EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

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Old 06-13-2014, 12:29 PM   #25
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

I wish I didn't like football so much so I wouldn't have to give EA my money every august. Lost a lot of respect for Rex here, but my love of football won't let me hold back from buying.

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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Originally Posted by elgreazy1
I honestly think he was tired of hearing about 2K and got caught up in the moment.

How would you all feel if you put immense time, effort and energy into something only to have an audience of naysayers keep saying your work isn't good enough?
LOL well make it good enough or better and people wouldn't do that and that's a fact.

I don't see people that play the Show always comparing the current version to say MVP 2005 and saying how the latter was so much better. I don't see anyone comparing NBA 2k14 to say Lakers vs Celtics. I don't see anyone comparing NHL to Blades of Steel. These comparisons are not made because the current games, even with their flaws are far superior to the previous ones. Bottom line make a superior game in EVERY way and they won't hear it. In addition, these comparisons are the price they have to eat because their corporate team eliminated all the competition. So all eyes are on you jack and when you don't produce it make it look that much worse.
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What would 2K football look like now? Always online for single player, crap online servers and VC everywhere.
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Personally I think it's really a overblown thing.
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Originally Posted by dkp23
I wasn't aware of Rex Dickson until i saw the youtube video of him screaming at the screen about how they were not making an arcade game and making a football simulation. It was cringeworthy and corny.

Then to hear about the challenge to 2k, wow, i believe NFL put it up for bid and EA won, so not sure how he thinks 2k can buy the licenese if they have the exclusive contract? who knows.

Maybe one day we will see another 2k vs ea battle, i was a huge supporter of madden, then madden 06/07/08/09 etc came out and at that point, you come to expect disappointment. Glad the cones back tho

that's about when i stopped playing madden, at the start of the last-gen. That's when the game was still good, at least
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So now we know the truth... REX yells at 2k 2000miles away
. Probably how he grew up. We 2k still has my money for 15. Well you can't extended forever, but what do you expect from cowards
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

Originally Posted by SageInfinite
Lost all respect for Rex. Definitely won't be supporting Madden now.
I agree. This was a clown move on his part.

Yes, he as asked a question. That doesn't mean he should have handled it like that. That is like me going up to a blind kid in a wheelchair and screaming in his face "COME AT ME BRO!"

At the end of the day, it isn't that huge a deal, I just think it makes the him and his team look pretty bad. I would be confident too if I knew there was literally no way for my game to be challenged.

I was disappointed when people said they thought the interview was great. Everyone has a right to their opinion, not saying they are wrong for that view, just like I am not wrong for being disappointed. Just saying, I think the guy comes off like a real clown.
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Re: EA Still Owns the NFL License Exclusively

I hope madden gets exclusivity forever, I LOVE MADDEN!!!!
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