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WR/DB and O-Line interactions

While the interaction has improved from what videos I've seen of Madden 15, they still lack two key things I wish they would give more attention to make the interaction between player models look dynamic. Explosiveness and Viciousness. Have you ever seen how explosive some WRs are off the snap? How dynamic and varied their releases are. In Madden all receivers have one release off the line, two or three depending upon if a defender puts a hand on them while on the line. For the future Madden game, I hope they add more dynamics to the initial release of WRs to give them more explosion. There a couple YouTube videos I was looking at the other that are great examples of how I would want interactions to be in future games. Note the foot movement of the receivers off the release.




Now to the Line play. I also was watching a video on these as well. The viciousness of how D-linemen get off their blocks is insane some literally blow some linemen off the feet with how much speed and sheer power they have. Linemen in Madden in past game almost had this wwe type of predictability to them as soon as you running back got the ball, the D-linemen would all break off their block almost automatically. It improved over the years, but it not where it could be. There's still some suction to the tackles from what I've seen. Even in more of the "dynamic" tackles where more one defender making the play, they still don't wrap up the ball carrier properly. They look like they're holding something rather than wrapping up a person, and the second defender only does "chest" tackle like they're running into a brick wall and doesn't effect the original tackle of the first defender. But I digress. Here's another video of what I'm talking about when comes down to visicous line play.



I feel like if they nail down these two things within the next year or two, the game will be better for it. With other games like NHL 15 showing off their new physics in the game today, hopefully that's the engine they use in Madden next year and maybe this would become a reality.

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Re: WR/DB and O-Line interactions

At the EA Tiburon Studios they have more access to gametape and personell best practices than we do: it is fair to say it is not an issue of ignorance & not being in the know over there.

We gotta hope and pray (lol) the execs see the return value on investing the $ (dollars) into these gameplay developments.

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