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Playing Madden makes me want to watch the NFL 7 8.33%
Watching the NFL makes me want to play Madden 77 91.67%
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Re: NFL or Madden?

Watching any level of football makes me want to play video game football. But the reality is that I just don't enjoy any of the modern options. Be it NCAA or Madden.

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Re: NFL or Madden?

If anything watching the NFl games, make my experience with madden less enjoyable, becuase I cant replicate what I see in the NFl games when I play Madden.
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Re: NFL or Madden?

We'll I watch nfl before there was even a madden been watching nfl since the early 70's im 43 now... so even if madden wasen't around which it wasen't for most time I watched nfl I'd still watch the nfl.
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Re: NFL or Madden?

Playing Madden made me get into the NFL.
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OhMrHanky's Arena
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Re: NFL or Madden?

This actually an interesting question. And, as others have said, I grew up watching football first before madden came out. Before madden came out, I loved football and played every football game that came out. Good ol tecmo bowl that wasn't very realistic, but it was football and it had the NFL players in it. Even 10 yd fight, that's a classic. So, for me, I was always looking/waiting for a football video game to come out so I could be the QB/RB/HC/owner of my own team. In quite the opposite fashion, I grew up not caring for soccer much (as most Americans do). I got bored with madden and really all other sports games about 5-6 years ago, so I decided to pick up FIFA. After playing that game and understanding the sport better through 'playing' it finally, I have grown to absolutely love the sport. So, I can see where someone who maybe never watched football could play madden and become interested in the sport itself. And, of course, if u played madden FIRST, and then started watching football, u were probably like, 'wtf??!! THIS is what football REALLY looks like?!! Geez, it's SO MUCH BETTER than madden!' Lol

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Re: NFL or Madden?

I just watch NFL classics when I'm in need of a "fix". I haven't popped madden into the console since December.
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Re: NFL or Madden?

Madden made me love football and the NFL.

That is why how good a Madden edition is way more important to me than how my favorite teams are doing in real life.
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Nothing to see here folks
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Re: NFL or Madden?

I'm 26. I Def started off as a Madden gamer. My dad didn't watch football even though he was a die hard cowboys fan. So I was exposed to it very little. Played a little of Madden on SNES but then Madden 2000 changed all this. From the first time I watched the intro I was hooked on Madden and the NfL.
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