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I Just Can't Do This

You know, looking at these video previews for Madden this year, and thinking about the fact that I don't even know if I want the new consoles at this point, I'm just dissapointed man. Hell I honestly thought Madden 25 was somewhat of an improvement (from Madden 11 the last one I had before that). But Madden 15 at this point, it has NO new features that most people would care about, its the same goddamn tackle animations I've been seeing every year that I've ever played any EA football game. For ****s sake I never even played football and I can tell Madden isn't even close to real life.

The graphics are good but honestly its the year 2014 they HAVE to be amazing. They just have to on a new release in this day and age. But NO OTHER FEATURES ARE GOOD! Why should someone spend 60 bucks on this? There's literally nothing that should exite any football fan. The players move like they have problems. Even the running looks awkard like it's Superman running down a hallway and honestly thats the only thing that looks better at all.

The Infinity Engine was supposed to fix this. It didn't. It has done nothing. There is no real differnce bewteen this an 11 other then some graphical ****. I'm disgusted. EA duped me and so many other people who go out and buy this wack game. Wow.

EDIT: Don't even get me started on these tackles though. Geez it's like getting tacled by a vacuum cleaner, or getting sucked into a mini black hole...
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Re: I Just Can't Do This

On point honestly. Where we are now... Madden should look and play NOTHING like last generation.

There hasn't been a WOW factor since... Hell... I don't even remember.

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Re: I Just Can't Do This

No reason this couldn't go in any other of the impressions / media / preview threads.

Christopher Hooe
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