Downloadable Draft Classes in Madden 15?

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Re: Downloadable Draft Classes in Madden 15?

Originally Posted by RyanLeaf16
The micro-transaction community is a big focus for the devs because it generates, literally, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS in revenue each year.
I know this is referencing MUT and how they've been seemingly focusing on it over other features but I'd totally be down to pay 5$ or so for a few years of legitamate draft classes rated by EA that emulates real players coming up. Given the ability to edit them for personal use it would fix a lot of peoples issue I think. I'm not a total sim guy, I don't follow college all that much so having 100% accurate names for players wouldn't bother me at all and some knock off names would make it easy for people to identify what players should be who (ex.Donny Mansell) and change them should they like. I know I don't want to have to go in and modify every teams roster to get decent rated players and generally better representation of real rookies but obviously a lot of people are wiling to do it. If they aren't going to include editable and downloadable classes, and knowing EA's penchant for microtransactions I'd take this as at least an attempt to rectify the situation. Granted I'd rather NOT have to pay for something that should be a common courtesy to the people who play your game, but it's at least an idea right?
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Re: Downloadable Draft Classes in Madden 15?

I'm locking this thread because as far as I can tell EA still has yet to release any information about Connected Franchise, and as such we don't know either way if custom draft classes are present.
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