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Re: Players with wrong contracts

Getting this thread back on topic as so it is actually useful to the OP -

This thread is NOT a discussion of Madden NFL's contract mechanics in Connected Franchise. This thread is only a request for information about any NFL player contracts which are egregiously incorrect with respect to total money, signing bonus, and duration - comparing between Madden NFL 25 and real life - so that these values may be updated for Madden NFL 15.

Thanks for your cooperation going forward.
Christopher Hooe

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Re: Players with wrong contracts

Originally Posted by KANE699
Very true, I just wanna get as close as we can.
Pretty much everything you'd need is here. Obviously, Madden doesn't account for roster or workout bonuses. But that site has all the contract values on a year-to-year basis as well as guaranteed money. Just going through a couple of the top Chiefs players I found some pretty significant inaccuracies in just basic contract numbers so I'd imagine most players likely are the same. And as I mentioned before, the fact that every players contract escalates doesn't help matters either.

Dwayne Bowe:
Madden - 5 years, $60 million, $10 million bonus
Actual - 5 years, $56 million, $15 million bonus

Tamba Hali:
Madden - 5 years, $65 million, $15 million bonus
Actual - 5 years, $57.5 million, $14.823 million bonus

I noticed too that guys like Derrick Johnson had zero bonus/guaranteed money in Madden despite the fact that he received $15 million in guaranteed cash when he signed his extension. Same with Eric Berry where his bonus almost matches his real life guarantees but about $4 million of guaranteed money isn't part of the bonus.
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