I liked/disliked. Most people would've moved on if EA/Tiburon had done like other companies and stepped up to the plate - they haven't. Anytime I see people say "but Madden's getting better!"... it's supposed to get better. The question is where should it be. I have to post this:

Look at the interaction. Look at how organic the player movement and interaction is. Look at the sideline interaction. Listen to the play-by-play. Go to the 5:16mark and look at the replay presentation. Then understand, this isn't where Madden is (imo) even now - nor where it should be, which is 7yrs and a next gen console generation beyond this. This isn't even a licensed game, nor was it a fully 2K-efforted endeavor. That's why some people get bitter. And it's made to be worse when you have a the guy in charge of Madden puffing his chest out like they've accomplished something, and making hollow challenges.
Watching this vid just is disappointing. All 2k had to do was upgrade this game. They must not care about modding so you can add real payers and teams. This game looks so fluid I thought it was a real game till it got up close. I can't get with those controls. Or the graphics. But put an updated version of that out and I'm sure people would but. They just have to market it correctly. Tell everyone how to make it real. May sell it only as a DLC and release a demo. Is easier advertising on the console. Your she to see it in the Today menu on the PS.

This is depressing loll. The running, blocking, catch animations etc. Put that out today with all of the controls we have, man listen.

The only people to blame is 2k an us. We how demand then to fee make this man whose about to pay a game from 7 years so. This also shows that a game should be able to last forever. Greed killed games. 2k killed them stores by not being greedy. I don't understand why someone hasn't gone to 2k and said do a kick starter, we raid the money they need to make amature football and basketball, AND Pro football games. Then we go from there. Even they pry that over the first year make some upgrades to where they can you got a great game. We just have to be able to add teams and logos. Like backbreaker. Full post session mode, enough team does to mimic the real thing. They just make the shell leave the rest to us.

That would be perfect in my opinion.

I'm gonna start a hash tag on 2k twitter. #bringbackfootballwithusandkickstarter

Let's flood em. At least put out the sorry and so crying like girls. Lol Lombardi
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

It appears to me that 2k created this situation with their tactics of price slashing. This was an attempt to be cute and take the market share from EA and it back fired. Madden may not be the game a lot of us want, but 2k is to blame. EA fired back and gave 2k some of their own medicine. If 2k would have never opened that door and threatened the NFL brand, MAYBE an exclusive deal would not have come into play.
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It's up, #bringbackchoopswithus&kickstarter and #bringbackAPFwithus&kickstarter honestly we don't need a license. Just a team builder option and full customization. Online play with custom teams, if they pretty APF it may be better than madden today. They will need to update some IMO though. But it's worth a shot, now we see who really is bout it.. If 2k responds, they don't need to get the money up. They will have dedicated sales, all they need to do is agree. I need college hoops in my life, and college football, and that APF just looks way more fluid than madden. Madden looks great, but with time so can APF. LOOK AT THEIR BASKETBALL
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