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Re: Rumor vs Facts

Originally Posted by CM Hooe
Such is the nature of the video game industry nowadays, what with Season Passes, map packs, and DLC in general. At least the Ultimate Team / MyTeam gameplay modes are reasonably well-designed in terms of how a team is built.

Correcting this before anyone unnecessarily panics (because someone invariably will, even though I'm pretty sure what I'm about to describe is exactly what you meant): in the gameplay videos provided, the user can very clearly still substitute players in a given formation from the play call screen when choosing plays by formation (or package on offense). What I'm guessing this refers to is the lack of an outside-of-game formation substitution interface, similar to what existed on the PlayStation 2 Madden games or within the later versions of the NCAA Football series on the XBOX 360 / PS3.

For the record, I'm still not happy with this development.
My bad for the confusion. That's what I meant.

I wish they would allow the changes to save from game to game. For example if I subbed my receiving RB into a shot gun formation during the first game of the season he stayed there until I changed it. They had this a few games ago.
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Re: Rumor vs Facts

Originally Posted by ggsimmonds
See to me this falls under the umbrella of a rumor and not a fact. At any rate it is not a big deal to me because A) I don't care who is on the cover and, B) I have no interest in MUT.

If this is to be a fact vs rumor thread, I request that all facts be supported by sources. Regarding formation subs and their presence in the game, could we have a link to where Clint said this? That way we know context and we don't have to speculate as to what he actually meant(as that is how rumors develop).

ON the issue of formation subs, I will be very unhappy if they still have not given us the ability to set subs outside of the game. NCAA had it. No excuse for them not doing it.
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@KMart2180 could be either, but we didn't do either this year. We aware of the desire, didn't happen though for 15
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