Let's talk about player movement!

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Re: Let's talk about player movement!

Originally Posted by DeuceDouglas
Unless I'm missing something, I do believe its CM Hooe.
Darn O and P are right next to each other on the keyboard man.
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Re: Let's talk about player movement!

Originally Posted by charter04
So you left the user side at 50 and put the CPU side at 1? Penalties at 50 too?
My exact list is:
AB ACC 25/25
Pass BLK 50/50
WR Catch 1/1

Run Blk 50/50
fumbles 1/1

Reaction 1/1
INT 1/1
Pass Cover 1/1

Tackles 1/1

FG pwr 75/75
FG acc 5/5
Punt pwr 75/75
Punt acc 55/55 (This is actually KO Power)
KO pwr 100/100 (this is actually Punt Acc.)

offside 1/1
false start 25/25
holding 50/50
facemask 1/1
DPI 1/1
OPI 1/1
KR/PR inter. 1/1
clipping 1/1
Int Grnd 1/1
RTP 50/50
RTK 1/1

by: Meatball0311

+ Increases block shedding and acceleration/explosiveness at the snap
- Decreases defenders aggressiveness

+ Increases OL movement at the snap

+ Increases duration of blocks and has affect on higher rated OL of getting more penalties
- Decreases duration of blocks and more likely defenders will shed blocks

+ Increases violence of hits
- Decreases

DPI (DB, DEF coverage)
+ Decreases aggressiveness of DB's
- Increases

OPI (WR, route-running)
+ Decreases aggressiveness of WR
- Increases

KR/PR INTER (DEF, responsiveness)
+ Increases responsiveness of DEF (Reaction to ball)
- Decreases

CLIPPING (OL, blocking)
+ Increases aggressiveness of downfield play
- Decreases

INT GRND (QB pocket presence)
+ Decreases the pocket patience of QB
- Increases

RTP (QB pursuit, DEF aggressiveness)
+ Decreases aggressive tackle animations and diving tackles for sacks on the QB
- Increases

RTK (DEF pursuit)
+ Decreases global pursuit of DEFENDERS
- Increases

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Let's talk about player movement!

Originally Posted by jpdavis82
almost to the point where they are willing to eliminate some of their fan base

This is not something they should be worried about at all. The hardcore "madden" players will ALWAYS buy the game. That's been proved over the last 8 years. It's the fans who actually want to play football that they've lost over the years. The only way to get them back is to turn the game into a realistic rendition of the NFL from the arcade, twitchy mess it has become. This constant fear of making a football game as opposed to a head to head game based on football lead them to this point of mediocrity to begin with.

With the team focused in making a better game, if the results truly show up in the product, those fans will gradually come back. There has been some significant progress, but there is a lot more left to do. There are still a lot of massive legacy problems and franchise mode needs to be much better to get some older madden customers to come back to it.

This thread touches on the biggest area that has the most glaring issues. Player movement and interactions. This is probably my biggest issue with the game. The player movement AND how they interact with each other in madden is the worst of any sports game, including last gen. Getting the interactions to be more organic and lifelike is the most pivotal piece of any sports game. Until this is seriously addressed in this game, it will still suffer massively from backlash and critics.

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